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part five of Oreo series
Gabrielle Bessey & Karen Evans

"It's best if you lick the inside first..."
Gabrielle Bessey and Karen Evans

2100 hours
8 December 2064
Loxley Alabama

Delia carried out the tray of hors d'oeuvres that she prepared, trying not to let anything slide off. She heard the laughter even before she walked into the living room, entering to find McQueen on the floor in front of the fireplace trying to start a fire. Dr. Karen Evans was seated on the sofa, trying not to giggle as he unsuccessfully scraped match after match. They were all just a little bit tipsy, having been celebrating McQueen's return to active duty. He would be leaving in the morning to reclaim his position as CO of the 58th Squadron, his "WildCards", who were awaiting his return aboard the Saratoga.

Christmas music played softly in the background, and candles lit the room, reflecting off the crystal ornaments on the tree. There were pieces of wrapping paper, ribbons, and cards strewn about the room because a pre-Christmas opening party had occurred earlier. Delia wanted to make sure that McQueen got his presents before he left, and they both wanted to include Karen so that she could open the present they had gotten her. Karen had been very surprised when Delia handed her the box, and her eyes glittered with tears when she'd removed the garnet pendant. McQueen had fastened it for her because her hands trembled, and both he and Delia realized they'd made the right choice.

It had been a long road. Being shipped back to Loxley after a Chig bomb exploded aboard the Saratoga and took his right leg below the knee had been a major blow to McQueen, as well as the loss of three of his "kids" to an MIA list. Learning they were alive had given him the strength to accept his surgically attached prosthetic and get down to the business of relearning to kick some ass.

Karen had been instrumental in getting McQueen back to full speed, arguing...encouraging...prodding him in doing what he needed to do. Delia enjoyed her company, found her to be a kindred spirit, and suspected that McQueen had captured another heart in his return to his home base.

McQueen finally got the fire going, and Karen joined him on the floor in front of it. Leaning down, Delia placed the food on the coffee table and rose too quickly, lost her equilibrium and fell against McQueen, who promptly fell on Karen. Laughter filled the room as they tried to disentangle themselves, only becoming more entwined. McQueen stopped laughing when he realized that he was coccooned between the two women. Looking down, he saw Karen's eyes half closed and her lips parted as she felt him sink into her. Seeing the passion on her face triggered a memory and he was transported back to the hospital to a night that had seemed like a wonderful dream.

"It wasn't a dream, was it?" He leaned close to Karen, feeling Delia sprawled on his back.

"No, it wasn't. You thought I was Delia, and I wanted to stop you, but part of me had to have you." Looking up beyond his shoulder, Karen touched her hand to Delia's face. "I'm sorry. I never meant for it to happen."

Delia placed her finger against Karen's lips. "Ty and I have this arrangement. We love each other when we are here, but that doesn't mean we can't love others." Taking her finger, she stroked Karen's lips, then sighed as Karen licked her finger and started sucking on it. With her free hand, Delia began to stroke McQueen's head, turning it so that she could nibble on his ear. He groaned as each woman began to stroke his body, teasing him with kisses. Without a word, they began to remove each other's clothing, stopping to kiss and caress skin as it was laid bare to exploring hands. With the barriers of clothing removed, they returned to the comfort of the rug in front of the fire. McQueen pressed Karen to the floor, sweeping his hands over her breasts as he gently played with her nipples. She could feel herself arching towards him as he continued his erotic wanderings down the length of her body until he reached the juncture of her thighs. Stroking her skin, McQueen slipped his fingers inside of her, then began to lick her, making her shudder uncontrollably. Sliding back along her body, he slid between her thighs and pressed the head of his penis against her, as if waiting for permission. Karen's fingers grabbed his hips and pulled him into her, gasping as he filled her.

While McQueen teased Karen, Delia concentrated on McQueen's back, making patterns on his skin with her tongue as she inched her way down his back. Coming back up to nuzzle his neck, she licked his navel, causing him to thrust more deeply into Karen. As she suckled him, she slid her hands down to his perfectly formed ass and massaged his cheeks before slipping even lower to reach under and caress his balls. Feeling Delia's fingers, McQueen jerked against Karen, driving into her so hard she gasped as stars exploded around her and she climaxed, pulling him close to her. As Karen shuddered, McQueen pulled Delia up to his face and pressed his mouth to hers, delving in with tongue, showing her what he planned to do with her. Delia could feel his body shake as he came, spilling into Karen as he stroked her body. McQueen sank down into the comfort of Karen's body, feeling her wrap her arms around him and Delia. They lay there until he softened, then the three of them cuddled on the floor.

Turning to look at Delia, he stroked her face and she kissed his palm. Kissing her neck, nibbling down to her breasts, he took one nipple into his mouth and suckled it, knowing how much she enjoyed it. Turning into him, she arched one leg on his hip, took his erection into her hand, and guided him in, moaning as she enjoyed the feeling of him swelling to fill her. On the other side of McQueen, Karen stroked his body, loving the feel of his skin beneath her fingers. As she reached out to taste him, she slid her hand down to caress his ass, sliding her finger into him as he slid into Delia. For every stroke into Delia, Karen matched him. As he groaned, his body shuddering as he came, Karen licked his neck and smiled. Delia kissed him, taking his groan, giving one of her own as she arched into him, spasms of pleasure racking her body as she, too, climaxed.

Satiated, they sank into sleep.

Feeling chilled, Karen huddled closer to the warm back that was pressed against her chest. Opening her eyes, she was startled to see McQueen's head, her surprise deepening as she looked in to Delia's eyes. Watching the smile spread across Delia's face made Karen smile, a giggle rising in her throat as a wicked analogy came to mind. Seeing the question in Delia's eyes, she leaned towards her.

"We look like an Oreo cookie." They collapsed in giggles as McQueen slowly stirred.

Winking at the other, each woman slowly began to lick McQueen, laughing as he was brought instantly awake by the doubly pleasurable sensations of having two women caress him. His watch beeped and he groaned, knowing that he had to leave soon or he would miss his transport back to the Saratoga.

"I've got to get in the shower or I'll be late." They ignored him, continuing to tease him with their tongues, lips, and fingers.

"Ladies...now." Slowly they eased back from him, scooting next to each other as he left their warmth. Standing at the hallway, he looked back at them then closed his eyes as he remembered the pleasure they had created. Steeling himself, he headed for the shower to get ready to return to battles ahead.

When he left, the women stared at each other and laughed, surprised at how relaxed they felt.

Getting up, Delia reached down and pulled Karen to her feet. "C'mon, let's get some breakfast going. We have one anxious Colonel to get back the trenches."

McQueen stood in the doorway to the kitchen as he watched Delia and Karen maneuver around each other fixing breakfast.

"How does he like his eggs?" Karen paused before breaking the shells.

"Ty likes his eggs scrambled, his bacon crisp, and his toast light. What does that tell you about him?" Delia bumped Karen with her hip and laughed, almost dropping the toast as McQueen came up and wrapped his arms around her waist.

"It tells you that I know exactly what I want." McQueen kissed her neck, enjoying the feel of her body against him.

Spinning out of his arms, Delia headed for the table. Turning back, she watched McQueen put his hands on Karen's hips and Karen sink back against him. Smiling, she joined them in the group hug. They lost the eggs, but managed to save the bacon.

As they ate, Karen learned a lot about them just by watching they way they acted towards each other and her. She felt part of this special relationship and a little sad that it had to end with McQueen returning to the Saratoga.

Breakfast was a joyful affair as the three of them simply accepted what had happened for the beautiful sharing experience it was. They did not guess about the future, not knowing what would happen in this war.

Karen looked at both of them as she nibbled on her bacon. She opened her mouth to speak, but started to laugh instead.

"What?" Delia said.

Karen shook her head. "It's just that...I've never done anything...you know...like that..."

"You mean burn eggs?" Delia grinned.

Karen playfully hit her, then she looked at McQueen. "You know what I mean...last night."

Delia blushed lightly and nodded. "I know what you mean. I never dreamed I would do anything like that...or that I would enjoy it so much."

Both women looked at McQueen, who was reading the paper and drinking his orange juice. When he caught two pairs of eyes staring at him, he stopped.

"What?" he said.

"Last night, was it your first time?" Delia said playfully.

Karen sucked her teeth. "Better not ask him that Delia," she leaned over and whispered, "He's a Marine."

McQueen kicked Karen under the table. "I heard that."

Karen kicked him back. "I was only trying to save you the embarrassment of answering."

He smiled slightly, took another swig of his orange juice, then nodded. "I have never had a night as wonderful as last night."

Neither Delia or Karen spoke as they digested his words. After long moments, Delia grinned at Karen and winked at McQueen. "I hope it's the first of many more."

Karen raised her glass, then Delia, then McQueen, they clinked them together.

When 0730 rolled around, Karen hesitated about joining them on the trip to the base and McQueen's flight out--Delia just pushed her towards the car. Arriving at the airfield, they all got out and stood for a moment before McQueen took the initiative and pulled Karen into a hug. Pressing a quick kiss on her mouth, he stroked her hair.

"Be safe, Ty." Karen kissed him again and stepped away.

Turning to Delia, he stopped and watched the wind pick up her hair and caress it against her face. He swept it away, cupping her cheek, and lost himself in her kiss. Parting, she encircled him with her arms, whispering, "Come back to me," then let him go.

Both women watched him walk away, not knowing if they would ever see him again. He didn't look back as he heard them climb into the car and drive away. Boarding the ISSCV, he strapped himself in and headed home.

The End

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Gabrielle Bessey & Karen Evans