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Shane and Nathan to spend time together (No real plot)

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A Night


Black Lillian

Nathan moved to kiss Shane again. They continued for a few moments with the same soft but passionate kiss and then broke away from each other. Shane looked directly into Nathan's eyes and it made her catch her breath for just a moment.

"Is everything all right?", Nathan asked her and she averted his gaze briefly and answered, "Just took my breath away, that's all".

"Thanks. I guess I'm doing something right." Shane just smiled back at him.

"Well", Nathan offered, "we have all night, and I did order this dinner just for you." They continued the meal making some light conversation, mixed with occasional gentle digs at one another. There back and forth banter was the same comfortable feelings that they had before, when they were only friends.

After they finished, they both reclined on the couch finishing the wine. Nathan suddenly found himself staring at Shane, he felt a wave of emotion he had not expected. He had been almost dumb struck by her admission that she really did love him, and with all that had happened after, he hadn't had time to really think about it. He was realizing how much he loved for her, and how deeply he had been affected by her confession.

Shane caught him in this thought. "Nathan, what are you thinking about?" Nathan's first instinct was to push the question aside, but he made a conscious decision to tell her the truth.

"Shane, all this time, I had a hard time believing that you loved me."

Shane replied, "Telling you that was one of the most hardest things I've ever done. I had to come out and say it but I'm glad I did." She put down her glass, stepped to the other side of the couch and moved to straddle Nathan placing herself in his lap. She nuzzled his hair and neck, inhaling deeply. His arms encircled her as she bent to kiss him. She took his face in her hands, running her fingers through his hair and tracing the outline of his features. Their kiss grew more intense, their tongues exploring each other's mouths. Nathan moved his hands along her back and shoulders gently tracing her raised vertebrae.

They broke their kiss for a moment, and Nathan gently kissed her cheek.

"Shane," he said," I do love you. I didn't realize how much until just now." Shane took a quick breath and looked deeply into his eyes.

She could only respond ," Nathan.." and kissing him passionately. Nathan felt an odd light-headedness, he'd told Kylen that he loved her, and meant it, but not in the way or with the depth he did for Shane. His heart rate increased and the next sensation felt was a much more familiar one.

He moved his hands up and down her back and over her smooth Bottom. She broke their kiss and began to kiss his neck, gently nibbling and licking at first, then more demandingly. She traced his jawline and the base of his throat. She then moved her hands to the top of his shirt and ripped it open with a resounding tear. She gave him another look and a small smile and began to run her fingers over his chest, through the light curls. She paid special attention to his nipples and squeezed them gently.

Nathan had moved his hands to touch her neck and then worked his way to cup her breasts, encircle her waist and stroke her thighs. She had an amazing body. He reached up and unzipped the back of her dress and slowly pulled it down from her shoulders. He took a moment to admire her full breasts with rosy pink nipples. He then took them in his hands and Shane moaned with pleasure. She felt the heat of her desire coursing through her veins. She let out a gasp and moved to kiss Nathan's neck. She moved to the side of his face, She began to kiss his cheek. Nathan wrapped his arms around her tightly and threw her to the floor, pinning her with his thighs and arms.

Nathan nuzzled her hair, kissed her ears, licked her throat, and kissed her shoulders and chest. He took her nipple in his mouth and made circles around it with his tongue. Shane arched her back toward him and let out another sound of delight. He continued to kiss her breasts he climbed up her body and he kissed her deeply. Shane placed her hands under his shoulders and pushed him over, landing on top of him. She stroked his chest and than ran her fingernails down the center. This made Nathan shudder slightly.

She then stood up and out of her dress, knelt down and removed his trousers. She ran her hands up along his thighs, visually taking in all of his body. She stood again and walked to the bedroom entryway and gracefully extended her hand. Nathan needed no further invitation, and he followed her.

She wrapped her arms around him and leaned up to kiss him again. She ran her hands down his back and to his muscular backside, Gods, she thought, It does feel as good as it looks. She ran her fingers around the waistband of his shorts and pulled them down and off. She eyed him with approval and a wicked smile and swept his feet from under him, landing him on the bed.

"I hope you like to play this way, West." She said softly in his ear and began kissing his neck and chest.

"Oh, I do, but I don't play fair." He responded and flipped her onto her back and began to kiss her body again, this time including her belly. He placed himself between her thighs and caressed them, he ran his hands over her satin panties and then, with great care, removed them. Then he touched her pubic hair, stroking her gently. He parted her and explored with his fingers. She was very warm and wet and her breathing grew more ragged as he touched her.

Finally, he bent down and began to kiss her in this most intimate of ways. As he touched her clitoris, she gasped. Nathan was encouraged by this response and continued to lick and suck at this most sensitive part of her.

Shane had never experienced anything quite like this, he was so good at it, his touch, his tempo. She felt waves of passion travel through her body. Moments later, she felt herself approach the point of no return. As she climaxed she made a sound which began as a roar but ended as a soft gasp. She breathed heavily waiting for reason to return.

Nathan moved back up the bed to Shane's side and asked with a satisfied smile on his face, "Shane are you all right?"

"Yes," she whispered and began to laugh, as she reached up to kiss him again. Nathan had rarely heard her laugh like that, a completely honest unguarded laugh. The sound exhilarated him.

They lay side by side still kissing as Shane continued her exploration of Nathan's body. She grasped his shaft and gently moved her fingers along it. She moved to palm his testicles and gently rolled them along her palm.

Still cupping them she moved to touch that spot behind them, and Nathan started to moan. He felt electricity shooting through his body, and he knew he had to be with her completely. He moved her onto her back, holding her securely under one shoulder with one hand and clasping her hand with the other, somewhere in between an embrace and restraint. He kissed her once more and then finally entered her. The sensation almost made them both stop breathing, they were a perfect fit. He began to move in and out of her, taking long slow strokes, feeling every contour of her. He could feel her muscles grasping at him as he moved within her, this sensation alone threatened to make him climax right then. She ran her nails up and down his back, leaving red welts. Nathan felt this and it only spurned him on. He began to move faster. Shane wrapped her legs around him, allowing him to penetrate more deeply.

"Nathan," she cried, on her face was the most beautiful expression of pleasure he had ever seen. Nathan felt the waves begin as she intensified her internal hold on him and then crash into the most intense orgasm he'd ever experienced. She cried out his name as she climaxed again.

He collapsed on her and they lay locked in their embrace for what seemed like a long time. Nathan breathed a deep sigh, and said," Shane, that was an unbelievable experience. I don't think I can walk straight."

Shane laughed and said, "I'm not feeling too steady myself either." They snuggled closer, and Nathan realized that the feeling of exhaustion and exhilaration wasn't just because this was the best sex of his life, but because it was with her.

"Shane, I love you." Nathan said. She answered with a kiss.

The End

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