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USS Saratoga

Vansen collapsed onto her bunk on the Saratoga, breathing heavily, her body covered in sweat. She lay there, panting, her marine green t-shirt clinging to her full breasts as she reached a hand up to wipe the sweat from her brow. She was exhausted, having overexerting herself in the ship's gymnasium. The berth around her was empty, silent except for the comforting low rumble of the Saratoga's engines, always there. Stars glittered in the blackness outside the cabin's small portal. The other bunks were made and empty, the rest of the 58th relaxing in the ship's bar. She had decided instead to work out, but the tension in her body was still there, and she didn't know why.

As she lay there, breathing heavily, her breasts rose and fell slowly, until the hatch to the cabin opened and she looked over. It was Hawkes. He walked in, covered in sweat himself, coming from his own work-out. Vansen watched him walk past her as sweat still glistened on her forehead.

Hawkes sat down on his bunk and saw her there, panting, exhausted. He began to admire the swells against her shirt, but quickly looked away. He knew she'd be pissed if she caught him. He smiled to himself. "Another hard work-out, Vansen?"

"Yeah" she panted.

Hawkes nodded, feeling tired as he sat there and wiped his sweaty face with a towel. Exhaling, he gave her a boyish smile. "You've, uhhh... you've been working out a lot lately." He tried to keep a straight face.

Vansen was looking at the bottom of the bunk above hers as she lay there and her brow furrowed, hearing the amusement in his voice. "What's that supposed to mean?" she asked defensively.

"Nothing. Just that... you've been working out a lot."

"What's your point, Coop?"

He tried not to laugh. "My point is... How long has it been since you've gotten any?"

She rose to one elbow, her body making enticing new curves as she glared at him. "Excuse me?"

Hawkes swallowed, enjoying the lines she formed when she bent up like that. He didn't stop teasing her though.

"I mean there's got to be a reason you're spending all your free time working out. I just figured... you know. That it's been awhile, that's all."

"Go to hell, Coop." Vansen laid back down, annoyed.

Hawkes laughed, leaning back on his bunk. "Tell me I'm wrong."

Vansen rushed to her feet angrily and Hawkes followed suit, instinctively rising when confronted. He could see the anger flaring in her eyes, knowing he had struck a nerve. He wondered if she was going to hit him.

"You're absolutely wrong, Hawkes."

"No I'm not. We both know it's been a while for you..."

"So what?" She snapped back.

"So, nothing." Hawkes threw her an amused grin. "If that's the only way you've got to work off some steam..."

Vansen nodded, fuming silently. She thumped him angrily in the chest with a closed fist, making him back up. "What about you, Coop?" she asked in a snarl.

Hawkes looked once behind him, forced backwards. He turned to her, stumbling slightly. "What do you mean?"

"You've been working out a lot lately too."


"Blowing off steam? Not getting any?" Vansen kept hitting him angrily and backing him up, until Hawkes was forced to collapse to a seated position on his bunk.

He looked up at her. "Hey, sorry I brought it up. Just calm down Shane."

She glared at him. "Coop. Shut the hell up."

Shane crossed her arms before her, grabbing the bottom of her shirt and lifting it off her chest and over her head.

Hawkes eyes went wide as he stared at the full mounds of Shane's breasts. His lips tingled as drank in the sight of her nipples at eye level to him, close. Each exposed tip was full and dark red, sexy beyond belief. He tried to imagine how they would taste between his lips. As he thought about it, he knew if he wouldn't be able to stand up without revealing his thoughts with a certain bodily reaction he was having.

"Well," Vansen said impatiently. "Are we gonna blow off some steam or not?"

Hawkes licked his lips, bringing his mouth forward. He sealed his lips lustfully over Shane's full breast, slipping her entire nipple into his mouth, sucking eagerly. Pleasure rolled down his spine as he sucked, tracing his tongue across her nipple as he held it inside his mouth. He moaned softly against her flesh as Vansen closed her eyes, gasping with pleasure. Her fingers reached out to curl into his hair, guiding him as his mouth slid hungrily to her other breast, it's full shape pressed against his face. Her now exposed nipple was moist as it cooled in the open air while he sucked on the other one.

Hawkes pulled back, extending his tongue to flick against Shane's erect nipple, feeling it harden and bend against his tongue tip. The blood flowing through it made it feel warm and stiff as he stoked it. Shane pulled back, lifting Hawkes' shirt off his muscled chest. Both of them were now naked from the waist up, wearing only their pants. Hawkes remained seated, pulling back and taking in the sight of Shane's chest, as it panted heavily with anticipation. The sweat on her body from her trip to the gymnasium had started to dry, but her nipples glistened where his mouth had wet them, and he could still taste her on his tongue.

"Hawkes, what do you need? A command order? Stand the hell up and take me now!"

Hawkes did what he was told and stood up.

As he did Shane turned eagerly away from him, her back to his chest. He pressed against her and they stumbled forward across to her bunk. She was about to fall into it when he grabbed her arms, raising them, stopping her there. Her hands gripped the edge of the bunk above hers, feeling the crotch of his straining pants rubbing against the fabric of her own where it covered her backside. She stood there, bending forward, naked from the waist up as he reached around and cupped her full, hanging breasts, still moist from his lips.

Bent forward, Shane inhaled as Hawke's hovered over her, his body pressed against the uniform pants that clung so well to her ass. His breath was hot on her neck, and Shane was almost breathless herself from anticipation. She could feel Coop's excitement, feel how stiff he was even through both of their clothes, feel the hard length of his erection, straining against her hip as he cupped her exposed breasts.

Pulling back, Hawkes hands slid down, fingers trailing back to roam over the enticing way Shane backside filled her pants. He looked down between them. The round covered spheres of her ass were pressed flushed against his uniform as he held them, moving over them. One hand slid back around her waist again, moving to the fabric between her legs, cupping and rubbing her there too. Her thighs clenched around his palm as he stroked her, hungrily.

"God, I want you, Shane."

Panting, Shane closed her eyes and felt his hands moving over her. "No one's stopping you, Hawkes."

With a moan, Shane began frantically unbuttoning the front of her pants herself. Hawkes let go of her body to reach between them, quickly unbuttoning his pants too. A thrill passed through Vansen when she heard his zipper opening, heard the whisper of fabric pushed aside, the soft sounds almost drowned out by their heavy breathing. Her fingers finally finished, and she undid her pants and slid them and her underwear down. They slipped off of Shane's gorgeous hips, revealing the enticing, willing curves of her waist and strong tapering thighs, a small triangle of dark hair between her legs as Hawkes stood behind her.

Shane's naked ass was beautiful, two round firm mounds, full and shapely, waiting inches away. Hawkes struggled to undo his pants, fingers fumbling as his anticipation got the best of him. His busy hands finally did, and he pushed them down to his ankles, revealing his stiff cock. He could feel himself growing even harder by the sight of her ass bent over in front of him like that. With one hand on the curve of Shane's hip, he bent forward slightly, grabbing his shaft with his other hand and positioning it.

Shane arched her back further, curving her spine to give him a path, her breasts straining forward. With a moan, Coop's shaft slipped between the spheres of her ass, sliding into her. Vansen gasped as inch after inch entered her, her body tightly encasing his rock hard erection. The lips of her ready labia clung desperately to him as he slid inward. Finally, his hips rested flush against Vansen's soft, perfect ass as she fully sheathed him, his testicles pressed lightly on the back of her thigh.

"God, Shane. That feels goood..."

They both teased each other for a moment, pants still around their ankles. Vansen was bent over more now, holding the bunk before her, wondering if she happenned to let go if his long hardened manhood alone would keep her aloft, it felt so deep. Cooper's waist was pressed against her rear end, breathing heavily. With a smile Vansen swivelled her hips, felt the length of him shift inside her, as she completed a small circle of motion that sent wave of pleasure up her spine. Her mind hazy, she almost felt that he was so deeply in her she wondered if she'd break in half.

"How's this feel, Coop?"

Vansen clenched, as she pulled up on his stiff shaft, sliding him slowly out with a moan that made her head rock to one side. Coop couldn't wait, and with a grunt he pulled her back to him, hands on her hips as he thrust inward. His iron hard manhood slid slowly, delightfully, back into Shane's tight passage, pleasure flowing through him like an intoxicant as Shane's body gripped him. The round spheres of Shane's ass were finally pressed against him again, soft and firm, making him want her more. Moaning, he pulled out slightly to give his hands space to roam over them, to feel where their bodies joined. Where his stiff shaft entered her. He thought he could fondle her ass forever.

In front of him, Shane's mouth formed a wordless circle, as she moaned in pleasure, feeling him inside, filling her. She gripped the edge of the upper bunk tighter, arching her back even further to encourage him more. Even stationary, the feel of him penetrating her was incredible.

Keeping his cock inside her, Hawkes reached around to fondle the rich swell of her breasts, not wanting to rush this. He moaned loudly, knees pressed against the back of her thighs, feeling himself deeply inside her, her luscious backside electric as it pressed tightly against his crotch. As his hands slid over her breasts, he felt her hardened nipples slip between his fingers. Her hand reached down between her legs, rubbing her small nub, wanting him. She was moist against his palm.

Shane couldn't wait. "Now, Hawkes... please."

As he looked over the round circles of her ass, he agreed, seeing the hilt of his erection just visible between them. Cupping her rear end for a moment, he slid his hands upward, onto the gently slope of her waist, up the arch of her back. He could just see the round edge of the one of Shane's full breasts just above her ribs. He couldn't wait any longer and he rested both hands on her hips. Holding them, he slid his erection slowly out a little, before driving deeply back into her, making her gasp. Then again. And again. Faster.

Shane moaned and closed her eyes as her body began to bounce back against him, her dark hair swaying beside her face. She was soon overwhelmed as the speed increased, lost in the wave of sensation spilling through her entire body. Her knees began to quiver as they continued.

Going faster now, Hawkes let his lust consume him, pistoning strongly in and out of her body as her slick folds gripped his darting shaft tightly. The electrifying feel of diving inside of Shane's tight tunnel sent sparks of ecstasy through Hawkes' now sweaty body as he dove in and out of her. Vansen's ass bounced back against his waist with every quick, blurred thrust, as his rock hard erection slid frantically in and out of her.

"Hawkes...Oh god... Uuuhh!" Shane cried out.

"Shane... I've wanted this for so long....Good you're perfect...I've wanted to do this... your beautiful Shane... that's it, I want it harder..."

"Coop... oh coop...harder,yes...don't... don't stop..."

It now seemed as if his hips moved of their own accord as pleasure continued to explode through him. His hands travelled to her wildly bouncing breasts, gripping them to pound more strongly into her. When that wasn't enough, he gripped her shoulders desperately. The delightful curve of Shane's backside pummeled his body, wracking him with a dizzying ecstasy as his stiff manhood ravaged her.

Beneath them, their pants were still crumpled around their ankles, feet stationary on the deck, but Shane was almost rising to her toes as above, both their glistening, naked bodies rocked together, having developed a thin layer of sweat.

"Coop... I'm... I'm..." Shane could barely speak, her words almost a yelp as her spine arched as far as it could. Hawkes kept pounding into her, over and over at a dizzying pace until... she finally climaxed, followed by him a second later.

They both groaned loudly in unison, gasping into the empty room, as their sweaty bodies began to slow. Shane moaned over and over, not able to stop it as she fell from the peak she had reached. She straightened herself upright, body still bobbing up and down. Hawkes' sweaty chest rested against her spine. Her skin was wet and tingling, filled with the hum of exertion, hot surface cool on the air. Coop held her breasts tightly as their bodies finally stopped heaving. Both breathed heavily, wet hair caked on their foreheads.

"Oh Coop..." Shane purred, satiated. "That was-"

Hawkes decided he wasn't finished. With a low growl he forced Shane onto her back on one of the bunks, both their ankles still restricted by their pants as they stumbled over. Shane laughed as Hawkes hovered over her, his stiff erection bouncing once on her leg. Hungry for more, Hawkes face quickly slid between her thighs, sealing his mouth on her moist mound, tongue instantly darting into her, making her gasp. His tongue and lips worked wildly, and Shane swivelled her hips against him, body quivering.

"Oh god... Don't stop." She moaned.

Hawkes threw her knees over his shoulders, as he sucked and nibbled her moist open furrow. Her ass rose up to his mouth, hips coming off the bed sheets and bobbing in mid-air as his lips worked her.

"Coop... I'm... I'm.."

SHane climaxed again, a blinding flash of ecstasy that filled her quivering body. Her ass lowered, resting again on the bed sheets. Thighs spread wide to either side, she panted heavily, feeling her mound spasm slightly and cool. Hawkes stood up, happy to have gotten the better of her by making her climax twice. He began to pull his pant up from his ankles.

With unexpected strength, Shane rose from the bunk and shoved him backwards onto the bunk across from hers before he could pull his pants up.

"Two can play at this game, Coop." Shane quickly dropped her head and her mouth sealed over his erection, making him groan. Her head slid up and down, lips sealed tightly around him, moistening his shaft. Her cheeks hallowed in, sucking. Hawkes couldn't take much more, his excitement rising quickly as he felt her rhythmic moans humming against his shaft while her mouth stroked him. Finally he climaxed as well, pushing his hips up and against her face as she encased him.

Shane sighed, pulling back after she slid him out of her mouth. Both of them breathed heavily as they stood and pulled up their pants, buttoning them closed again. Shane picked her shirt off the floor, slipping it over her marvelous, sweaty breasts. They still looked enticing, pressing against the fabric, her nipples still residually hard and forming two delicate points on the curves. Hawkes smiled as he pulled on his own shirt over his muscled torso, covered in sweat.

They both sat down calmly on their bunks, still panting slightly, and both as sweaty as they were before they started. They shared a smile as they looked at each other, but said nothing. The silence was broken only by the deep rumble of the Saratoga's engines, an unending constant.

Suddenly the hatch opened, and the rest of the 58th filed in. They looked at Shane and Cooper sitting there, seeing how still they were, how sweaty they were.

"Where have you two been?" Damphosse asked. "What've you been doing for the last hour?"

"Oh, nothing." Cooper said with a smile. "Just working out."

"Yeah," Vansen agreed. "Just blowing off some steam."

The rest seemed to accept that as Shane and Coop shared one more glance, before heading for their bunks. That night as Cooper and Shane slept on the Saratoga, it was one of the most restful nights that either had had in a long time.


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