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Chapter 2

McQueen strolled down the corridor to Commodore Ross's quarters. God, he was tired. They'd had months of continuous fighting. At one point the allied forces had pushed further forward than they had ever dreamed, only to be beaten back by the enemies Super Hive ships, suffering catastrophic damage to their carriers. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you looked at it, the Saratoga had been the least damaged and had spent the past several weeks at the front holding off the enemy. Barely holding them off.

Feeling his shoulders drooping, McQueen forced himself straight. It wouldn't do to let people see him flagging. He had to continue to show them that if he could carry on then so could they, however hard it was. Fortunately it wasn't far to Ross's quarters, where he'd be able to collapse in a chair and not worry about showing how tired he was. He felt safe in the knowledge that Glen would pour him a drink and they'd talk about anything that wasn't the war. Or even better, Glen would strum that guitar of his and McQueen could just doze peacefully.

Knocking on the hatch, he heard Ross's voice calling him in.

"God, you look awful, Ty!" Ross said with a frown. "A good meal, a hot shower and some sleep are called for, I'd say."

Slumping into a chair, McQueen grimaced. "Well, I've had the hot shower. The meal though, as to whether it was good or not, I'd rather not say. And I've had a nap. So if I still look awful it's because I'm just bone weary."

"Here - drink. It'll make you feel better." Glen smiled at him, holding out a glass with a healthy measure of scotch in it. He noted worriedly the way the other man's arm trembled slightly as he reached for it. "Damn you man, you're exhausted. Why the hell don't you sleep occasionally?"

"I try, but it's the damned nightmares. I'm waking up two… three times a night. It's easier just to stay awake." Ty sipped slowly at his drink. "This is good stuff, Glen."

"It should be - it's what Dylan sent me." he grinned. "But the nightmares, Ty… I thought they'd eased off?"

McQueen rolled his neck, trying to ease the ache in his shoulders. "They did for a while, when Dill was around. But they're back with a vengeance. Only this time the damn AI's are torturing Dill and killing my boys, and I have to watch them do it."

Ross shook his head. "Unfortunately, Ty, that's the price you pay for having a family. Your subconscious will hit you where it hurts every time."

"Yeah? Well, it sucks." McQueen told him with a sigh. "Every mail call I get discs from Dill - discs of the kids asleep, or in the bath or just toddling around. God, Glen, how do you manage being away from Rhonda and the kids? It's tearing me apart."

"I know. I see it every time you step through my hatch. To tell the truth, Ty, it scares the hell out of me. You are the most controlled man I know, but to see you fretting constantly is damned unsettling. So I did something about it. You can shout at me as much as you want, but you'll do it anyway. As your commanding officer, I'm making it an order." He walked to his desk and picked up a sheet of paper.

Puzzled, McQueen took the paper and opened it. He started to read it and froze. Looking up he queried, "Leave?"

"Thirty days worth, my friend. Grandpa has the same. Turns out he hasn't taken any leave in over a year, so I arranged it with the commander of the Washington."

"But Glen, I can't. You need me here."

"Damn you, Ty, you know I do. But you're no use to me at the moment. You can't concentrate - your mind is with those boys. And you're in no fit state to do your job properly." Ross quirked an eyebrow at the way McQueen positively stiffened at his words. "Don't start that 'I can do my job perfectly well' crap with me. I know you too well. The Colin Powell is taking over for us at the front, now that it's finally repaired, and we've been ordered to pull back to re-supply. And, for once, to get damage repairs done now, not when it's far too late. You won't be the only one getting leave… just the only one getting so much of it." he grinned. "I checked the records, Ty. You've taken barely a third of your leave entitlement. So now you're taking 30 days and no arguing, or I'll tell Dylan on you!"

"Tell tale." Ty grinned back. "But seriously, how was I supposed to take leave in the middle of a furball? Don't you think if I could, I would have? God, Glen! I want to see Dill and the boys so badly it hurts, but I can't just take leave whenever I want."

"You don't have to justify yourself to me, Ty. I'm here. I know that. But you can and will take your leave now. Go get packed. I checked - you're off duty now. Your leave starts tomorrow at 05.30, so no one will miss you if you head out tonight. In fact, I've arranged for Dylan's father to come aboard in…" he checked his watch, "…oh, about 30 mikes. So scram. Get out of here and get packed. Bring me back some pictures of those boys of yours. Now go!"

Finishing his drink, McQueen stood. "Where would I be without you as my friend, Glen?"

"Well, one things for sure - you sure as hell wouldn't be married with a family. That day you took off from the beach house… Dylan would never have gotten to beat some sense into that thick skull of yours with out my help." He laughed. "Now stop standing there wasting time. Get out of here, McQueen, and that's an order!"

"Sir, yes sir!" McQueen grinned, and almost ran out the door.

In his quarters he packed his seabag as fast as he could, unable to keep the grin off his face at the thought of seeing Dylan again. God, but he'd missed her. He could feel his body responding at the mere thought of seeing her again. Stop that, he told himself. This is neither the time nor the place. Despite his best efforts though, his body was not to be denied. With a sigh, he headed into the shower to alleviate his discomfort, ashamed at not being able to control himself.

Twenty mikes later found him waiting in the landing bay for Dylan's father to disembark. The sight of the tall man smiling widely at him brought a small smile to his own face as he stepped forward to shake his hand.

"My god, McQueen, I swear those boys look just like you!" he said, clasping McQueen's hand in his and clapping him on the back. "Every new picture she sends me, the resemblance grows." Dylan Sr. pulled him in for a hug.

Aware of people staring at them, McQueen tried to maintain his air of authority. Hard to do when someone so tall is manhandling you, he thought. "Well, sir, the transport doesn't leave for Loxley for an hour… why don't we go get ourselves a drink in the Tun?" he asked from the depths of Dylan's chest. "We can leave our sea bags here."

"Good idea son, let's do that." Dylan said, releasing him. "And you can fill me in on all the details we didn't discuss last time, like how you met my daughter in the first place, and why you waited until after you got her pregnant before you married her."

With a resigned sigh, McQueen allowed himself to be led out of the landing bay.

Sitting in the Tun, McQueen found himself telling Dylan all about Dill's first visit to the Saratoga. About how he'd first seen her frightened face peering out from the transport, the talk in Ross's office where they'd discovered she had no idea what an invitro was, and the first play session with the foot painting. But Ty was reluctant to tell him about their relationship in any detail. It was, after all, their business and nobody else's, even if that somebody else was her father and bigger than McQueen.

"So," Dylan asked, "at what point did you know she was the girl for you?"

McQueen drank his scotch down in one gulp. "When I had to let her out of her quarters because she couldn't undo the door." At the older man's raised eyebrows, he smiled. "Don't ask me how she did it, but she managed to lock herself in all night. When I opened the door for her next morning, she was hunched up on the bed looking like she expected me to beat her." He shook his head. "And to be honest, I didn't know whether I wanted to laugh at her or kiss her." With a quick glance at the big man in front of him, he added, "I did neither. I took her to get some breakfast." Ty looked at his watch. "Hell, we better run or they'll leave us behind!"

The two men left their empty glasses on the table and ran through the corridors, arriving at the landing bay just in time. Grinning at each other, they threw themselves into their seats, laughing.

"Well, Dill would no doubt have killed us if we'd missed it!" Dylan chuckled.

"Actually, sir…" McQueen began.

"She doesn't know we're coming, does she?" Dylan shook his head. "Honestly, McQueen, the girl will skin you alive."

"I thought it'd be a nice surprise for her." McQueen said, with a wicked smile.

The two men spent the journey to Earth getting to know each other better. McQueen surprised himself with the amount of things he told Dylan. He found himself actually telling the man about his time in the mines - something he never did. Not even Dill knew what his life had been like then. But he suspected she understood far more than he'd ever told her. He listened while Dylan told him about Dill's mother, Moira, and how they had met. About how devastated he'd been to be sent off planet just after she'd told him she was expecting his baby. In turn, Ty told the older man about his relationship, or lack of, with Moira, and about how he perceived the relationship between Dill and her mother to be. They fell into an easy silence, as they sat, each man lost in his own thoughts.

"Sir?" McQueen spoke up. "It occurred to me that I've not told Dill we're coming, which means that Moira is going to be really ticked off when I get there. How the hell will she react to seeing you? I don't know if Dill told her she'd found you. I never thought to ask."

"No, she hasn't told her. I keep telling her she ought to, but that girl is as stubborn as a tank!" Dylan shook his head. "I can only imagine how she'll react. But I'm not going to be staying with you anyway, so you and Dill can bring the boys to see me. She need never know I'm there."

"No, son. You need time with Dill and your sons alone, just as she needs private time with you. What you don't need is me around. Thanks to the space net, a healthy bank balance and a last minute cancellation, I've managed to rent a place just outside Fort Augustus; otherwise I would have gratefully accepted your invitation. The two of you can bring those boys to see me. Hell, I'll even baby-sit for you!" the big man grinned. "That way I'll get to know my grandsons better."

"Well, I expect Moira will be around, so why not you?" McQueen reasoned, then quirked a small smile. "And you really must stop calling me son. After all, you're only what… 5, 6 years older than me?"

"Well, I've been out of the tank 29 years. That makes Dill what… 28?" At McQueen's nod, he grinned. "So how long have you been out?"

"Twenty-four years." McQueen told him. "Too long for you to call me son."

"You're Dill's toy boy!" Dylan laughed, loud enough to draw the attention of the other people on the transport. Then he saw McQueen's blush. "Oh, I'm sorry, but that is funny. And you're married to my daughter - that makes you my son-in-law. So I guess I'll just keep calling you son."

"Yes, sir." McQueen sighed, slumping in his seat.

"Look," Dylan said, leaning forward, "you don't like me calling you son. I don't like you calling me sir. You outrank me, for god's sake! I'm just a lowly Major." He held his hand up to stop McQueen speaking. "I know why you do - it's respect. I'm Dill's father. But it bugs me. So here's what we'll do - I won't call you son, if you don't call me sir, ok?"

"Calling you Dylan is just far too confusing." McQueen told him. "Sir is easier."

"Then call me Thomas - others do. So what do I call you? Ty? TC? What?"

McQueen thought for a moment. The only people who called him Ty were Glen and his wife, and Dill. And he knew they loved him as much as he loved them. Did he want to allow this man to call him Ty so soon?

"TC will be fine." he finally said.

"Ok, that's straight then. I'm Thomas, and you're TC. No more sir, and no more son." Dylan smiled.

"Yes si…Thomas." McQueen grinned.

McQueen was dropped off at the entrance to the Community, where Dill and the boys lived, with a quick wave to Dylan's father as he drove away. McQueen turned, and throwing his bag over his shoulder, headed through the large wooden gates, eager to see his family.

As he strolled through the pine trees, following the path he knew would lead him to Dill's house, he breathed deeply and enjoyed the fact that for once it was a beautiful sunny day. Every other time he'd been here the rain had been relentless. Ty smiled to himself - he couldn't wait to see the look on Dill's face. Hell, he couldn't wait to hold her in his arms and kiss her soundly.

Nearing the house, he heard laughter and the sound of childish chatter. Hurrying, he found himself confronted by a blonde haired child toddling around the side of the cabin. He stopped, realising that this was one of his sons. It took him only a moment to recognise that it was Cameron.

Dropping his bag and kneeling down, he smiled at the toddler. "Hey, Cameron." he whispered.

The big blue eyes stared at him for a moment, then a wide smile appeared and the boy launched himself at him, laughing.

"Cameron McQueen, just you get your little self back here, you monkey!" Dill's voice could be heard getting closer as she came after her son.

McQueen stood, holding his young son, who wasted no time in pulling at his father's dog tags. "Hey, Dill." he said as she rounded the corner.

"Ty!" she squealed, launching herself at him the same way her young son had done just seconds before.

McQueen pulled her in for a kiss, releasing her only when Cameron pulled his dog tags tight and said loudly, "Daddy."

Dylan stared the little boy. "Well, I should have guessed." she laughed. "The first word he says, and it's Daddy!"

"At least he knew who I was. Or does he say that to the postman too?" McQueen chuckled.

McQueen spent an entertaining afternoon getting to know his sons, catching up on all the things he'd missed. Much to Dylan's amusement, and McQueen's disappointment, Hamish had taken one look at the strange man smiling at him and burst into tears, running to be scooped up in his mother's arms. It had taken him lying on a blanket with both toddlers and reciting one of the stories he'd read onto a disc before Hamish realized who the stranger was. He immediately smiled and announced "Daddy!" at the top of his lungs, erasing the earlier hurt in McQueen's heart. Dylan had been forced to admit she'd been coaching him to say it for weeks.

After helping the boys with their dinner later that evening, Dill had announced that Ty was going to bath them too. After a moment's consideration, he had decided that it would be easier for him to just get in the bath with them, as all three were covered in food. Although he wasn't exactly sure how the food had managed to get into his hair.

After their bath Dylan wrapped the boys in towels and sat them on the floor. She leaned over McQueen as he sat, still in the bath. "God, Ty, what I wouldn't give to be able to get in there with you."

"Later." he grinned. "Once the little guys are asleep." Pulling her down for a kiss, he moaned as she reached to gently run her hand across his chest, rubbing his nipples to hardness. "God, Dill, I've missed you so much."

"And I've missed you." she mumbled as his hand slid under her shirt to knead her breasts. "I can't wait to get you alone."

"I've been dreaming of nothing else for months." he whispered hoarsely, as her hand slipped lower to gently stroke his stomach for a moment before disappearing under the water, making him gasp as she began stroking his hardening cock. "Oh god, Dill, yes." he moaned, moving his legs to give her easier access.

All further activities were pushed from their minds as Hamish started to wail, and Dylan turned to him. "Hamish McQueen! We have had this discussion before - if you insist on pulling Cameron's hair, he will bite you." She turned to McQueen, who lay back in the bath chuckling. "And you, flyboy, can get out of there and come read these two their bedtime story." At his raised eyebrow, she grinned wickedly. "This is where you learn all the fun parts of being a daddy. You do remember how to put on a nappy, I take it? And settle them to sleep? As I recall, you were damn good at it. So get your sexy butt out of that bath and come see to your sons, while I go see about something for us to eat."

With a grin, Ty climbed out of the bath, and wrapping a towel round his waist, picked up Hamish and headed out of the room, calling over his shoulder. "You bring Cameron and show me where you want them."

After dinner, they lay stretched out on a sofa in front of the blazing log fire that he had insisted on starting, both of them content for the moment simply to hold each other.

"How long do you have, Ty?" Dylan whispered, relaxing into his arms and enjoying the feeling of his body pressed against her.

"Well, with the 2 days travelling at each end, I've got 26 days before I have to head back." he told her, as he bent his head to kiss her hair.

"That long?" she whispered excitedly. "You'll be here for the boys' birthday! Oh, Ty, I'm so pleased about that. At least you won't miss every first thing they do. We missed you at Christmas. I asked Santa to send you home, but obviously I hadn't been a good enough girl" she laughed.

Realizing he needed to be sure to thank Glen again, he sighed, "If I could have been here, I would have. You know that, don't you?"

"Of course I do. I knew it would be like this, Ty, but that doesn't stop me missing you." She wriggled in his arms until she was lying on top of him.

"Will the boys wake up in the night?" he asked. "Or will we be undisturbed?" His hands slid underneath her shirt, stroking her bare back, before reaching up to undo her bra.

"Oh, they'll sleep through. Cameron loves his sleep, but Hamish will be awake at 5.30, demanding a little milk." Dill sighed as he began to edge her shirt up her body, trying to gain access to her breasts. "Let me just take it off." she whispered, climbing off him.

Standing in front of the fire, she slowly removed all her clothing before kneeling down and reaching for his pants. He eased his hips up as she slowly slid them down his thighs. His underwear followed. As she very slowly pulled his socks from his feet, he pulled his shirt over his head and flung it to the floor, reaching for her, to pull her back to him. The sight of her small firm body lit by the fire hardened his rising cock.

"Come here, Dill." he whispered. "I want you now."

"So I see." she chuckled, stroking his cock. She knelt on the floor next to him and slowly began to lick his length, swirling her tongue around the top while gently applying pressure with her hand to the base.

"Dill… " he groaned, reaching for her head, trying to thrust into her mouth. "God, Dill. It's been so long. I'll come really quick."

"That's ok, we have all night ahead of us." she told him before bending her head back to her task.

Sucking him into her mouth, she gently scraped her teeth along the sensitive skin, and sucked him hard. Holding his hips with her hands to prevent him bucking too much, she gently licked and suckled on him until he was writhing underneath her. His hands clenched her hair as he desperately tried to thrust as hard as he could into her mouth. Very gently she applied a finger to his tight opening, stopping as he moaned louder. She then started again slowly, but persistently, to stroke inside him, searching for just the right spot to make him come. It didn't take long. He was writhing and mumbling incoherently under her mouth as he finally began to buck upwards, his orgasm overtaking him and filling her mouth. She waited until he'd stopped thrusting, and sucking him clean, began to gently stroke his chest and stomach, following each touch of her hand with a kiss and a lick, until she'd worked her way to his mouth.

"God, Ty, I'd almost forgotten just how delicious you really are." she whispered before gently kissing him, her tongue seeking entry into his mouth.

Ty responded eagerly, sucking her tongue into his mouth, tasting every inch of her. He tasted himself on her mouth as his hands ran up and down her body. McQueen rolled from the sofa onto the floor, and pulling her down with him, began to kiss and lick at her neck and throat. His hands again found her breasts, kneading them and rolling her nipples in his fingers until they were hardened nubs. He stopped, feeling wetness on his fingers he looked down.

"It's milk, Ty. Hamish is still feeding a little in the mornings. It won't hurt you." Dill whispered.

He bent his head and began to lavish his attention on her breasts, licking and nibbling her nipples until finally he lowered his head and began to suckle. The sensation of his strong suckling made her shudder. Ty continued to suckle her whilst sliding a hand down her body to her hot wet centre. Slipping two fingers inside her, he matched his thrusts to each suckle on her breast, his fingers finding the right spot to have her moaning his name and thrusting her hips upwards as her climax built. He stopped suckling her breast just long enough for her to grab his head and try to push him downwards, before he resumed his attack on her other breast. Removing his fingers and positioning himself between her thighs, he pushed his length inside her easily, and began to build to a hard and fast rhythm as she wrapped her legs around his waist and urged him on, her hands kneading his firm buttocks, pushing him into her.

The combination of his suckling and the fast and furious pace they'd set soon had her shuddering uncontrollably as her orgasm hit and her body began to buck wildly up to meet his. The tightening of her muscles on his cock sent him over the edge shortly afterwards. Only then did he stop his attack on her breasts, slowly licking his lips, removing all traces of her breast milk. He gently stroked her shuddering body until she had calmed, and then gathering her into his arms, he carried her into the bedroom and laid her gently on the bed. Climbing in beside her, he pulled her to him, pulled the duvet over them both and settled down to sleep, while she snuggled into his arms with a contented sigh.

This time it was he who'd never been happier.

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