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S:AAB canon/non-canon
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links take you off site
resources on this page
U.S. Military Law
- the on-line source for the US Military Uniform Code, JAG resources
How to beta read stories
- a small guide for readers and writers alike
US Army Medals and Awards
- on-line source for medal information
Military Acronyms
- ever wanted to know what the abbreviations stand for, FNK?
US Marine Corps Uniform Regulation
- on-line source about the various
uniforms and battle dresses of the USMC
SAAB Time Line
taken from the Fox site, modified by Pat Moss and advanced and added by the saab fanfic list
DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms
- an on-line encyclopedia of Military terms and acronyms
S:AAB Carthography
an almost complete illustrated carthography on the SPace Ready Room
Terrorism Research Center
- want to know how terrorism prevention works ... this is the place.
S:AAB Fanfic Writers Database
a comprehensive and almost completelist of all S:AAB authors
Dictionaries etc.
ships and craft canon
USS Saratoga SCVN
info on the flagship of the United Earth Forces
ships and craft non-canon
RAF BC-48 Spitfires
- as first introduced in the Honoris Certamen series
BC-45 Hurricane
- as introduced in Shards of Fire
RAF Tornado
- as introduced in Search and Rescue and used in the Honoris Certamen series