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Adult Stories

Another warning from the page-mistress:
If you are under age (under 18 respective under 21) and/or feel offended by *graphic* sex or sex between consenting adults of the same gender, go back to the general fiction archive by hitting this BACK button NOW!

PG17-rated = suitable for teenagers with parental guidance || R-rated = graphic sex, language ||
NC17-rated = graphic sex | language | m/m f/f sex

  • The Sequel to Wreck Or Die. After their escape, Hawkes and West have to find a way to overcome the attrocities witnessed ... Hawkes/West - NC-17 rated webposted 26/07/00

  • Black Knight by California Coyote

  • A new Marine with the Wild Cards and a secret lover to McQueen ... McQueen/f - R-rated.. webposted 13/09/97

  • In the Name of Justice by Princess Xavier

  • Nathan and Hawkes meet an extraordinary journalist and her family and find a way to get over their ghosts of the past ... m/m - NC17-rated Link takes you off site

  • In the Name of Fun by Princess Xavier

  • Part two of In the Name of Justice ... m/m - NC17-rated ... Link takes you off site

  • Just There by Juxian Tang

  • If McQueen fell in love... and if this feeling was mutual... would there be no more problems? ... McQueen/West - NC-17 rated webposted 19/08/00

  • A Night by Black Lillian

  • Shane and Nathan spend a night togehter ... Vansen/West - NC-17/PWP webposted 20/07/01

  • Pathétique by Daphne

  • McQueen meets a woman who breaks through his resolve ... McQueen/f - R-rated ... webposted 13/09/97

  • R &R by Sue

  • Hawkes/McQueen - NC-17 slash webposted 25/11/01

  • Strays by JiM

  • McQueen/Hawkes (m/m) - NC17-rated webposted 09/04/00.

  • A short sweet moment shared between two souls alone in the universe... Hawkes/McQueen - PG-17 mild slash webposted 13/02/01

  • Unconditional Surrender by King of Diamonds & Queen of Spades

  • Pure smut, Hawkes/Vansen (m/f) - NC-17 rated webposted 09/97

  • Hawkes/Vansen (m/f) - NC17-rated webposted 02/04/00.

  • Wreck Or Die 1/2 by Juxian Tang

  • West has endure more than just torture while Hawkes is being tortured by the silicates ... West/Silicate(s) - NC-17 rated webposted 26/07/00