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A drabble for Lily_cat

Mission Accomplished


For a short moment the young tank drew in a deep breath before he stood up from behind his cockpit on the Flightdeck. He knew what was coming and as easily as he could have avoided the following altercation, he had ignored the signs and just done it.

"Yes, Vansen?" he asked sheepishly as his Captain stood in front of him, intimidating him even though she was a good head shorter. With an internal sigh, he ducked his head, his whole demeanour an image of pity.

"What did I tell you, Hawkes?" Shane demanded.

"Uh-oh," Cooper replied, looking sheepish.

"Don't uh-oh me, Hawkes! You know what you did. And you did it on purpose!"

"Hey, Shane, gimme a break ..."

"A BREAK??" His Captain's voice turned a tad shrilly. "I'll give you a break. You left your half-eaten Chili MREs in my locker again. You will never eat Chili MREs in your life again! From now on you are on a Macaroni & Cheese diet!"

With a huff of indignation, Shane turned around and stalked out of the hangar. Hawkes turned around and chuckled. He had known Shane would threaten to eat his Chili MREs. She thought she would punish him by eating them, but the fact was he hated them.

"Mission accomplished," he whispered under his breath and grinned.

- end -

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