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This poem is purely fictional and legal property of J. Fry. The poem is not open for distribution or sale in either fanzines, ftp-sites or elsewhere without the permission of the author.

Wild Cards


Jessica Fry

They had no choice but to fight the war
Lest they lose their home
Five strangers brought together
They became our only hope

Shane became the Honcho
They looked to her to lead
She had no fear but on the AI's
It filled her nights with screams

Nathan was the King of Hearts
He searched both high and low
To find his true love Kylen
Alone to Tellus she'd gone

Vanessa needed direction
And joined the Corps to see
Where it would lead her
Find who she wanted to be

Cooper was only a child
In the body of a man
Angry, tough, courageous, brave
They looked to him to make a save

Paul, he was the quiet one
With a strong, fierce soul within
He gave his life to save the rest
In hopes the war would end

Five strangers brought together in war
They became close--a family and more
They were fighting for their lives
They were fighting for their home.

© Jessica Fry 1998

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