If you have already written a story and want to submit your story to this page, there are some things you have to check first:

~ Have you included a title of the story and have you included a disclaimer?
It is important to state the copyrights of the TV-Networks and production firms involved otherwise it is a copyright infringement and illegal. I can provide a standard disclaimer if need be - just like the following:

The characters and situations of 'Space: Above and Beyond' depicted in this story are legal property of Glen Morgan and James Wong, Hard Eight Production and 20th Century Fox Television and have been used without permission. No copyright infringement intended.

~ If you are writing a series, please include a series' title.

~ Please rate your story accordingly:

PG rated
Appropriate for young ppl with
parental guidance

R rated
Violence, sex and/or language and is not
appropriate for anyone under legal age

NC17 rated
contains *graphic* sex, violence or language
and is not appropriate for anyone under legal age
and some adults.

Death of major Character
If a regular character of the show
dies in the story, please mark it accordingly

~ Don't forget to number the parts so I know what order to reassemble them in.
Additionally, put THE END at the end of your story. If you have a story in progress and want to submit the story chapter by chapter, please let me know.

Due to time constraints I have to ask everyone of the writers to please pre-format the story/chapters into HTML. Please NO Word generated HTML files! (Where you just save your doc as htm as Microsoft Word adds more HTML and XML tags than necessary)
What do I mean with pre-formatted HTML?
Add the title and author name on the first chapter at the top of the page, please do as below described:

<font size=3><b>
Author name
here the first chapter/prologue/introduction starts ...

It is really easy, every paragraph in HTML has to be tagged as such ... and the easiest way to do this is to just insert a <p> in it. So in order to have a paragraph you put a <p> in the free space like this:

Ian watched Mike out of the corner of his eye as they both queued for more coffee and tea. He had detected that the boy as he called him, had developed a soft spot for the girl.
'Interesting,' Ian thought and chuckled silently. Over the years he had come to know Mike quite well, had seen the heartache of the youth as his girl friend had left him, had been partial to the blonde chick phase and also to the model/starlet phase and had hoped that Mike would grow out of it and it seemed he was slowly emerging.
"So will you have a look at her stuff? I can't believe she threw it all away ..." Mike's voice brought him back into the present.
"I will, my dear boy," Ian replied with a smile.

See? Easy :)

~ If you want several words/paragraphs either in ITALICS or Bold please mark them either with
<i>Italics</i> and <b>Bold</b>.


Submit your PRE-FORMATED story here :)
Send your story to the following email account: both txt and Word document attachements are fine, thank you.

The Nitty-Gritty

~ All writers agree that the page mistress (c'est moi) may, if she feels it is necessary, put warnings above the work for graphic violence, sex and language so that those readers offended by such material may ignore it [adult fan-fic].

~ I reserve the right to deny any piece of fan-fiction on the Fan-Fic Flightdeck which I deem inappropiate either concerning content [adult] or format/style of writing [The saabfanfic-list offers beta-reading to erase grammar and wording errors]. However, if authors INSIST on posting their stories onto the page without heeding my warnings, I will do so ... but don't blame me if you are getting flame mail.

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