This is a sequel to "Oreo", so if you haven't read that, you might want to go back and read it to understand where we're coming from...
We make no claims about the plausibility of this story, nor do we make any apologies for its sentimentality. We just wanted to write it, and it evolved from two women giggling over the phone. We had a good time writing and rewriting, so dig out your toothbrush 'cause some of it is sappy sweet, and make sure you floss right after.
With all of this said, we hope you enjoy it...we did.

NC17 rated

part six of Oreo series
Gabrielle Bessey & Karen Evans

Part One

16 February 2065
Loxley, Alabama
Ronald Reagan Veteran's Hospital
Office of Dr. Karen Evans

Delia Shepard walked into Karen's office and smiled gratefully. "I'm so glad you decided to see me on such short notice."

"Sure Delia, anything for a friend," Karen said, smiling slightly.

Delia noticed that Karen looked a bit tired, and her eyes were heavy. Probably working too hard, she thought. "So," Karen said, "what can I do for you?"

Delia looked down, then looked back up at Karen. "This won't take long. I need a blood test."

"Blood test," Karen repeated.

Delia sat down and looked around Karen's office, looking around at her furniture--standard military--the diplomas on the walls, the photograph on her desk of Karen and her two sisters, Kira and Kirsten who, despite being triplets, didn't look too much alike at all.

"You taking my office's inventory?" Karen suddenly said.


"Delia, what's going on? Why do you need a blood test? Are you sick?"

"No." Delia sighed. "I think I'm pregnant."

Karen stared at her. "Pregnant."

Delia nodded, bit her lip, then smiled. "I guess that last night with Ty was more powerful than I thought."

"I thought Ty was unable to have children. That's what his medical records said. The AIs did some funky shit to him."

Delia nodded sadly. "Yeah, that's what he thought too."

"Then again, that doctor who examined him could have been prejudiced against in-vitros, and if that's true, the bastard should be sued for malpractice." Karen's voice was heavy with anger. Delia stared at her.

Karen grinned. "Roll up your sleeve, this won't hurt a bit."

Karen did the test, and she and Delia waited the customary hour for the results.

When the technician brought the results in, Karen looked at them and smiled. "Congratulations, Delia, you're pregnant."

Delia put her hand over her mouth, barely containing her smile. Karen walked over to her file cabinet and pulled out a folder.

"Oh God," Delia said, "Ty's always wanted to have a family..." her eyes filled with tears.

Karen placed the folder on her desk, in front of Delia, then she opened it. "You're right about that night, it was powerful."

Delia stared at the medical report. It was the results of a pregnancy test, taken last week. Delia saw the word "positive", then above it, she saw the name: Karen Aimee Evans.

"And if you ever tell anyone my middle name, I'll deny it to my grave," Karen grinned.

"You knew for a week? Why didn't you tell me?" Delia asked.

"I was going to call you...but...I didn't know what to say. I mean, you and Ty have been together for years, you've got a history. I like Ty, was more lust at first sight for me."

"What do you think it was for me the first time I saw him as more than just good ole Ty?" Delia grinned. "You could have told me, Karen, we're friends."

"I know, but I guess none of that matters now, does it?"

For a moment, neither woman spoke, then both of them began to laugh.

"You said Ty always wanted a family. Well, here it spades" said Karen. "My God, what are we going to do?"

Delia smiled and patted Karen on the hand. "Have babies."

1 May 2065
Loxley, Alabama
Delia's house

Delia stared at the three rather large moving men as they moved piece after piece of Karen's furniture into the house.

"Gee, Karen, I didn't know you had so much stuff."

Karen chewed on a carrot. The sight of the carrot made Delia seemed everything these days made her hungry. She'd forgotten about that aspect of pregnancy.

"It's not that much," Karen said.

"Maybe we should have moved into your house."

Karen shook her head. "No way, yours is much nicer...newer...brighter. Mine was built almost a hundred years ago by one of my psychotic relatives. I inherited it, and I don't have the heart to sell it."

"I hope you don't mind your room being on the first floor," Delia said.

"No problemo, Delia." She looked into her eyes and giggled. "I guess I better tell these guys where to drop my stuff. I hate it when stuff's in the wrong place, and I guess I can't move it myself anymore, huh?"

"Don't even try, Karen."

It took the three movers an hour and a half to get Karen's furniture and knick-knacks exactly where she wanted them. When they left, Karen joined Delia on the front porch. Though it was only March, it had started to warm up, and both women knew a hot summer was ahead.

Karen rubbed her belly. "Never thought I'd be pregnant in my life."

"Never thought I'd be pregnant again."

"That reminds me. Have you heard anything from Jackson since you asked Ty to tell him?"

"No, I don't even know if Ty got the CD yet."

Karen sucked her teeth. "Oh shit, I can just see that conversation. 'Jackson, I got your mom pregnant...'"

"Jackson's always been close to Ty."

Karen poured a cup of hot tea into one of the two china cups. "Well, I wouldn't do anything like that."

"Well Jackson's not your son, and I know Ty can handle it," Delia said in a sharp voice.

Karen sipped her tea, then she looked out into the countryside. "Are you angry that I'm pregnant too?"

Delia shot her a strange glance. "What?"

"You heard me. You and Ty have been together for years, I come along and," she snapped her fingers... "we all end up pregnant."

"No, I'm not angry at all Karen, don't be silly. If it wasn't for you...I don't know where Ty would kicked his ass, you made him fight. I couldn't have done it by myself."

"And that's why you're pissed. I don't blame you Delia...I mean that night...I should have stopped him...but I didn't... I couldn't...I didn't want to...lust at first sight."

Delia sipped her concoction. "Well, it was that way for me too...When Ty and I first got together, he said he didn't think he could get married again, and I felt the same way. I told him that his happiness was more important to me than anything, that if he wanted to be with someone else, I'd understand."

"How noble," Karen smiled. "I wouldn't have said anything like that. I'm too jealous."

Delia sighed. "Karen, I don't know how I feel...I...I really love Ty...and part of me wishes I was the only one pregnant, that the two of us were sharing this, but...another part of me is glad you're here. I had serious doubts as to whether Ty would ever return to duty, but you never thought he wouldn't. I guess what I'm trying to say is...if it had to be anyone, I'm glad it's you."

Karen, who was never one for sentiment, genuine or otherwise, started laughing. Delia stared at her.

"This shit is too damn funny, Delia." Karen wiped her eyes with the back of her hand. ", I guess it's true what they say about in-vitros, huh?"

Delia burst out laughing. Both women laughed, until Karen stopped suddenly and put her hand on her belly. "Oh, my God."

Terror filled Delia's eyes. "Karen, are you all right?"

Karen frowned, then she laughed. "Shit, he moved. It's early, but he's moving."


"Oh, I'm having a boy. My mother had three girls, and my two sisters both have sons. I'm sure."

"Love your scientific logic."

"Give me your hand." Karen leaned back in her chair, pressed Delia's hand to the round bulge under her t-shirt, then placed her hand over Delia's. They both smiled as they felt the baby kick at their hands.

2 May 2065
outside of McQueen's quarters

Paul placed the packet of letters next to McQueen's hatch so that he would see them when he returned. He chuckled, knowing (like the rest of the WildCards) that McQueen was unused to getting mail so he was never around to pick it up when his name was called. They knew that Delia wrote him and that she'd been there for him when he'd gotten his prosthesis and relearned to walk.

Returning from his run, McQueen saw the letters and smiled faintly. Sitting at his desk, he toweled the sweat off his neck and opened the letter with Delia's address, dropping the personal CD into his player. He dropped the towel and sat there with a stunned expression as the words filled his quarters. Ross found him like this half an hour later when he came by to see if McQueen had read the intelligence reports.

Ross knocked on McQueen's hatch, then waited several moments before he entered.

"Ty, didn't you hear me knock?"

As if in slow motion, McQueen turned to stare at Ross, the look in his eyes causing Ross to wonder if someone had died. Ross quickly strode to him and grasped his shoulder.

"What's wrong?"

Without saying a word, McQueen punched "play" and let the words wash over him.

Ross could hear the shuffling in the background, heard the first voice and recognized it as Delia. He smiled, remembering the times they'd all spent together. He missed hearing the laughter in her voice.

"Do you want to go first?"

"Are you crazy? You go first." Ross didn't recognize the second voice, but he liked the way her voice echoed off the CD.

"Fine, I'll go first." There was a pause. "Sit down, me on this one. Remember that summer at the lake, where we first made love? You told me that one thing in life you'd always wanted to experience was being part of a family...that getting divorced because you couldn't have kids really hurt...well, sweetie, that's not a problem anymore. I'm pregnant--from Christmas, I'm due in October." Delia stopped speaking for a moment, as if allowing McQueen to get used to the idea so that he would listen when she spoke again. "I know you're in shock, and I know you well enough to know that glazed, faraway look is in your eyes." Delia sighed. "I imagine that I'm going to get a lot of flak about bringing a child into the world like this, with this war, but I believe that as long as we keep having children, we will never truly lose. We will keep fighting, for our children. Um, one more thing...I haven't written Jackson, I want him to hear this from you. Please, Ty, do it for me."

They could hear Delia talking to someone else. "Go ahead. I've broken the ice at least."

McQueen heard Karen's voice fill the air in his cabin, which was beginning to close in as fingers of claustrophobia encircled him.

"Ty, I don't know how to say this, except to just say it...I'm pregnant. Hell of a Christmas present, huh? I have no idea when you'll get this, or if you'll get this. In May, I'm moving in with Delia...we figured it would be easier with the two of us. I wish I could have told you in person...seen your eyes; I'll just have to remember your eyes in the firelight. The baby is due the second week in October. We will take pictures so you can see how we're all doing, and we'll date the letters so that you know which one to open first. Damn, I hate doing it like this. I know it's a shock--it shocked me, and I'm a doctor. Please, please, don't be mad."

Then Delia's voice came on. "This is a miracle, Ty, I hope you see it as one. Don't worry, we'll take good care of each other. Be safe, be well."

McQueen hit the "stop" and just sat there, as if he were in a coma. Slowly, his head sunk down and he rested his chin on his folded hands, staring at the floor.

Ross sat down on his bunk and carefully thought about what he was going to say. "Karen was your doctor at Loxley."

"Yeah. She's one tough lady...never let me give up."

Ross still had a hard time trying to figure out the logistics of how they were both pregnant and due at the same time. McQueen caught Ross staring at him and actually blushed, nearly sending Ross onto the floor. This was the only time in their entire relationship that Ross had seen McQueen at a loss.

"Don't even ask. It's entirely too complicated to explain." McQueen hesitated for a moment, then sighed. "It was the night before I left Loxley to come back to the Saratoga. Delia and I invited Karen to dinner to thank her for everything she'd done--for pushing me, for making me mad enough to keep walking when I thought I couldn't take another step. We gave her the present we bought. Sat around and talked."

McQueen looked up when he heard Ross "hrrumph" as he tried to not to laugh.

"We had a little too much to drink and things progressed from there." He looked at Ross. "I don't believe this is happening...this *can't* be happening."

Ross bit his lip to keep from smiling, then leaned over, patted McQueen on his shoulder, and offered his hand. McQueen took it, looking askance at Ross.

"Congratulations, dad."

3 May 2065
McQueen's quarters

Lt. Jackson Shepard knocked on McQueen's hatch and waited for permission to enter.


He saw that McQueen was seated on his bunk and that he looked distinctly nervous. Jackson hadn't seen McQueen this wound up since he'd walked in on his mom and McQueen in the living room one night. Seeing them had shocked him a bit--like many kids, he didn't think his mother had sex-- but he'd quickly realized how happy she was and that was good enough for him.

"You wanted to see me, sir?"

"Yeah, Jackson, have a seat." McQueen stood up and paced the narrow confines of his quarters, making Jackson nervous as well. "Um, well, I got a letter from your mom yesterday and she wanted me to talk to you."

Jackson was up on his feet almost before McQueen could finish his sentence. "Is she okay? I haven't heard from her much and I've been worried about her being alone."

McQueen put out his hand. "No, she's not sick...she's pregnant." The words slipped out before McQueen realized that he said them. "Damn, I had hoped to put it a little softer than that."

Jackson fell back into the chair and stared at him. "Pregnant?"

McQueen shook his head and waited to see his reaction.

"I thought you couldn't have kids? How..." Jackson closed his eyes. "I don't *even* want to go there."

"To be honest, I thought I was going to pass out when I heard the news. I haven't told anyone else, except for Commodore Ross, and I'd appreciate it if you could keep this under your hat for a while."

"Sure, Colonel. I don't know how I'd explain it anyway." Jackson got up and headed for the hatch, stopping in front of McQueen. "I'm glad it was you, sir. You've always been a part of the family." He hesitated for a moment, then pulled McQueen into a hug. McQueen was too startled to do much more than pat Jackson's back before the young man was gone.

17 August 2065
Saratoga rec room

McQueen was getting more letters than his entire squadron--a fact that surprised the WildCards to no end. Late one night, Hawkes found McQueen hidden in a corner of the rec room, letters spread in front of him and his CD player sitting beside him.

"Colonel, what are you doing here this late?" McQueen jumped when he heard Hawkes' voice, he'd been so intent on reading that he failed to notice the young man's approach.

"Just catching up on mail. Is there something I can do for you?"

"No, sir." Cooper just stood there. He'd caught a glimpse of a picture of Delia and another woman (both whom were obviously pregnant)...heard the rhythmic beating that had drawn him to this corner in the first place, and he was curious.

McQueen sighed. He knew that the 58th would find out sooner or later, he might as well get it over with by starting with the WildCard who would find it the most difficult to understand.

"Sit down, Cooper." Holding up the picture, he pointed to the women. "This is Delia." Hawkes nodded, having seen her picture several times when he'd gone to see McQueen in his quarters and he remembered her from their jaunt back to Loxley. "This is Dr. Karen Evans, the doctor who helped me get back to active duty."

Hawkes leaned over to study her, commenting "She's pretty. They're going to have babies?"

McQueen nodded and continued talking. Pointing to Delia's belly, a faint smile crossed his lips, "That's Glen." He pointed to Karen's belly. "That's Joshua." Hitting the play button, Cooper once again heard the beating, although now he noticed there were two distinct beats, "And those are Glen and Joshua's heartbeats."

Cooper sat for a moment, nodding as if contemplating the mysteries of life, then asked the all-important question. "Why are they sending you this?"

McQueen took a deep breath. "Because Glen and Joshua are my sons."

McQueen watched the emotions race across Cooper's face, waiting for the young man to erupt with several questions.

Confusion filled Cooper's face as he looked at the picture of the two women. "I don't understand? How can you be the dad of both of them? What, did they just take some stuff from you, kind of like in-vitros are made?"

"No, Cooper. They got pregnant the old-fashioned way."

Realization dawned on Cooper, and he blushed furiously as he figured out that McQueen had sex with both of them. "You mean..." his voice trailed off.

"Cooper, don't ever mix brandy-spiked eggnog and scotch."

They sat there as the heartbeats continued to echo, and McQueen was surprised when Cooper asked one more question. "Are you happy about it?"

McQueen had to think a minute, trying to put into words how he felt. "At first, I was stunned; I couldn't believe it. Then, I was a little angry because I don't know what's going to happen in this war, and I'm not sure that bringing babies into a world that might end up in slavery is such a good thing. Now, I'm just amazed...and a little bit scared."

They sat there in silence, each lost in the thoughts of what this meant. Then Cooper got. "Are you going to tell the rest of the 'Cards?"

"Yeah, I guess I should do that."

Almost as an afterthought, Cooper stepped up to McQueen and patted him on the shoulder, then headed out of the room.

Shane noticed Cooper was unusually silent that night, wondering what had puzzled the young man. When McQueen requested that they meet him in their quarters, questions began racing in her head.

He was nervous, which was unusual to see. Nathan wondered what could disturb McQueen enough to shake his icy reserve. He was especially curious about the picture McQueen held in his hand.

Vanessa looked at McQueen and did a double take. On odd occasions, she could still pick up things about people and was astounded that pure joy was radiating from McQueen-- it was such a rare thing and it usually happened only in relation to one of them, although not to this degree. So much had happened to him, there was little to be joyful about, and she wondered just what had happened.

Paul didn't pick up much of anything. He just thought that McQueen was here to pass on some scuttlebutt he'd picked up.

Cooper sat on his bunk, watching the rest of the 58th...and waiting.

McQueen cleared his throat and started to speak. "Seeing how this will eventually become common knowledge, I wanted to be the one to tell you." He shifted into parade rest and stared at a spot on the wall just above their heads. "I'm going to be a father in October."

Jaws hit the floor and eyes went wide. None of them expected this news, and Cooper just leaned back and smiled at the incredulous looks on their faces.

The voices began clamoring. "Who?" "How?" "When?"

McQueen passed a picture of Delia and Karen to Shane. She smiled as she saw Delia holding her hand proudly to her swollen belly and wondered for moment who the other pregnant woman was. It was good that she didn't have to go through this alone while McQueen was aboard the Saratoga.

After he left, it didn't take long before questions filled the room.

5 October 2065
1905 hours

Delia's eyes were wide, and her mouth open, as she looked at Karen from across the dining room table. She wasn't surprised that Karen was dipping sardines into creamy peanut butter, nor was she surprised at the tiny headphones Karen had against her belly, Mozart flowing from the tiny CD player on the table. It was what Karen just said that stunned her.

"What do you mean you're leaving?"

"After Joshua is born, I'm leaving Delia. Look, it'll be for the best. Ty wants to have a family, but with you. You're the one who's been with him for years, you're the one he loves. I'll just feel like a third wheel, and no telling what Joshua'll feel. My sister Kira's got a big house in Boston, she's been asking me to stay with her."

"Kira's the one who's not too keen on this, isn't she?"

"Well, she's a little concerned about prejudice, since Ty's an IV, but she'll love Josh when he's least she'd better. Delia, I know what I'm doing, it's for the best."

Delia knew both of them were a bit antsy. They hadn't heard from McQueen in over a month, and though they both believed that "no news was good news," they were still concerned. Delia wiped her eyes and shook her head. "It's your life, Karen."

That night, Karen lay in her bed, trying to find a comfortable position...knowing that it wasn't likely. Immediately, Joshua started to move and kick. Karen groaned. She couldn't wait for this boy to be born and wondered how Delia managed to never complain--maybe it was because she'd had prior experience and knew what to expect. Karen closed her eyes and waited for Joshua to settle down, then she shifted on her side and went to sleep.

Karen opened her eyes and saw McQueen standing in the doorway. She raised her head. "Ty, what are you doing here? You got leave or something? Why didn't you tell anyone?" He wore a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, which Karen thought was strange.

"I had to see you," he said.

"Does Delia know you're here?"

He shook his head. "I wanted to see *you*."

McQueen silently undressed completely, then got into bed beside Karen, where he slipped her chemise over her head; then he lay on his side, holding her from behind. He caressed her belly.

"Hey, Joshua," he said.

Instantly, Joshua started moving and kicking. McQueen laughed, feeling him move. "Josh, it's daddy.." Karen laughed too, but then Joshua quickly settled down. McQueen kissed Karen's neck and ear lobes.

"Do you know how sexy you look now?" he whispered.

Karen giggled and blushed, she was aroused. McQueen rubbed himself against Karen's behind, and she reached back and stroked his penis and testicles until he was completely hard.

"I want you, is it okay?"

"Yes," Karen whispered, "if we do it this way."

McQueen slowly entered Karen from behind and she gasped in pleasure, he sucked and bit her earlobes and neck vigorously. Karen reached behind her, found McQueen's navel and stroked it with the same vigor. McQueen began to thrust harder inside Karen, but she could tell he was holding back, so she thrust herself hard into him. He took the hint and grabbed Karen by the waist and drove so hard into her that she cried out and nearly felt herself black out as she climaxed. Seconds later, McQueen climaxed, spilling into her, saying her name over and over again in her ear. They lay spent, against each other and Joshua started moving around again.

"I'm so happy," McQueen whispered into Karen's ear, and she was transported to sleep.

Karen opened her eyes and looked around the room. She wondered where McQueen had gone. When she looked down, she saw that her chemise was still on and realized that whole thing had been a dream.

"Shit, now I know how he felt," Karen said to herself.

Karen put on a robe and walked barefoot onto the front porch. The night was cool though not cold, the hot summer past them. Karen sat down on the loveseat and started sobbing.

Delia found Karen like that about a half hour later. She grabbed Karen's shoulder and looked into her eyes. "What happened...Karen...the baby..."

Karen shook her head and told Delia about the dream she had. "It real...I thought...he"

Delia held Karen close and realized that Karen cared more about McQueen than she'd ever admit to anyone. Karen had seen Ty at his very worst, when the only thing he wanted to do was die, and she brought him up to a level higher than he would have ever reached on his own. Delia realized that even though she'd known Ty longer, Karen perhaps had a more intimate relationship with him.

Delia remembered how Ty complained about Karen at first. He called her a "fucking drill instructor". "I bet she doesn't even like men, taking it out on me, the repressed bitch!" he'd say every time Delia saw him after one of his sessions.

Finally, Karen wiped her eyes. She leaned against the chair and cried out. "Delia, I can't leave. Josh needs to know his daddy," she patted Delia's belly, "and his brother. Shit, this is such a fucking mess!"

Delia smiled, knowing Karen, on some level, was correct. "It's okay, we'll all be just fine." Then Glen kicked, and Delia knew she was right.

Heading back to their rooms, Delia didn't know if Karen's dream had kicked her imagination into overdrive or if she just really missed McQueen.

She awoke with a start, staring at the figure who leaned against the doors to her patio.

"Ty, is that you? What are you doing here?"

Walking over to the bed, she could see the smile on his face and her heart constricted. She had missed him so much. Reaching out she grabbed him and pulled him down on the bed. As they faced each other, Delia reached out and stroked his face, sighing as she remembered how it felt. McQueen kissed her palm, then her wrist, then leaned forward to kiss her. Then he worked his way down her throat to the top of her nightgown and began to unbutton it. Pulling it away, he studied her roundness, marveled at the voluptuousness of her body as she carried his son. He stroked her belly, feeling Glen kick against his hand, then he leaned down and kissed her, licking what was left of her belly button. Delia moaned, sinking into bed as she felt pleasure tingle along every nerve. When McQueen moved lower, she gasped as he separated her thighs and bent to kiss her, stroking her with his tongue before delving inside. She thought she was going to explode as she wrapped her fingers in his hair and pulled him closer and she groaned as she was overwhelmed with pleasure. Lying there, spent from the passion that had filled her, she felt McQueen take her in his arms and press a kiss against her hair.

When she woke again, she knew it had been a dream, but she pulled a pillow close and thought she could smell him on the cotton.

13 October 2065
Loxley, Alabama
Powell Hospital

"What the hell do you mean, you don't have her registration? It was filled out eight weeks ago, I have a copy of it. Find it now or I'll have your job." Karen banged on the receptionist's desk at the front of the hospital, almost taking out the orderly with the video camera.

Delia reached out her hand and grabbed Karen. "I don't think we have time for this. I'm already feeling the urge to push."

Luck was with them as Dr. Jake Williams came out of the elevator. "Hi, Delia, how are you doing?" He patted her belly, feeling how hard it was from contractions.

"Jake, this is happening so much faster than with Jackson."

"Well, let's get you up to L&D and we'll see what's going on."

He wheeled her into the elevator, with Karen following close behind, and hit the 3rd floor button. Getting her into a room fairly quickly, the nurse helped Delia into a gown and got her comfortable in the delivery chair. Kneeling between her legs, Jake checked her and found that Delia was fully dilated. Looking at Karen, he smiled. "Better get that camera ready, it won't be long.

Karen set up the camera, then went to stand beside Delia and hold her hand.

Delia had forgotten that having a baby was hard work, which was why they called it labor, she supposed. She watched the monitor and tried not to squeeze Karen's hand too hard as each contraction hit.

"C'mon, Delia, push. Okay, that was good, let's do it again." Jake encouraged her along.

"The baby's crowning." Delia looked into the mirror to see the baby's head. Karen peeked around and was amazed at the sight.

"Another couple of pushes and we'll be there." Jake grasped the baby's head, holding it as the shoulders followed. Pretty soon, Glen was lying on Delia's stomach, and she stroked his head. "It's okay, baby. I'm here."

Jake asked Karen if she wanted to cut the cord. Delia patted her arm. "Go ahead." When the baby was free, the nurse took him and cleaned him up, doing all the standard tests they did on newborns and brought him back to Delia.

Delia took him in her arms and folded back the blanket. "There you go, little one. Welcome to the world." Looking at the camera, she smiled and tilted Glen up so that he could be seen. "Say hi to daddy, Glen." As if on cue, one tiny little hand emerged from the blanket, a fist waving in the air, and Glen yawned. Delia looked at the camera, blew a kiss, and mouthed "I love you".

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