My own disclaimer: If you are offended by explicit sex, don't read this. If you do read this, don't blame me for whatever happens after. This is pure fun, a sweet sweet fantasy baby, and don't yell at me about this being unethical for a doctor, honey, I work in a hospital.
Thanks to Gabrielle Bessey for all her help.
This story sort of picks up where Gabrielle Bessey's "Summer Dreams" leaves off, in other words, after "Tell Our Moms..."

NC17 rated

Only A Dream ...
part Four of Oreo series
Karen Evans

4, August 2064
Ronald Reagan Veterans Hospital
Loxley, Alabama

Dr Karen Evans got the page just as she was about to sit down to a very late supper. It was after midnight, nothing open but the hospital caffeteria, the fried chicken was greasy and the potato salad had seen better days, but heck, she was hungry. "Saved by the bell," she said to herself. She ran her hand through her usually unruly, curly dark hair and rushed off.

When she got to the third floor, she was met by Milla Sanchez, a very young, very green student nurse. She stood in front of Colonel T.C. McQueen's door.

"I should hav guessed," Evans said.

Milla looked down. "I'm sorry Dr. Evans...he's having one of those...those things and I..I can't go in there...the last time he...he..."

"I know, he almost took your head off. He was a POW in the AI Wars," Evans sighed, "I'll take care of it."

"Thank you, thank you Doctor." Milla nearly bowed.

Evans walked into the room, she heard McQueen yelling something intelligible. Damn, he'd been here four weeks, and the damn doctors were taking their sweet time with his prosthetic; once he got that, he'd be out of her hair. Why the hell had she taken his case anyway? Ego, remember? Well, at least she and his friend Delia Shepard had gotten him out of his depression and into the excercise room, where he was working out regularly.

She turned on the light. He was quite a pitiful sight, thrashing about in bed. "Alright Colonel!" She walked over to the table, picked up some kind of knick knack and banged it down as loud as she could. McQueen woke with a start, opened his eyes and looked around him. He stared at Evans, arms folded stareing back at him. Evans nodded, it was safe to approach the bed now, so she did.

"I'm sorry," he whispered, his blue gray eyes stared into her black ones.

"Well, you saved me from some greasy chicken," she noticed he was quite sweaty. "I'll get one of the nurses to give you a sponge bath."

He shook his head and grabbed her arm. 'Damn, he has been working out," Evans thought. "No, you do it. I don't trust them."

Evans shook her head. "Oh shit," she groaned.

"They think I'm some kind of freak...goddamn don't."

"Right, I think you're a pain in the ass. Okay, I'll do it."

He nodded. "Thanks."

Evans got a sponge and a tub she filled with warm water, then the stripped the bed underneath McQueen.

McQueen sat up, then looked down as Evans undressed him. "Believe me Colonel, you don't have anything I haven't seen." Then she raised the bed a little.

Evans slowly washed McQueen's chest, then stomach, as he lay back on the pillows. 'Shit,' she thought, 'I shouldn't be doing this...this isn't what I went to med school for', but Evans' hands were gentle yet firm, and when she reached McQueen's thighs, she noticed he was quite aroused. His eyes were closed and he groaned, "Delia..."

'Oh, great,' she thought, now what? "Colonel, I'm not..." but Evans' words were cut short when McQueen suddenly pulled her to him, causing the tub to drop to the floor, water spilling everywhere. His hands gently caressed her skin underneath her blue scrub top. Evans tried to struggle, but that only drove him on as he tightened his grip. Now she was stuck, if she called out, she'd be the talk of the hospital tomorrow, and if she punched him out, that could be a malpractice suit and Evans just didn't have the insurance.

McQueen pulled her roughly down and kissed her, filling her mouth hungrily with his tongue; then he slid the scrub top over her head and unhooked her bra with only two fingers, he pulled her closer and started sucking her breasts violently. It wasn't so bad, Evans thought, in fact, she didn't feel tired anymore. She closed her eyes as she felt his hard penis against her thigh. Without thinking, she caressed his stump, then moved higher to his thigh; then hands, Evans wasn't sure whose, pulled off her scrub pants and bikini panties.

Evans sighed. Now there was *no* way she could call for any kind of help, but there was no thinking about that as McQueen grabbed her by the waist and pulled her towards him. Well, no way was she going to do anything unethical, she had to put a quick stop to this, so she rubbed her inner thigh against McQueen's very hard and quite ample penis, smiling, 'guess those rumors about InVitros are true." McQueen smiled and Evans smiled too; he really should smile more often, made him look sweet, kind of boyish...let's see what else is interesting.

She looked down at his stomach, it was perfect, absent of a silly navel, flat, smooth and she felt for herself and saw that was true, then Evans looked at the scars on his chest, she ran her hands over them, feeling every ridge, every imperfection. McQueen groaned slightly. Evans was curious, and she leaned over and traced the scars with her tongue. The sensation made her forget who and where she was, which was just enough time for McQueen's hands to make their move, he pushed her down onto himself and Evans felt his erect penis drive hard inside her.

The sensation nearly made her cry out, but she bit her lip just in time. McQueen's strong hands grasped her hips and rocked her back and forth. The more Evans tried to free herself, the tighter McQueen held her, she wanted to stop this, cry out, slap him, but a larger part relished in the hard muscled flesh inside her and the gentle hands stroking her body.

McQueen opened his eyes halfway and Evans stared at him. 'My God, he's going to see I'm not Delia,' she thought. She bit her lip and waited, but he only smiled and thrust himself harder inside her. Evans sighed with relief and stroked his stump again. His eyes closed tightly, Evans kissed him lightly on the lips, he grabbed her breasts and squeezed them so tight, she thought she'd scream. He thrust faster and faster until he exploded inside her and she too thought she'd died and gone to heaven. Evans shuddered as warmth ran down her thighs.

For a moment neither of them moved, they lay holding each other for dear life it seemed. Then, Evans slowly moved off his body, his eyes were again closed and his breathing became regular. "Typical," she muttered, "falls asleep right after," but this was one time she was glad of it. Evans dressed quickly, took a few deep breaths and walked out into the hall. Immediately, she saw Milla Sanchez.

"Milla, please make up Colonel McQueen's bed."

The girl looked stunned. Evans wondered if she was flushed or something. "It's alright Milla, he's asleep."

"Yes Doctor," the girl said shyly.

"Oh, and get an orderly to mop the floor...the tub dropped."

"Yes Doctor."

Evans left the scene before Milla had a chance to get a good look at her. "Shit, I wish I still smoked cigarettes," she said to herself.

Two days later, McQueen was wheeling himself to the excercise room, when he nearly rolled into Dr. Evans. He looked at her, she looked at him, then he looked away quickly.

"Well Colonel, nice to see you out and about," Evans smiled.

McQueen nodded, started to wheel himself away, then stopped. "Dr. Evans."

She turned. "Yes?"

"About two nights ago..."

She inhaled deeply. "Yes?"

"I..uh..had this dream..."

Evans nodded. "Two nights ago, you had a nightmare Colonel. One of those POW ones I gather. You almost punched me out."

"I did?"

"Yes, you did."

"I don't remember..."

"Well, I gave you something that knocked you out. You know, some of these drugs can cause some pretty vivid, strange dreams."

"They can?"


McQueen seemed thoughtful for a moment, then he nodded. "Yeah, I guess that's what it was."

Evans sighed. "Alright, see you later."

"Thanks," McQueen said.

Evans turned around again. "For what?"

"For everything." With that, he turned around and wheeled himself away.

Evans sighed and continued to where she was going, then she smiled to herself. "Yeah, what a dream."

The End

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