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Summary-Xmas Vignette. Pure fluff.

Rating/Pairing-PG ish. McQueen/Vansen-ish

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Xmas Vignette


Christmas 2064

Captain Shane Vansen of the 58th Wildcards was laughing quietly at something that her squadron mate and friend Lt. Vanessa Damphousse had said.

Lt. Paul Wang was standing a few feet away with one hand on the shoulder of each of the other two 'Cards; Lt. Nathan West and Lt. Cooper Hawkes. He was saying something that just they could hear. Something wildly inappropriate judging by his naughty expression.

They'd all had a bit more to drink than they probably should have; but, with no missions for at least the next 48 hours, they took the rare opportunity to truly relax.

The room quieted abruptly, then a snicker broke the stillness. Vansen looked at the door to see what had caused the peculiar reaction. Their squadron Commander Lt. Colonel TC McQueen stood in the hatchway. As all eyes focused on him, he stopped where he was and glowered back at the room at large

Vansen heard a woman near her whisper. "I'd go, if I didn't think he'd go off on me."

The woman with her replied, "Yeah, you know he doesn't understand human customs."

"I'd forgotten that he was a, well, you know."

"Tank? It's easy to forget when they look like that."

"Oh yeah."

Vansen heard similar murmurings around her.

And McQueen still stood silently, confused, just inside the hatch.

Vansen saw red. Without conscious thought, she was on her feet making her way to the Colonel, their squadron automatically following her lead.

McQueen looked startled at the sudden appearance of his "kids". "Is there a problem, Vansen?" He asked her.

"No sir," she answered as her eyes moved to something above his head. His eyes followed hers and that's when he saw the mistletoe.

"Ah, I begin to…"

His words trailed off as 'Phousse leaned up and planted a sweet little kiss on his mouth.

"Merry Christmas, Colonel."

"Merry Christmas, Vanessa." She smiled at him as she moved to make way for someone else.

Nathan shrugged, shook the Colonels right hand and gave him a dry peck on the cheek. "Merry Christmas, sir."

"Merry Christmas, Nathan."

Paul followed Nathan's example, handshake and then a chaste kiss on the cheek. "Merry Christmas, Colonel McQueen."

"Merry Christmas, Paul."

Wang moved to make room for Hawkes, who gave the Colonel a self-conscious kiss on the cheek, and a whispered, "Merry Christmas, Colonel."

As Vansen stepped towards him, McQueen didn't understand the defiant look she shot at two women behind her. She placed her hands on his shoulders, stood on tiptoe, and firmly placed her lips over his. The kiss, while not exactly chaste, wasn't over the line either, so the Colonel would have had trouble explaining why it had disturbed him so much.

When she moved back, he realized that his hands were resting on her waist, and released her. She smiled warmly at him. "Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas, Shane. And thank you."

"No, sir. Thank you. We were having a drink. Would you like to join us?"

"I would like that, Captain."

She smiled as they made their way back to the table where their drinks sat.


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