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Chapter 2.

After his eventual release from sickbay, McQueen sat down to read the other letters from Dill. He didn't have a lot else to do and he'd caught up with all his paperwork. The doctors had refused to clear him for bridge duty for another week or two, until the plaster was off and he was fully mobile again.

He'd opened all the remaining parcels, consigning the batches of mouldering cookies to the bin. Ty smiled wistfully at the photographs of the boys and the scribbles they'd done, and enjoyed opening the presents Dill had sent him - several shirts of the collarless type he favoured, some books she knew he'd enjoy reading, and more of the sandalwood shower soap. He smiled. He was going to have to tell her one day that he didn't really like it. The only reason he'd been using it when they first met was that it was all the PX had, and he'd only carried on using it when she'd told him that smelling it made her think of him.

What he was left with was eight optical discs and four more letters. Putting the discs to one side, he settled down to read the letters. Opening the first one, his heart leapt as a small image fell into his lap. Picking it up, he could see that it was an image of the baby. He was astounded at the clarity of it. He could see arms, legs, the head, and facial features. He checked. No way to tell from this if it was a boy or a girl. He was hoping for a girl. He already had two lovely sons. A daughter would round the family off well, he figured. And he'd come up with a name. He smiled, hoping it would be a girl and that she'd look like Dill.

Dear Ty,

Well, the new bath has arrived, and mother pitched a fit when she saw it! It's amazing. It has all those little jet things that make it zoozy. The boys love it, and in fact I'd say Hamish has learned to swim in it. The builders weren't happy though. The bathroom is now about two metres wider than it was, which is fine, as I had the washer and dryer installed in there too. Much more room in the kitchen now!

Are you okay? We haven't heard from you for quite a while now. I've made the postman promise me that he won't be smiling if he's handing me one of those yellow envelopes. I'm starting to dread the post arriving, just in case.

He grimaced. She had no idea how close she'd come to getting one of those envelopes amongst her Christmas cards.

Hamish now has 10 teeth! Cameron has his top two and four at the bottom. Both of them are talking clearer now, and Hamish is starting to make sense at last. His favourite word at the moment is cup, which he yells very loudly whenever he wants a drink. I've had to buy a whole load of new clothes for him, he's growing so fast. Cameron is now wearing his hand me downs. I think maybe Cameron's going to be little like me. He's still not talking much. He still says "daddy" a lot, but now he asks "Why?" He'll come up to me, cling to my leg, and with those little blue eyes look up at me, he says 'why daddy?' It's clear as a bell. He's stopped crying whenever I play them a disc. He now sits and stares intently at the screen, getting up to kiss you, and asking 'why daddy?" before he sits back down and watches some more. To be honest it's scaring me a little. He's not yet 18 months and he's so intense. I'm getting worried about him, Ty.

McQueen sat and looked at the letter. He would never have imagined that such a small child could get so upset. He imagined that the boys would have forgotten about him by now. Maybe it would be better he thought, if Dill stopped playing them the optical discs. With a sigh he realised that this letter was already over 4 months old.

Hamish, on the other hand, well… he flies over that damned assault course in the garden. How old do they have to be before they join the Corps? I think we've got a soldier on our hands. He's a real roughty toughty boy, always up to mischief. Last week he opened the kitchen cupboards while I was changing Cameron. You should have seen the mess - packets of flour opened, oatmeal all over the floor, and him sitting in the middle of it with that big grin of his… I could have killed him, I swear. Still, I wouldn't change him for the world. When he sees that Cameron is upset, he hugs him. He's started kissing him too. Not that Cameron appreciates it, but at least he's trying.

Well, I can't think of anything else to tell you. Everything with the baby seems to be going fine. Iona has this new imaging thingy. It has some amazingly professional sounding name, but it gives really clear pictures of the baby. I enclosed a picture. We haven't been able to see yet, but Iona tells me she knows what sex it is. This machine can tell us all sorts of things, apparently. I've hardly been sick at all this time. I'm eating like a horse, and no doubt at the end, I'll be as big as I was with the boys from food alone! Do you want to know what sex it is?

Okay, I'm stopping now. Take care, my love. Come home to me safely. Watch your six. We all love you and miss you.

Dill, Hamish and Cameron. XX

He put the letter down and hurriedly read the rest. Each one was filled with news about the boys', or rather Hamish's, achievements and news about the baby, which she'd finally told him was a girl. There had been a distinct lack of information about Cameron until the final letter.

Dear Ty,

This is a very hard letter to write. It's about Cameron mainly. It's been six months since you left and the little guy is pining away. He's been thoroughly checked over by mother, who is worried sick about him. And I even took him to the hospital in Inverness for a second opinion. They both say that health wise he's fine, except that he's underweight. Well, he would be. It's becoming harder to get him to eat anything.

Mother knows someone who specialises in psychological problems in the very young. He's been to see Cameron several times. He's not happy at all. He says that the little guy is withdrawing into himself - that's why he won't eat. Apparently, when you were here, you must have built up a much stronger bond with him than any of us realised. Actually, that doesn't surprise me in the least. He took to you from the moment he saw you, do you remember? Cameron is having a hard time dealing with you not being here… I could have told him that! I'm not allowed to play any more optical discs for the boys, and all pictures of you have had to be removed. The only trouble is, as I told the stupid man, now Cameron hangs onto me hysterically crying 'Mummy why daddy?' almost all the time. He was calmer at least when he could see and hear you. Now he won't let me out of his sight. If I put him to sleep in his cot, he wakes up screaming and I have to bring him in with me.

This damned idiot of mother's tells me I have to try and help him forget. What should I do, tell you never to come home again? I pointed out, in no uncertain terms, that you are his father and I don't actually want him to forget who you are. He thought I was being facetious! I have to confess I'm really worried about how he's going to react when the baby arrives. What if he sees that as me pushing him away, too? I'm not worried… I'm terrified! I'm at my wit's end, and I just don't know what to do. I can't give Cameron what he needs. He needs you, and he's too young to understand that mummy can't just make daddy come home. I don't know what to do, Ty! And I haven't heard from you at all. The only thing that's keeping me going at the moment is the fact that the postman still smiles when he sees me.

Take care, my love. Come home to us soon, please, for Cameron's sake. We love you and miss you.

Dill, Cameron, Hamish and the bump! XX

Ty sat back with a sigh. What could he do to help her… to help Cameron… while he was so far away? He thought about it for a moment. He had an injury and wasn't cleared for the bridge. His wife was expecting a baby at any moment and one of his sons was experiencing emotional problems. Maybe he could ask for some leave on compassionate grounds. McQueen thought about it some more and decided the only thing to do was to show Glen the letter and hope he agreed.

Later that night Ross was in his quarters strumming his guitar waiting for McQueen to show up. At the sound of the knock on his hatch, he called for Ty to come in.

"Pour another one for me, Ty - I need it tonight." Ross said, not looking up.

"I do too." McQueen sighed, as he poured them both a drink. "I need to ask you for a favour, and I don't think you're going to like it."

Handing Ross the drink, he eased himself carefully into a chair, balancing his crutches against the side. "Here - read this. It's from Dill. I don't know what to do."

Putting the guitar down, Ross took both the drink and the letter. He slowly sipped as he read the missive. When he'd finished, he looked over at McQueen, who sat in the chair, a look of despair on his face.

"What do I do, Glen?"

"Somebody up there likes you, Ty." Ross said.

"And how exactly do you have that figured?"

"I got new orders today. We're headed back to Earth. I also got something else today too - I got notice that permission has been granted, on medical grounds, for Mrs McQueen, her two infant sons and her accompanying nurse to board the Saratoga, and to stay as long as I see fit. I'm to use my discretion." He chuckled at the startled look on McQueen's face. "She's arriving after Christmas. Can you wait that long? Look at it as a late Christmas present, or a New Year's one. And at least you'll have that damned plaster off."

"And to think here I was getting ready to plead my case for compassionate leave!"

"You know I would have granted it, Ty." Ross smiled.

"What would I do without you, Glen?" McQueen grinned at his friend. "With you watching my six, Dill need never worry about me again."

"I consider it a fair trade, Ty. You've watched my six often enough in the past. It's an honour to do the same for you."

McQueen just smiled at him as Ross once again picked up his guitar and began to play.


As the ISSCV doors opened, McQueen had a sense of deja vous. Only this time, he reminded himself, he knew his wife was hugely pregnant. His thoughts were disturbed by the sound of a child screaming. He frowned. It didn't sound like Hamish, or at least how he remembered Hamish sounding. Which meant it must be Cameron. Ty stepped forward hurriedly. He'd never heard Cameron screaming like this before. He was always such a placid little soul. Crying, yes… but screaming?

Dill appeared in the doorway, a purple screaming Cameron in her arms.

"Look, it's daddy!" she told the toddler. Cameron ignored her, his eyes tightly shut as he continued to scream hysterically.

"Hey Cameron, it's daddy." McQueen said, reaching to take the boy. For a brief second the toddler opened his eyes as he recognised the voice. But he closed them again and continued screaming.

"He's been like this ever since I had to use the bathroom a half hour ago." Dill sighed. "I think this crew will be glad to see the back of us!"

Hugging the screaming child to him and gently stroking his back, McQueen asked, "Hamish?"

"He's with Iona. He's fine." At his worried look, she laughed. "Don't worry - they came too. Iona wasn't going to let me gallivant around the universe again on my own!"

"Come on." he said. "I've had two makeshift cots made up in my quarters. It'll be a bit cramped, but let's see if some time spent with this little guy will calm him down." He quirked a smile over at Hawkes, who'd accompanied him to the landing bay. "Hawkes will no doubt enjoy showing Iona to her quarters, and he'll make sure your gear gets brought to mine."

Despite the screaming child in his arms, he felt immensely proud of his little family as he led Dill, now carrying Hamish, through the corridors to his quarters.

"Is he hungry?" he asked as they walked along. "Should we take them to the mess?"

"Probably. Stinky too, I expect. But that's not why he's screaming, Ty." Dill reached out to stroke her young son's blond hair, leaning to kiss the top of his head as they stopped outside the door to McQueen's quarters. "Oh, Ty, what am I going to do with him?" she said softly.

"You're going to sit down and have a rest. I'll see to their diapers and take them to the mess for some food." Ty grinned. "I'm sure Phousse will help me with Hamish. And then when I've fed them, Phousse can take Hamish back with her and I'll take this little man up to our observation room for a little one to one time. You can have a nap. You look worn out." he told her, trying to get Cameron to look at him.

"I am." she said in a small voice. "But before you do that, can I have a hug please?"

He looked over at her and saw that she was close to tears. "Oh, Dill." he murmured. Putting Cameron on the bed, he wrapped his arms around her and held her close. "I'm sorry that you had to deal with this all by yourself. I'm sorry I wasn't there, Dill."

She dissolved into tears in his arms and he pulled her down onto the bed, next to Cameron. The toddler had at last stopped screaming and was now only crying and watching his brother, who Dill had set down as soon as they entered the room. Hamish was thoroughly enjoying himself investigating this new place. Glancing at him, McQueen was glad he'd had the foresight to put away anything that the boys could damage or hurt themselves on.

"Come on Dill." he hushed her softly. "It's okay. You're here now. You don't have to do it on your own anymore. I'm going to help you. I promise."

His wife sobbed louder, and he began stroking her hair and talking nonsense to her, soothing her the way she had done to him after a particularly nasty nightmare. He kissed her forehead softly as her sobbing subsided.

"I'm sorry." Dill sniffed, rubbing her hand across her eyes.

"It's okay, Dill. If you can't let go with me, then why the hell are we married?" he comforted her, stroking her hair. "I know how hard it must have been for you for the past 6 months. Cameron like this…the new baby on the way and not hearing from me… not knowing if I was dead or alive. It's okay. You don't have to do it all alone now. I'm here."

Heaving a great sigh, she said faintly. "I'd forgotten how good it feels to have you hold me. I'm so tired, Ty. I can't deal with him when he gets like this. I get upset and it makes him worse."

"Get some sleep, Dill. I'll get the little guys fed and spend some time with Cameron. Then we'll put them to bed and get Iona or Phousse or someone to watch them for us. Then we'll go and have some dinner ourselves, go to the Tun and get you drunk, and then you can do a striptease for me!" he grinned.

She shook her head, smiling. "I knew it was a mistake sending you that disc! I'll bet you kept it, didn't you?"

"Of course." Ty grinned. "Now come on - get into bed while I get someone to help me."

He watched his wife fall asleep almost immediately while he called the 58th's quarters. Both Vansen and Damphousse straightaway offered to help him with the boys. While he waited for them to arrive, he changed both boys' diapers and tucked Dill in, dropping a soft kiss on her forehead. At the knock on his hatch, he opened it and shushed them, pointing to the sleeping Dill as they came in.

"Here." he said. "One of you take Hamish. Careful though - he's a hair puller."

Scooping Cameron up, he told him, "Come on, little guy - let's go get you fed. And we'll have a talk about your behaviour after you've eaten!"

He was rewarded with a smile and a very soft 'daddy', as much to the delight of the girls as to himself.

Ensconced in the mess, he sat with Cameron on his lap, while Hamish sat with Damphousse.

"I'll get them something to eat," Vansen told him, heading off. She turned back to ask, "What should I get them, sir?"

McQueen looked up. "They like mashed potatoes. See what the meat looks like. And some vegetables. I think they have enough teeth to cope with the mystery meat. Hamish certainly does, anyway." He bent his head to look at Cameron, who sat placidly in his lap. "How about you, little guy? How many teeth do you have? Open up and let me feel." He gently rubbed a finger around the toddler's gums. Cameron smiled at him and said 'daddy' as he did so. "That's me, little guy. I'm your daddy." he whispered to him. "And I'm not going anywhere for a while, so come on up here and give me a kiss." Ty helped the little boy stand on his lap and kissed him gently as the toddler wrapped his arms around his neck and snuggled up to him. "That's my boy. I'm sorry, Cameron. I didn't want to leave you, but daddy had to. Daddy has to keep you safe." He looked up at the sound of a soft cough, to see Vansen and Damphousse smiling indulgently at him. "Cameron's teeth will cope just fine." he told them.

"Excuse me for saying so, sir," Damphousse said quietly, as Vansen left to get the food, "but you're a natural with these boys. It's like we're seeing a whole new colonel." At his glare, she smiled. "Sir, it's lovely to see, but we won't tell, I promise. We couldn't have your reputation as a hard-nosed workaholic ruined now, could we?"

McQueen smiled. "I think that the fact I brought them here ruined that already." He nodded to where at least a dozen or so other diners were staring openly at him.

Damphousse laughed. "Scuttlebutt will have it all over the ship in 30 mikes. Colonel McQueen seen kissing a small child in the officers Mess! But don't worry, sir, no one will believe them!"

Vansen came back with two plates. "Well, the mystery meat today is apparently chicken, and I asked them to take out all of the bones. I think they thought I was mad, until they saw the boys, sir" she chuckled. "And there's jello for dessert. Do kids eat jello? I hated it as a kid."

"I still do." Damphousse agreed.

"Could you get them some spoons please, Shane?" McQueen asked. "They like to feed themselves, but we'll need some, too. About four should be enough."

"Of course. Sorry. I wasn't thinking." she said, getting up. Shane came back with not only spoons, but also two tea towels she'd asked the kitchen staff for.

"Bibs." she told McQueen. "To save their clothes."

There then followed an interesting half an hour as the girls helped Hamish with his food, making sure he ate as much as possible, while trying not to laugh at the way Cameron insisted on feeding his father at the same time as McQueen was trying to feed him. By the time both boys were finished, McQueen had food in his hair and all over his face from Cameron's hands and mouth, as every spoonful had been followed by a kiss for his daddy.

"Here, sir, let me clean you up." Vansen chuckled. "We can't have our CO wandering around with potato all over his face."

He glared at her as he submitted to having her wipe his face and head clean of food. Which made both girls laugh.

"That's the exact same look Hamish gave me when I wiped his face!" Damphousse smiled. "They are true McQueens, without a doubt."

"You only have to look at them to see that!" Vansen laughed as she finished cleaning him up.

"If you two have quite finished," Ty said firmly, "I'd like you to take Hamish back to your quarters with you for a little while, if you don't mind."

"We'd love to, sir. Coop will be beside himself, meeting Hamish." Damphousse grinned.

"That's because he's just a big kid himself!" Vansen chortled.

"Somehow I don't think Hawkes will be there." McQueen told them. "Iona's here too."

All three exchanged a knowing glance.

"He's really smitten, sir. She won't hurt him, will she?"

"I seem to remember you thinking the same thing about Dill." Ty smiled. "No, she won't hurt him. I spoke to her during my last leave. She really does care for him. He's a big boy though, ladies." he warned them. "He needs to learn about this by himself. Now if you'll excuse us," he said, standing up, "my son and I need to have a man to man talk about upsetting mommy, don't we, little guy?" He settled Cameron on his hip and leant over to ruffle Hamish's hair. "You be a good boy now. I'll see you later. I'll come by and pick him up in an hour. Is that ok?" At the women's nods, he added, "If you're really lucky, he'll take a nap. But please keep him away from your M-590's, and anything else he might hurt himself on."

"And here I was thinking we'd take him to play with the guns at the range" Vansen sighed, shaking her head as Damphousse laughed. "I think we can be trusted to keep him safe, sir."

"Of course you can. And that's why I asked you." McQueen mumbled, Cameron's hand in his mouth, feeling his teeth. "I'll see you later. Thank you, Shane… Vanessa." With a final nod, he turned and left, Cameron snuggled firmly against him.

The girls looked at each other, smiling.

McQueen took Cameron up to the small observation room that he and Dill had claimed for their own. Sitting down on one of the two seats, he sat the toddler on his lap. "Look, Cameron. Look out there - what can you see?" Ty pointed to the passing air traffic.

The boy looked out of the huge windows, fascinated as a group of hammerheads flew past.

"I used to fly those." McQueen sighed, hugging the boy to him. "This is where daddy lives, and this is what daddy does. This is why he can't be with you all the time. I would be with you if I could." he whispered, rubbing his face against the boy's soft blonde curls. "Just let us win this damn war, and I'm all yours, little guy. That's a promise."

He sighed to himself. It hadn't been that long ago that he and Dill had discussed that very issue - him leaving the military. Dill had told him that she would never ask him to, and he'd said that he never would. Shaking his head, he admitted to himself that now, feeling the way he did about his family, and with a daughter about to arrive, he could see the attractions of doing just that. The way things looked currently, he'd never even make a full colonel, let alone the General that Dill teased him about. Politics would never allow a tank to be a general in his lifetime. He also knew full well that his 'kids' deserved promotion, but had been held back because of their rescue of Vansen and Damphousse after the failed peace talks. But that had been 3 years ago. It was about time their efforts in this damn war were recognised.

A wet kiss on the cheek brought him out of his dark thoughts. "Do you know just how much I love you, little guy?" he asked him softly. "You, your brother and mommy too. And let's not forget your new sister when she comes. Who do you think she'll look like, eh? We want her to look like mommy, right? To have lots of mommy's lovely curly hair and her big blue eyes. I want you to look out for her for me, okay? You keep her safe. I want you be the best big brother any little girl could want. And no pushing her in the loch and telling her the monsters going to eat her." he chuckled, kissing the toddler back, stroking his hair and tickling him to make him giggle.

McQueen spent a thoroughly enjoyable half an hour making his young son laugh and smile, bringing back the happy smiling child he remembered. He promised himself that he'd take the two boys into the gym once a day while they were here, and let them have some rough and tumble with him, the way they had on the lawn when he'd been home.

"You've scared mommy, Cameron." he told him. "Now you want me to keep reading you stories, don't you? Well, I won't be able to if you don't stop crying for me all the time little guy." He hugged the small boy tight. "It's hard. I know it is. I miss you too, but daddy doesn't go around crying all the time. You have to deal with it and move on, like a good marine should. When your sister arrives I need you to be a good boy for mommy. She'll still love you. Don't push her away. Let her love you. But your baby sister is going to need mommy. I know Mommy's not me, but she'll always be there for you. I'll be out here, but that doesn't mean I don't love you. Everyone loves you, Cameron. Daddy does, mommy does, and even grandma does. I'll always come home to see you, but I can't be there all the time. I'm sorry."

He kissed the top of the boy's head. "I'll tell you what - when you're sad and you miss me, look out the window and tell the stars, and I'll come here every day and the stars, they'll tell me. And I'll tell them to let you know that I love you. Does that sound like a good plan? That's what mommy does, when she's feeling sad and misses me. She goes into the garden and tells the stars how much she loves me. It makes her feel better."

The little boy sat on his lap watching him intently, thumb in his mouth. McQueen could almost believe, from the intent stare that the toddler gave him, that Cameron understood every word he'd said.

"I know you haven't understood a word I've said, little guy." he sighed. "But you have to try. It's going to be real hard for mommy when the baby comes. The last thing she needs is you screaming all the time. You can do this, Cameron. We can sort this out, me and you." Again he sighed. "I just wish I knew how."

They sat together for a while in silence, McQueen holding him close as Cameron played with his dog tags. After a while he looked down as he realised he no longer felt any movement and saw that the toddler had fallen asleep. Cradling the sleeping child against his shoulder, he headed back to his quarters to see if Dill was awake yet.

When he got there he found that Dill's baggage had arrived, and the two makeshift cots had been replaced with two travel cots. Dill herself emerged from the shower, a towel wrapped around her. She smiled as he looked around him.

"They take up much less room, Ty, and the boys are used to them. Cooper arranged for some nice young lieutenant to take away the other ones and put these up for me." She sat on the bed and began to towel dry her hair.

"Just what I need." he smiled. "This little guy is sound asleep. He ate well, we had a long talk, and then he passed right out." He laid Cameron down in one of the cots and covering him with a blanket, kissed him softly on the forehead.

"It seems like forever since I last saw you do that." Dill sighed.

McQueen sat next to her on the bed, his hand running along her bare shoulders. "Ready for some dinner yourself?" he asked. "I'll go get Hamish. He must be ready to sleep by now. I'll find someone to watch them for us, and then, Mrs McQueen, you and I have a date." He pulled her head towards him and kissed her gently. "You are so damned sexy." he whispered. "I'd better go before I throw you onto that bed and make love to you right now."

"If I thought it wouldn't do Cameron any damage to hear the noises his daddy makes, I'd let you. But the state he's in, it'd probably scar him for life!" she grinned. "But I'll settle for a cuddle instead, and you can say hello to the baby. She's moving - feel her." She dropped the towel, exposing her swollen belly and taking his hand, placed it firmly in position. "Say hello to your daughter, Ty."

His face reflecting his delight. Ty gently kissed her stomach.

"Hello, Isobel." he whispered.


He looked up. "You asked me to think of names, and I thought Isobel was nice. Have you chosen one already?"

"I chose the boys names. It's only fair you should get to choose your daughter's." She ran her fingers through his hair. "Isobel McQueen… it's lovely, Ty. And you need a haircut, mister."

Ty pulled a face at her. "A haircut has been the last thing on my mind. Seeing you like this again puts other things in my mind. You are so sexy like this, Dill." he told her, stroking her stomach. "I want you so badly."

"I want you too, but we can't. Not here, not right now." she whispered. "Later, Ty. Go get Hamish. He needs you too."

With a sigh he stood up, his desire for her evident. "I can't, I can't go out like this."

"Think of nasty things." she giggled. "Stinky nappies… my mother… Amy!"

"Dill," he warned her, "that's not funny."

"Come here then." she smiled, as she reached to pull him back down. "Let me help you with that, flyboy."

He quickly found himself flat on his back as she straddled his hips, unzipping his flight suit. "Help me get it off you," she whispered, "and try not to make a noise. Put a pillow over your face or something."

McQueen gasped as he felt her hand on his bare flesh, slipping under the waistband of his boxers, gently stroking and massaging him.

"Help me here, Ty. Just shrug the damn thing off your shoulders, will you? And lift your hips so I can pull it down."

"You're sitting on my hips, Dill." he moaned as her hand began to pump him harder.

"Oh, yes." she giggled, climbing off him and tugging the suit and his boxers down.

Before he had time to react, he felt himself being sucked into her hot wet mouth. Grabbing a pillow fast, he groaned into it as he felt her tongue running up and down his length, swirling around the tip of his hard cock before she began to softly suck just the very sensitive head.

He clutched at her as he felt her begin to suck harder and faster. Unable to keep control after so long apart from her, his hips began to buck upwards, thrusting into her mouth as he mumbled incoherently into the pillow. Dill kept up her hard and fast suckling, as one hand slipped down to massage his testicles before a finger gently slipped inside him. The extra stimulation as she found and began to stroke his prostate, sent him over the edge and he filled her mouth, his body wildly bucking and thrusting upwards.

Licking her lips, she smiled up at him as he flung the pillow to one side trying desperately to catch his breath. "Feel more comfy now?" she chuckled.

He pulled her up to him. "My god, Dill." he groaned. "You are a bad, bad girl, and I love you very much."

"Good." she whispered. "Now go get Hamish before he outstays his welcome."

Clambering off the bed and pulling his clothing back up, he grinned at her. "Cameron is still asleep. Shall we forget dinner? I'll get Hamish, we can put him to bed and then you and I can have a little fun ourselves."

"I'm famished!" she cried. "I want that date you promised me - dinner and a drink, remember? After all, we missed Christmas together, and it's New Year."

"I remember." he grinned, zipping the suit up. "Get dressed then, and I'll be back in a flash."

True to his word, he was back with Hamish in less than 10 minutes, giving Dill plenty of time to dress.

"This little guy is asleep too." he whispered, laying him down in the second cot. "I had some trouble finding someone to sit with them. I forgot the 5-8 are booked in for time on the simulators tonight."

"Damn!" Dill said. "Iona! Did you ask Iona?"

"She's getting a tour of sickbay. So I now owe Glen a huge favour because he'll be along in a minute to stay with them."

"I'll send him some nice whiskey when I get home." Dill grinned. "He's a darling, he really is."

"He said he hopes you don't mind if he brings Rosalyn."

"Who's Rosalyn?" Dill asked, puzzled.

"His guitar." McQueen laughed. "He'll settle himself down and strum away for hours. It sends me to sleep often enough."

At that moment there was a knock at the door. Dill opened it, smiling. "Thank you, Glen. Thank you so much! I really appreciate this." She leaned up and kissed his cheek.

"Well, just so you know, if that child wakes up and screams the way I heard he did earlier today, you'll hear it over the ships intercom. And you'd better get your behinds back here fast."

"We will. I swear." Dill told him, dragging McQueen out of the door. "Come on, flyboy - where's that dinner you promised me?"

With a quick glance, and a fond smile at the sleeping boys, Ross settled himself on the bed and began to softly play his guitar.

They managed to eat dinner together in a fairly normal manner. They had just arrived at the Tun where the New Year celebrations were getting underway, with Dill pointing out that she would need to stick to water, when the ships intercom came on and the sound of screaming filled the air, followed by the commodore's voice.

"Colonel McQueen, report to your quarters at the double." Ross sounded so desperate that they both turned and ran.

The sight that greeted them almost made them laugh - Ross was pacing up and down, a panicked look on his face, Hamish in his arms crying himself puce, and Cameron standing in the cot, screaming for his daddy.

"Thank God you're here!" Ross cried as Dill took Hamish from him. McQueen picked up and soothed Cameron. "This one woke up first. He took one look at me and started howling. I managed to calm him down, and then that one," he pointed to Cameron, "woke up and said something about daddy." He glared at McQueen. "And then started screaming the house down. Which set the other guy off again." Ross looked at Dill with her swollen stomach. "And you're having another one. Dylan, you have my utmost respect and admiration. Ty, you don't know how lucky you are." he grinned. "Now if you'll excuse me, I think I need a stiff drink before my eardrums burst."

Ross grabbed his guitar and fled the room, reappearing a moment later to say, "We have a VIP suite with two bedrooms. I'm going to arrange for it to be opened up for you during the duration of your visit, Dylan." He looked around McQueen's quarters. "Trying to fit four of you in here is ridiculous!" And then he was gone again, leaving them staring after him.

It took McQueen a while to calm Cameron down. The little boy clung desperately to him as he sat on the bed, slowly undressing the toddler, until he wore only his nappy.

"Well, now that he looks a little cooler," Dill said rocking Hamish slowly as he, finally calm, fell back asleep in her arms, "I'd suggest that you strip off yourself and slip into bed with him."

"And where exactly will you be sleeping then? Because there's barely enough room for you and me, let alone Cameron too."

"We'll manage, don't you worry. We'll top and tail. Just for goodness sake don't have any nightmares and kick me in the belly!" she told him, laying Hamish down on the bed while she helped McQueen out of his boots and flight suit.

Once he was stripped to his boxers, she lifted the covers for him and he slid under. Cameron was clutched tightly to his chest, much calmer now that he had exactly what he wanted.

"I'll get Hamish undressed and then we'll join you." Dill smiled at him.

"There is no way in the world the two of you… hell, the three of you, Dill, are going to fit in this bed!"

"Oh, we can try. It'll be snug, I admit, but we'll be doing some family bonding. Look at it like that!" she laughed.

After undressing herself and Hamish, Dill slipped into bed with McQueen, giggling as he tickled her with his feet. "Stop it, Ty." she chided him. "My feet don't reach that far up your body. Although," she wriggled around for a moment, "they do reach some interesting places!"

They lay in the bed giggling, as the two boys finally slept in their arms.

Dill woke to the sounds of laughter. Opening her eyes, she saw McQueen laying on the floor, his two sons climbing all over him as he tickled them.

"Look boys, mommy's finally woken up." He smiled. "About time too, eh guys. Some of us are hungry here." he told her.

"You'll have more room to do that when we move to the new quarters." she yawned, stretching lazily. "Give me 10 minutes and I'll be ready for some breakfast too."

"Poor Glen" Ty laughed as the boys pulled at his ears. "What beastie boys you two are. Why didn't you sleep through and show him that really you're my angels?"

"One angel in the family is enough." Dill chuckled, stepping over them on her way to the shower. "Especially an angry one!"

"I must say, Dill, from this angle you look absolutely delightful." he laughed, watching her from where he lay on the floor.

"Give over, you fool! How any man can find someone the size of a house sexy is beyond me!" she laughed.

"Oh, but Dill, you are." he winked, getting up from the floor and shuffling over to her on his knees. "Even sexier than you were last time." He kissed her belly, gently stroking it. "This time you really do look like you're blooming. We really need to get these little guys settled, Dill, because I don't know how much longer I can control myself. I want you so badly."

"Oh, Ty." she whispered, running her fingers through his hair. "I want you too. Tonight, we'll have more room, and the boys will be in a room of their own. Tonight I'm yours, and you're mine. Do you think the kitchens have any raspberries? I'm feeling in a trifle kind of mood."

"If they don't, you might witness the classic 'McQueen pitches a fit' that frightens so many of the junior staff." He grinned up at her.

"So that's where Cameron gets it from, is it?" she laughed. "Do you go purple and rigid too?"

"Well, a certain part of my anatomy has been known to." he whispered suggestively.

"Tyrus McQueen! And you have the cheek to accuse me of unnecessary lewdness! Now come on - let me shower and we can all go and get some breakfast. You guys aren't the only ones who are famished." Dill kissed his forehead and strode into the shower, laughing as the boys both began to climb on McQueen again.

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