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Unconditional Surrender


King of Diamonds and Queen of Spades

In a room on the Bacchus

She waited for him and as he closed the door behind him, she pushed the straps of her dress down over her shoulders and the soft fabric floated down her curvy body in a soft whipser. Beneath it, she was naked and the man caught his breath for a moment. She was beautiful, more beautiful than he had imagined in his dreams over those passed months.

With a sudden yank the woman opened his belt, the leather rasping against the loops of his trousers, the heat branding the young man's hips through the fabric as she pulled the belt off. He just stood there, mesmerized by the determined movements of her hands as she savagely ripped his tanktop in two.

He wanted to hold her in his arms but she simply shook her head as he raised his hands, a smile gleaming in her face and in her eyes.Unnervingly slow, she caressed his chest, his shoulders, his arms and he closed his eyes in delight only to open them again when he felt the strong leather of his belt closing around his wrists.

"What?" he inquired hoarsely but she smiled and put a finger to his lips.

"Relax, babe," she whispered throatily and bound his hands tightly together. When she had assured himself that he was bound, a feral look crossed her face and it reminded him of a predator for a moment and fear and anticipation ran up and down his spine. She teased him. First with her hands, with her tongue, then with her whole body and he staggered backwards. She pushed him down onto the bunk behind him and jerked his arms above his head, securing the leather belt on one knob at the head of the bed. He was pinned down on the bed in a helpless, vulnerable position. Her eyes roamed over his body, caressing hands teasing their way down from his throat to the nipples. She pinched them painfully and the man drew in his breath. As if to soothe the pain she flicked her tongue over the abused nipple, then gently but soundly closed her teeth around them.

"Jeez," he whispered and tried to get his hands free, but to no avail. Her head came up and she smiled.

"Jesus has nothing to do with this," she answered tartly and dug her nails into his chest malisciously. He drew in his breath and closed his eyes but her voice kept him back.

"No," she rasped as she slowly but determinedly reached down to the fly of his trousers. "Look at me," she demanded almost angrily as she unzipped his pants.

He snapped his eyes open again, obeying her orders and he groaned when she pulled his trousers off. His arousal was evident beneath his skivvies and she gave off a throatily laugh.She began trailing her fingertips up and down the soft inside of his thighs, her fingernails digging into his flesh, leaving red marks on the flawless skin. Pleasure and pain, he thought and was tempted to close his eyes again but he resisted. In fascination he watched the woman bending over him, anticipating what she would do next.

He really didn't know what to expect. With an uneasy feeling as he realized this was a first for him. Unease made way, however, for greater expectations. No time to fantasize though.The woman softly whispered, close to his ear "You're mine, boy, and don't you forget it." He could feel her breasts stroking his face, his cheek. As he reached out with his lips to kiss them, to lick them, the woman pulled away, with a mocking grin on her face. "A-a". Again, she planted her nails deep into the skin of his chest, going lower, leaving a small trail of blood which she nearly touched with her lips... but didn't. At his groin, she stopped, seeing how this treatment arroused him, she suddely said : "Well, looks like you like it...boy. You think you wanna fuck me, eh ?" She spread his legs a little, only to keep caressing the inside of his thighs in her own way. More red marks. She then moved forward, stroking her pussy over his hardened dick, but didn't stop there. She sat on his stomach, both legs beside his body.

"We'll see about that..." she whispered. Suddenly, she put one foot on top of his chest. The young man felt the high heel deep being driven into his flesh. He didn't make a sound but turned his face away. The woman put the other foot on his chest, again he felt a slight pain as she moved her heel around his nipple, scratching, poking.

"No turning away," she said, "look at me". Wih her left foot she turned the young man's face so he would see her, with a stiffened smile.

"Say you love me" she whispered.

"I...", he mumbled and the woman put the heel of her right shoe into his mouth.

"I'm sure you do" she laughed, softly. The woman lay back a bit and grabbed hold of his balls, caressing them, letting them roll in her hands, whilst shoving the heel softly back and forth into his mouth. The young man definitely enjoyed it. He began to breathe heavier, thrusting and pulling at his leather shackles, moving and rolling his hips from one side to the other. He had his eyes closed again as he began sucking on the spiked heel of the woman's right shoe. The young woman enjoyed it as well and started twisting his balls and pulling his dick.

"Take off my shoe," she said, "you take it off, go on".

The man set his teeth into the heel as the woman slowly pulled her foot back. She then used her foot to kick the shoe away from the young man's head.

"And the other !" she lustfully whispered, putting the other heel in his mouth. She started pushing and shoving again, the young man licking the heel, and she continued twisting his balls with her right hand whilst her left hand slowly drew bloodmarks on the young man's thigh.

"Good," she said, "good,... take it off now." Again the young man grasped the heel with his teeth, looking the woman into her eyes, knowing this was what he always longed for. The woman kicked the shoe to the other side, now putting both feet on his face. She caressed his face, let him lick her stockinged feet and toes. She put one foot on his eyes, and twisted her toes into his mouth.

"No teeth," she said "I don't want to feel your teeth".

The young man kissed and sucked her toes, twisting his body, pulling on the leather belt, he could barely breathe, yet continued, as he saw the woman's pussy becoming glittery and wet. She drove her nails deep into his thighs as she stroked his face with her feet, feeling his warm breath, heavier, and his soft tongue, warmer, licking, twirling, worshipping her feet. Suddenly, the woman stood up. She put both feet on his chest, standing on it, shifting her weight from one foot to the other, seeing the young men lie helplessly beneath her.

"You want to lick me, don't you, babe" she said softly, grinning. She put one foot against his face and started caressing it. "OK then".

She slowly lowered her body, putting one knee on each side of his head, and sat on his face, slowly shifting forward and backward, her wet pussy rubbing all over his face. He couldn't believe this was happening. This woman had enchanted him totally. He was powerless.

e'd never thought he would actually like worshipping a woman's feet, but he did. And now he got smothered whilst that young woman caressed his face with the inside of her beautiful, soft, moist thighs. He gently put out his tongue, and started licking the woman's thighs. She enjoyed it, certainly, why else would she grab his nipples and twist them softly. He guessed, this was it, he was going to come, but then suddenly, the woman drew away, heavily panting and when he looked at her astonished, she shook her head gently.

"Not yet, babe," she whispered hoarsely, her voice having a rapsy touch to it. Slowly, she let go of his face, stretching out over his body, rubbing at his erection with her hip, torturing him with promises yet to come. Licking her way up and down his entire body and the man groaned.

He wanted to hold her, wanted to taste her but as yet she had denied him her lips, had teased him, promised him but never fulfilled his urge to kiss her deeply, soundly like he had done with her other lips. Her breasts stroked over his chest, his stomach until they firmly surrounded his dick. The man closed his eyes as he felt the soft warm flesh caressing him, arousing him even more to a state where he couldn't bear it anymore.

"Please", he began to whimper, his own voice sounding strange to his ears.

Jeez, he thought if she continued doing this he would come NOW. But he didn't want to, not until he was buried deep inside of her, feeling her moisture surround him, drawing him deeper and deeper into her body, devouring him.

He almost jumped off the bed when he realised that her breasts had been replaced by her tongue, licking up and down his blood engorged shaft, sucking and licking at the outside but never taking him into her mouth.

"Woman!" he hissed, when he couldn't restrain himself anymore.

Take me, PLEASE! I want to feel you all around me..." Another throaty laugh, sounding cruel.

"We are impatient, tonight, aren't we?" she teased him and looked down into his face. "Remember boy, you're all mine. I can do whatever I want to ... even leaving you tied to this bed without giving you what you want..." She drew away from him and a sob rose in his throat.

"NO, stay, please. I'll be good now, but please stay," he almost yelled out loud.

Slowly, she sat back beside him, her hands caressing him, teasing him and then she finally bent her head down and flicked her tongue over his shaft, licking away the first rush of semen, tickling the small opening of his member. Her hand tightened over his balls, slowly, lovingly caressing and kneading them. She almost grinned when she felt them tightening beneath her fingers and she started her efforts anew. The young man groaned and raised his hips convulsively. Again and again he sought the warm opening of her mouth as she sucked and sucked and licked. Nothing was important anymore, only this woman who tortured him and brought him the utmost pleasure at the same time. He closed his eyes when he felt the first tremors of his climax overwhelming him.

"This ...feels... good," he stammered as his resolve weakened and he came. The woman reached out her other hand and while he came in her mouth, she stroked him reassuringly over his chest and his throat. The woman swallowed the salty sweet rush and kept teasing his member with her tongue and her lips. She knew that she had spent him but she would coax him to make love to her as well in a few minutes.

The young man, closing his eyes, whispered : "Thank you.... you're divine...".

"You'd better wait before you say a thing like that, darling, it's not over yet.", she replied.

She turned away from his dick, still hardened, and sat on top of his stomach. He could feel the semen dripping out of her mouth, on to his stomach. She shifted a bit higher up on his body and bent forward, gently kissing him on his lips, warm and slow. He enjoyed that kiss and wanted to return it by letting his tongue carress her lips, she pulled away.

"Close your eyes" she whispered next to his ear. He did. He could feel her, sitting on top of his chest, shifting her weight, when suddenly her hand covered his closed eyes. Her other hand raised his head gently. He felt his eyes being covered with a soft material, that was being wrapped around his head. She pushed against the back of his head, enabling her to tie a knot in the soft silk.

"Now you do me good!".

"I...I will", he heard himself saying. Her hands started to stroke his neck, chin and ears. Down toward his nipples, she started stroking him harder. She grasped his arms, teasing him, putting her nails in his shoulders. Again she moved further forward on his body. He could feel the hair of her pussy touch his chin. Instantly he bowed his head, longing to lick her, searching with his tongue, feeling with his lips, taking in her scent. His tongue met with her clitoris, slowly yet firmly he started to lick it, blending his lips around it, gently sucking. He could hear her moan ever so quietly. His tongue slowly touched and rubbed her clit, explored the inside of those lips, taking in the taste. His breathing became more heavy. He could feel the woman on top of him slowly moving her hips, back and forth. He continued licking, kissing her cunt. But he couldn't touch her legs or thighs, still fastened to the bed with his own belt as he was. As her thrusting became more vivid and faster, he kissed her pussy more intensely, jerking on the belt that held his hands to the bunk. Until suddenly, the woman stopped moving.

"No," she said, "not like this." She moved away, beside him and losened the belt on one hand, unwrapping it from the bunk, but leaving it on his other hand.

"Get up", she hoarsely said. He lifted his upper body, sitting straight up. She firmly yanked his arms behind his back, and tied his hands back together, leaning against him, feeling his face against her breasts. He instinctively wanted to welcome her nipples into his mouth, but she pushed him away. She ran her hand through his hair as she guided him off the bunk. When he stood up straight, not knowing what was happening, moving his head as if her were trying to see, she sat down on the bunk, spreading her legs.

"Turn towards me", she softly whispered. He turned into the direction the voice came from, hesitating, thinking for a minute he should put an end to this. Her saying "Get on your knees !", changed his mind, as he sank to the floor, on his knees, facing the young woman on the bed.


He started moving towards her, uneasy, out of balance. A foot against his chest stopped him. He bowed his head and started sucking the toes, gently, kissing her foot, licking her sole and ankle. He continued kissing her lower leg, feeling with his lips, gently covering it with tiny kisses. The woman put her other leg on his neck, placing a foot on his back, drawing him even closer. He felt aroused, more than before, and at the same time submitted to this creature, with whom he had not served very long on this ship. He continued kissing her thigh, letting his lips feel the soft flawless skin.

Both her hands he felt, taking his head, moving him toward her cunt again, where he continued his carressing, using his tongue the best he could. The woman obviously enjoyed this position, as she quickly started convulsing, raising her hips, pulling his head even closer. The man felt she would come, and pulled away. She knew he was right, and bent down over him to undo his "shackles", but she left the blindfold on as she helped him back on the bunk. She pulled him on top of her, strapped the man firmly against her body with her legs. She could feel his blood filled member between her wet legs, throbbing, wanting, yearning.

"Take me..." she whispered. The young man teased the opening of her pussy with the head of his dick, inserting it a little, pulling back, he could feel the first fluids on his pole. She drove her nails really deep into his shoulders when she pulled his head against her body, against her breasts, grabbing him close, squeezing her legs even tighter around his loins, rubbing his shoulder with her teeth, nibling, biting. He started moving his hips, slowly, feeling he could not rush this one. She sighed and moaned, quiet, silent. No words. His breathing, coarser, heavier, speeding up. The timbre of his breathing became higher. The woman felt her inner guts shrink and set out again. Tremors ran up and down her spine, over her legs, to her feet. She felt his hot dick moving faster and faster, clasped it with her cunt as he started boiling, nearing an orgasm.

"Yes... do me... now !", she said, convulsing, her hips in sync with his, "NOW! please...". The young man felt his movements becoming eratic, tried to keep his movements going, when he felt the seed running through his member. He moaned, long time, when he felt the woman come, sighing, almost screaming. And instantly he came himself. Thrusting, biting the woman's breasts, feeling the muscles in his belly contract, his semen gushing into her welcoming, hot, wet oasis of love. She wrapped an arm around his neck, and held him close to her body. The young man gently lowered himself, burying his face in her long hair, suppressing the tears of utmost joy and happiness....

"Thank you, Shane," he said at last and the woman raised her head and smiled.

"No problem, Coop," she whispered and put a kiss upon his lips.

"I knew you needed this and it was a long time coming ..."

The End

King of Diamonds & Queen of Spades, July 1997

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