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USS Saratoga SCVN
Endo/Exo SA-43 Hammerheads
RAF BC-48 Spitfires
BC-45 Hurricane
RAF Tornado

Military Terms and Acronyms
AMFAdios Mother F@#$*ers.  Used 1) Endearingly towards comrades in arms and 2) Not so endearingly to the Chig on the other end of the muzzle
Airdalea Navy term for all aviation people, flyers and support personnel.  It was not taken as a compliment by the airdales
Bang Out term for ejecting from a not so good airplane - RAF
Bugout(slang) Leave (normally in a hurry)
CFB(acronym, slang) Clear as a Fucking Bell
Crank the chicken switch(slang) Eject from an air/space craft.
DoggieArmy soldier.  It is from "Dogface".  I think it is from World War II.
Egghead(slang) Used as both a verb and noun to describe automation and the people that design it
FNK(acronym, slang) Fucking New Kid: Term used by combat vets to describe someone in their first operational posting
Fur Ball (slang) Dog fight with multiple fighters from each side
Honcho(slang) Leader of a commando team
Hot(slang) Under hostile fire
Jarhead(slang) for US Marines
Juke(slang) Avoid enemy fire and flak
Klicks(slang) Military term for kilometers
Mikes(slang) Military term for minutes
MCFMajor Cluster Fuck : term used in the mil to describe a major screw-up.  Also used to describe air force officers doing drill. And Navy officers most of the time
MSKshort for Mega Statute Kilometers
Pitshort for cockpit
Punch-outthe term I heard for ejecting from a not so good airplane - USAF & USMC
Pusser(slang) Ship Shape: According to Navy Regulations
Rack(slang) A bunk on a Navy Ship
REMF(acronym, slang) Rear Echelon Mother Fucker
RTBReturn To Base
Silver Bar (slang) Lieutenant (jg) or Marine 1st Lieutenant
SitRepSituation report / on-mission report
Slop ChuteNon Commisioned Officers Club
SOPStandard Operation Procedure
Zoomie(slang) A pilot. Also known as: flyboy, rocket jockey or busdriver

S:AAB Timeline
July 1947Chig scout craft crashes in Roswell, New Mexico.
1950'sRussians send the first satelite and man into space, a race to the moon between the US and the USSR begins.
10th Jan. 1969Kim Everett Eckerly born.
29th July 1969Mankind walks on Earth's Moon.
1980'sUS NASA launches their space shuttles, endo-exo space crafts which can land back on Earth like a normal aircraft.
Spring 1997Dolly, the first cloned sheep makes its appearance, though the public is outraged only a couple of days later US scientists announce that they have gestated a pair of small monkeys who have apparently no genetic parents. The first step of creating new genotypes for a new race.
4th July 1997NASA mission Pathfinder lands as scheduled on Mars. Transmits pictures of Mars back to Earth. Scientists believe that there was, once, water on Mars.
13th October 1997Nasa launch off of the Cassini probe towards Saturn, filia probe will explore Saturn moon Titan as well. The probe is powered by 66 lb. plutonium.
20th October 1997British scientists 'create' headless tadpoles. They say that human IV gestation will be possible in the near future only for medical and scientific reasons.
1998 Russians use telepresence to explore Mars, for the first time finding traces of water on the planet's surface. It is decided that in the next 100 years, Mars will be 'terraformed'. AeroSpace Technologies Inc. makes its first appearance on the public market. First warnings about worldwide sterility but they are disregarded by the public while Aerospace Tech. Inc. Is secretely gathering all scientists involved in the genome projects of the last 5 years.
2004Sterility Plague declared pandemic by WHO.
23rd Nov. 2011World Bank declares bankrupcy. Global Economy collapses, unification of Earth begins. NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) is disbanded 62 years after its foundation.
2012UN Constitution Ratified. The world has its first united government although all states keep their national souvereignity. The UN also ratifies a treaty of United Earth Forces (UEF), all national armed forces of Earth are joined together under one general command staff pertaining of highranking officers of all nations.
March 2013The ESC (European Space Corps) is founded, incorporating all European armed forces under one general command which is also part of the UEF command staff.
12th April 2014In the Oort cloud, Dr Eckerly produces the effect to named after him posthumously. During a subsequent experiment the tidal effects of the increased gravitation rip Dr Eckerly apart, killing him only hours after his discovery. What no-one knows is that the officially disbanded AeroSpace Tech Inc. has funded the experiment.
2015AeroTech 'officially' founded.
2022AeroTech purchases land north of Nevada from the US Government under the Liquidation of Federal Assets act. AeroTech moves it headquarters and research labs from Virginia to its new enclave.
2027IVA Founded to produce InVitroes.
2031Diane Hayden arrested in an InVitro rights rally.
16th March 2016Cooper Hawkes's batch incept date.
2043McQueen decanted and begins indentured servitude in the mines on Omicron Draconis.
2047AI War begins. Silicatronics performs internal witch-hunt, and finds that Ken Stranahan had created the Take a Chance virus, infecting the majority of AIs and sparking off the violence. Before formal charges can be laid, Dr Stranahan apparrently commits suicide. The UEF comes into duty and to the overall surprize, the different generals work together as one team. The first real test to the UEF which passes it with flying colours.
June 2047Natural Born losses so heavy that InVitroes are released from their indentured servitude and drafted into the Armed Forces.
July 2047McQueen finishes boot and becomes an ammunitions handler at Port Riskin. 27 InVitroes die during an accident at Port Riskin and McQueen gets punished hitting a superior officer...
August 2047McQueen starts 120 days of solitary confinement.
2048Global Unification Accord signed in New Delhi, transforming the globe into a Commonwealth of nations lead by the UN.
2049McQueen released from indentured servitude, and enlists into the Marines.
2050IVA Director Marylin Stevens kidnapped by AIs and held hostage for more than 2 months before finally being rescued by the 127th Angry Angels.
2051Silicate shoots President Yung.
2052The CC War in Karakorum: General Dawson loses the USMC Third Armoured Division in the Ali Bhutto Pass. Ray Butts captured by CCs and tortured for three days.
2053Cooper Hawkes begins gestation.
2054Ho Chi Min City convention on Silicate POWs. They are considered to have the same rights as human POWs have according to the Geneva Convention.
June 2054McQueen selected to join the 127th Angry Angels.
2057Silicates steal military space assets and flee into space, ending the AI War.
2058InVitro platoons disbanded. IVA Director Marylin Stevens disappears along with most of her research staff and equipment.
15th May 2058Cooper Hawkes decanted.
January 2059Cooper Hawkes escapes from clandestine InVitro Training Program.
July 2059Great Britain and the former European Community disban indentured servitude to get rid of IV ghettos after several rallies of the IV Rights Movements had ended in riots. The IVs get full first citizen membership.
2063Tellus and Vesta Colonies attacked, sparking the Chig War.
June 2063World Federation / United Nations ban indentured servitude after several souverain states like Great Britain had disbanded it earlier on in 2059.
July/August 2063The 58th squad retrieve an Alien recon vehicle on Mars.
19th Nov. 2063Earth's first offensive strike against the Chigs take place. The Battle of the Belt.
February 2064New Alien Fighter (flown by "Chiggy von Richtoven") destroyed by Lt.Col. McQueen.
16th April 2064 Shane Vansen promoted to Captain.
Autumn 2064 Cpt. Shane Vansen, Lt. Vanessa Damphousse and Lt. Paul Wang supposedly KIC over celestial body 2063 Yankee, planet Anvil.