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Picture your worst fear. The most traumatic and terrible way to die. Suffocation…Fire…drowning…be stoned to death. I guess there is many ways to go.
Picture your last moments. Your friends dying all around you. You let your breath out and find painfully out that there is no air left. Your lungs are yelling for air. The world is getting darker. You know that you are gonna die, that you are never to see you parents again. Everything you wish you could tell them. Then the darkness is all around you and you know that this is it…

Aerotech Cryonic Sleep Base. Arizona, USA. 2060

Dr. Bunny W. Watson looked at the bulletin-board in the employee-room. She looked at the calendar. Today was the de-Cryonicsation of nr. 345. A female.

She walked down the hall. She loved seeing the men and woman from ages ago waking up again. It made her feel like death could be put to side. She quickly put on her clothes and opened the door. The other doctors where busy preparing the table for the woman.

"Dr. Watson! Just on time too" Dr. Franklin Potter said.

"Cool. Who is it today?" she smiled and walked over to the wall with the frozen bodies.

"A Lt. Anne Schjerven. Female, 19 years old. Suffocating. The brain is not damaged. I mean that they could have brought her back to life but you know how it was in 2007, Chaos!" he shook his head. "Great body by the way"

"Frank!" she laughed. "Be professional. She is old enough to be your mother"

"I know! Shall we?" he pointed at the wall. Bunny noticed a man in the corner. He was standing there, looking at them with his small blue eyes.

"Who is he?" she asked.

"Howard Sewell. Black-ops if you ask me. He is one of the high once in Aerotech," Potter muttered.

"Oh…what is it here to see?"

"He want's new requites for Black-ops. Right after InVitros, The Frozen once are the best. No family, no normal background" he informed her.

She nodded as they took the frozen body out of the shelf and took it over to the liquid that they used to de-freeze the Cryonic-patience. They took the body down into the liquid. "She should be waking up in about 10 minutes"

Sewell stepped out from the shadows. "Can I have a look?" he asked and looked down at the woman.

Her face was long and her neck fitted perfect with the rest of her. Her hair was cut short and her body was slim, with beautiful legs. After a few minutes she started to get some color. After eight minutes she started to wake up.

"Heartbeat normal. Breathing is good. She is waking up" Frank told Watson.

Sewell looked at them. "Go out. That's an order"

The two doctors looked at each other before stepping out. Sewell looked at the woman. As she started to mourn and opening her eyes Sewell grabbed her hand. "Hello."

Schjerven closed her eyes. She tried to remember but everything was so…"Lieutenant, You have been in Cryonic Sleep. You know what that is?"

"Yeah," she replied, her voice reduced to a reedy grasp, almost unintelligent.

"The year is 2060. You have been in sleep for 53 years. How are you feeling?" Sewell smiled.

"I have been asleep for 53 years. That means that my parents are dead, my friends are over 60 AND I am sitting naked in front of a sleazy guy," she remarked and laid her arms over her chest.

"My name is Howard Sewell and I want to offer you an deal. If you…"

"Go to hell. As long as there's an Army in this Earth I will be in it," she paused. "Get me a doctor or a nurse," Her voice got better as she started to talk. Anne slowly gathered her thoughts.

2060…that means that I have been asleep for 53 years. But, how? Why freeze me down? It's not like I am a sort of diplomat or anything. I am just a…wait a sec. I was a sergeant! Have I been promoted or something? And why the hell am I in America? I died in NORWAY! And why am I thinking in English?

The doctors entered with a blanked. They gave it to Schjerven and helped her up. Her legs gave up. "Fuck," she cursed.

"It's normal. It will take about 2 months before you are back to normal," Potter informed her.

Anne nodded. "All right then. Get my out of here."

6 months later, Military transport to Fort Nes, Norway

Anne looked out the window and down at the sea. All around her Norwegian Army personnel were busy with their own stuff. She smiled. It was good being back here.

They landed a few minutes later. Some people looked weird at her. They thought she looked to young to be in the army. After the Cryonic Sleep she had woken up looking like a 16 year old girl. She hadn't noticed that until a few days ago. Getting back into her army-way, she looked at the Sergeant standing next to her. Bremnes she read. "Are you related to a Maria Bremnes?" She asked.

The young man looked at her. "Yes, it's my grandaunt."

"What happened to her?" I asked, Maria had been one of my best friends.

"She was a lawyer in Portland until she retired and moved to Dallas."

Anne smiled. She didn't make it. She thought. One zero for me.

Walking light she entered the car pound, which now was an ISSCV-bay. She saluted the General. "Sir, Lt. Anne Schjerven reporting for duty"

"At ease, Lieutenant" the old general smiled. "Don't say that you don't know me…"

Anne looked at him. "Michael?! What the? You wasn't s'posed to become a…Oh my GOD!"

General Michael Nyquist smiled to his old classmate. Some people never changed. "Glad to have you here, Anne. I've missed you, we all did. Especially at Ivar's funeral"

Anne smiled at the thought about all her old teacher's death. Ivar could be glad to be dead now, or else she would have killed him. "Yeah, how many times did Maria yell Hoo-yah!?"

"Only 5 times," he laughed.

He guided her to the ready room. Then he closed the door. Anne stood there watching him. "What's wrong?" she asked.

"I…" he stopped. "We are not alone out here."

"What? Okay, this is a new one. You telling me that aliens exist" she laughed.

"I was abducted by them. They have been watching us, all the way from WW II. They have these…armours they use…I can't explain it," he stopped and looked at her. "You will understand later, they will come sooner or later. I just needed to talk with someone who knew me."

Anne stepped forward. "I believe you, Michael. But now I must get to my station…sir."

He hugged her. "Good to have you back."

"Good to be back."

Anne's assignment was as a Drill Sergeant. She drove the men and women harder than any other Norwegian DI. With the look of an hot girl she often shocked the young recruits.

2063, Nes Fort

"Listen up, assholes!" she walked to the end of the row of young men and women. "My name is Lt. Anne Schjerven, and I'm your drill instructor. Forget about mommy and daddy, now I'm your God. Whenever you think I'm not fair, or playing dirty, remember; I'm here to make sure that you can survive any war you may come out for. The First and last word that comes out of your ugly mouths will be sir! Do you read me?"

"Sir, yes sir!"

"Yes ma'am," a young man said.

Schjerven walked forward. "Ma'am? Who do you think I am? Some old woman from Oslo? Get this CFB, no ma'ams in this area!"

"Sir, yes sir!"

"That's better and…" she stopped as she heard the signal. "Everyone to the O room. MOVE IT!" she ran towards the O-room with a tail of young Cadets after her.

She would read the faces of every men and women in the room. General Michael Nyquist stood up. "Ladies and Gentleman…my fellow soldiers. For just a few short hours ago the Tellus-colony was attacked and destroyed by a alien specie. We also found out that the Vesta colony was destroyed. We are missing 25 colonists. We think they are POWs. It's official, we are at war."

The room froze. Schjerven looked at Nyquist. He was right. The CO stood up "All right, people. My condolences to those who had friends or family on those colonies. But now is the time to fight. Let's get those bastards."


Anne stood in the room. She walked to her Commanding Officer. "Sir, I wanna be in this war."

"Schjerven…you are the best drill instructor who's ever been in North Norway. We need you to prepare the people for this war." Colonel Simonsen looked at the young girl.

"Sir, with all due of respect. I can do more out in a war than back on Earth!" she put her hand on her hip.

"Schjerven. We need you here," the Colonel muttered.

Anne nod. "Aye, sir"

She walked out angrily. The next year she used training young men and women for battle. Many men looked at her. But she turned down any offer and kept on trying to get out in the Battle. Then she got a note.

"Lieutenant, this came to you from HQ"

Anne took the note and quickly she read trough it. "Lt. Anne Schjerven will report to duty on the USS Saratoga, in the 58th squadron after a meeting with General Secretary Diane Hayden"

Surpressing a Hoo-rah Anne walked to get packed. 5 Hours later she sat in Hayden's office. "Lt…I want you to deliver this not to Captain Nathan West"

Anne nod. "Yes, Madam President. But ma'am, I have a question."

Diane smiled. "Go ahead, Schjerven."

"For one year I have asked to be transferred to space, why am I now being sent to one of the Earth Forces best starships, and a Marine-squadron?"

Diane took up a glass of vine. "Because, Schjerven. You are one of the best. And I owe the 58th squadron the best. As you know the 58th squadron lost Lt. Paul Wang only…a week ago. And not everyone can work with an InVitro…and not everyone can work with a Cryonic Sleep patient."

"I see, ma'am. Thank you, ma'am," Anne said politly as she was shown to the door.

Sitting on the ISSCV her fears came back. Who were these people in the 58th? Who was that Colonel TC McQueen? What could she do in a Marine-squadron?

"We are approaching the USS Saratoga. All personnel get ready to step out."

Anne took her dufflebag. Smiling to the young Navy sitting next to her she stood up. He smiled back. She took her hand trough her hockey-style hair, just as she had done at least 100 times since she sat on board the ISSCV.

When she stepped out she was met by an beautiful German woman. "Ma'am? This message came to you from the Commander."

Schjerven smiled and took it. "Bedankt."

The woman looked at her for a moment, wondering if this was the right girl She had been told to give the note to an Norwegian woman who came with the ISSCV from Earth in loading bay 6. But this girl spoke Dutch…

Schjerven looked at the note. "So McQueen can't meet me…then I'll just go to the 58th's quarters. Can you tell me where it is, Ensign?"

Lorentzen smiled. "Yes, ma'am. Just go to the 14 mid-deck and therefrom to the sign where it stands The 58th squadron."

"Thank you," Anne said and walked in direction her new life.


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