Original Air Date: 11th February 1996
Written by: Glen Morgan and James Wong
Directed by: Henri Safran
Edited by: George R. Potter

This transcript is taken from the initial airing on the Sci Fi channel. Transcription by Sue, begun - March 2002, Finished - April 2002.

Enclosed in {} are parts where it is hard to hear the dialogue and I've given it my best guess. (These parts have been checked using the closed captioning but that did not help. If you have suggestions let me know at swanage@rocketmail.com )

Enclosed in [] is dialogue that was apparently deleted.

In this episode McQueen recites an edited passage from Homer's Iliad as translated by Richmond Lattimore. The transcript is punctuated as McQueen speaks it. I have included the full text of the original passage at the end of this transcript.

When I needed to do some checking on various details related to this transcript I used the Space:Above and Beyond Ready Room at http://www.space-readyroom.de/

A wonderful resource!

We hear McQueen's voice as we watch him working out. We see him climbing ladders, running through the ship and doing chin-ups on the flightdeck.

McQUEEN'S VOICE: I don't give a damn, for destiny. Anyone worth a Chig's ass will take responsibility for asking themselves, then answering, 'Who am I?' and 'What's the point?' My name is Colonel Tyrus Cassius McQueen but I know nothing of who I am. The answer ... I feel ... is near. The defining, perhaps, final moment ... is close. Everyone, everyone, ...

Cut to McQueen, in a different uniform, walking around the flightdeck.

McQUEEN'S VOICE: ... in this life knows ... when the moment is before them. ... To turn away ... is simple. To ignore it ... assures survival, ... but it is an insult to life ...

Cut to McQueen training again, this time he's doing sit-ups.

McQUEEN'S VOICE: ... because there can be no redemption, no second chance. Beyond death, there's nothing, ... just darkness ... and cold.

Cut to footage, from Never No More, of the 42nd squadron being destroyed.

McQUEEN'S VOICE: The instant his existence is confirmed, ... every action, ... every breath of my life ...

Cut to McQueen training again, this time he's doing press-ups.

McQUEEN'S VOICE: ... become horrifyingly clear.

Cut to footage of the alien fighter

McQUEEN'S VOICE: He's out there tonight, ... sending our women, our men, to that cold dark place.

Cut to McQueen training again, this time he's doing sit-ups.

McQUEEN'S VOICE: And nothing, nothing, will stop him ... until I face ... the moment.

Cut to McQueen doing push-ups.

Opening credits

A shuttle approaches the Saratoga.

FIRST MALE VOICE: This is A.P.C. four-three-seven-niner requesting clearance to land.

SECOND MALE VOICE: Four-three-seven-niner this is 'toga control, you're cleared to land on ten-five.

FIRST MALE VOICE: Roger, thank you, 'toga.

After landing, Sewell exits the shuttle accompanied by armed military guards. He carries a metallic case that is handcuffed to his wrist.

Cut to the inside of the shuttle as the exit is latched shut. We look around inside the shuttle and see the shape of a hand through a semi-transparent part of the ceiling.

Cut to a corridor. Sewell, with his escort, make their way to a briefing room.

ROSS: Mr. Sewell.

Sewell places the case on a table at the head of the room. One of the escort unlocks the handcuffs.

ROSS: You men wait outside.

The escort leaves the room.

SEWELL: Aerotech anticipated his emergence. But never this quickly.

Sewell presses a key on a keyboard and displays an image on a screen.

SEWELL: Now we concur with naval intelligence reports that the existence ... of this advanced alien fighter jeopardises any further development of Operation Round Hammer. There can be no massive offensive until it is destroyed.

BRODEN: Destroyed? We sent fifteen squadrons after it at one time.

??GENERAL??: And only thirteen came back.

??CIVILIAN??: We don't have the means to destroy it.

SEWELL: But they do. ... This material was secured ...

He opens the case.

SEWELL: ... on the Kazbek mining colony during the 58th Squadron's rescue extraction. At the company they call this Sewell-fuel, and for the record, it is the property of Aerotech Industries.

He takes a sample of the fuel out of the case.

SEWELL: Simply put, it's organic ore which can only have been manufactured in the unique factory of the planet Kazbek, forming ten billion years ago. Refined correctly, it becomes a living complex system fuel perpetuating itself, creating more energy than it expends. The amount in my hand could power the Saratoga for a decade. Most importantly, the exhaust is clean, thermal temperature is negligible, point-O-one-five microns. That is, primarily, what keeps the enemy invisible to our infra-red sensors.

ROSS: We have one of their bombers. This is not what fuelled it.

SEWELL: Evidence indicates that the enemy only recently developed this process.

Sewell returns to the table.

SEWELL: That's why there is only one alien Red Baron ... for now.

??Civilian?? stands and walks around McQueen.

??CIVILIAN??: We need to develop a jet that can run on this stuff.

BRODEN: That would take years.

Broden stands and moves behind the others seated at the table.

BRODEN: Meanwhile this prototype craft could become the enemy's standard attack jet.

SEWELL: There may not be time to develop a plane but there is time for a missile.

Sewell brings up a schematic drawing on the screen.

SEWELL: Imagine the force of a complex perpetuating explosive.

BRODEN: How many missiles can you build?

SEWELL: After refining we can only make one. Meanwhile you have to prepare a plan on how to take it to them.

Cut to the Tun Tavern. Damphousse and West are playing Hawkes and Wang at Chig fooseball.

WANG: Coop!

West and Damphousse score.


Damphousse and West slap hands in celebration.

HAWKES: That was off-side.

WEST: Off-sides?

WANG: The players move back and forth.

WEST: Give it up Coop, you suck.

HAWKES: Drop the ball, Chig-lover.

The game begins again and again Damphousse and West score.


Cut to Winslow and Vansen, seated together at a table.

WINSLOW: I applied three times and waited six months, to get a pass to the zero-gravity chamber, thinking, you know, in that time I'd find {some guy who cared} enough to go in there with. ... My appointment's tomorrow and I've got nothing.

VANSEN: Winslow, please, sex is the last thing on my mind.

WINSLOW: Really? Well, according to the flight crew, if you don't get it once every three days you go crazy.

VANSEN: Break out the straight jacket.

McQueen enters and the two women watch him.

WINSLOW: I kinda have a thing for the Colonel but ... you know that, navel thing on the back of his neck, I don't know, I think I'd be disorientated.

VANSEN: Winslow, McQueen is our commanding officer, ... it's against regulations for him to be with you. Besides, I don't think that he's ever had anything in his life but the Corps. ... Kelly!

Winslow goes over to the bar and sits a little ways away from McQueen.

WINSLOW: Evening, Colonel.

He acknowledges her.

WINSLOW: Can I ask you a question? ... How long have you been in the Corps?

McQUEEN: Dime and a nickel.

WINSLOW: Never married?

McQUEEN: I've been married.

She moves down the bar a little closer to McQueen.

WINSLOW: You flew with the Angry Angels, huh?

McQueen gives her a look.

WINSLOW: They're legends. ... Ever been in a zero-gravity chamber?

McQUEEN: Yeah.

WINSLOW: Or tried the one on the Saratoga?


WINSLOW: Would you like to?

We can hear how things are going with the Chig fooseball from across the room.

HAWKES: Man, this is jaked, huh?

Hawkes kicks the machine.

WANG: Get out of here. I'm trading you. (across the room) Hey, Colonel, come on I need a new guy on my team.

McQueen stands and walks over to Wang and gets right in his face.

McQUEEN: Guy? ... What, do you think, we're back on the block smokin' and jokin'? Hear this loud and clear, marine, I am not your guy. I am not your Jo. I'm not your damn drinking buddy. ... (to Winslow) And I'm sure as hell am not a mark in a singles bar. (to the room) You hear this C.F.B. I am not here to make friends. When this war ends ...

He moves around the Chig fooseball machine.

McQUEEN: ... (to Damphousse) and you go back to raising money for charity, (to Wang) and you're eating dogs at Wriggly, (to West) and you go back to Mayberry, (to them all) I'm still going to be out here ... waiting for the next one. That's why I'm here. That's what I'm good for.

McQueen storms out shoving the door open aggressively.

Cut to McQueen's quarters. The camera pans around the room as we hear McQueen's voice. Among other items we see a copy of the Iliad, a calligraphed wall hanging, tools to paint Chinese characters, china figurines and a medal in a shadow box. There are many books on a bookshelf. On the desk, where McQueen sits, we see the Air Combat Maneuvering and Weapons Systems manual and a photograph of McQueen, in uniform, with a woman.

McQUEEN'S VOICE: Looking darkly upon Hector, swift-footed Achilles answered: 'I cannot forgive you. ... As there are no trustworthy oaths between men and lions, there can be no love between you and me. One or the other must fall before then to glut with his blood, Ares the god who fights under the shield's guard. Remember, every valour of yours, for now the need comes hardest upon you to be a spearman and a bold warrior. There shall be no more escape for you. You will pay in a lump, for all those sorrows of my companions you killed, in your spear's fury.'

Cut to a briefing with the senior military.

McQUEEN: In summation, gentleman, my proposal is to flush out the bogie via the use of a diversionary squadron, whose rules of engagement are to turn tail and run. While an S.A.43 equipped with the Sewell-fuel missile, executing a forward-quarter intercept, rises from behind cover of the retreating squadron, fires the missile and terminates the enemy target.

BRODEN: Outstanding, Colonel. Outstanding.

McQUEEN: Thank you, sir.

??GENERAL??: Now, if we can only find this Chiggy von Richthofen.

ROSS: Intelligence is combing every known sector.

McQUEEN: Gentlemen, if I may?

BRODEN: Go ahead, Colonel.

McQUEEN: It would be the most glorious honour of a long military career ... if this Colonel was assigned, as pilot of the intercepting S.A.43.

ROSS: Colonel McQueen, your flight status is grounded.

McQUEEN: Yes, sir, this is due to the surgical insertion in the inner ear of a myoelectronic feedback device to counter vestibularoccular nerve damage sustained in battle, sir.

ROSS: Then you know, as well as anyone, that an M.E.F. device can not withstand the G-Force demands placed upon an attack jet pilot.

McQUEEN: I'll take that chance, Sir.

ROSS: Chance?

Ross gets in McQueen's face.

ROSS: Colonel, even if the device in your thick skull does not full out erupt during A.C.M., it would at the very least stress your temporal lobe to the point of loss of consciousness, seizure and death. ... I refuse to hand the Chigs a gimme.

McQUEEN: Then I will have the device removed, sir.

ROSS: You'll be vomiting every five steps.

Ross moves away from McQueen.

McQUEEN: Gentlemen, if I commit to the procedure of having the M.E.F. device removed, pass the physical requirements and achieve approved flight status, will I be assigned?

Broden stands and walks around McQueen.

BRODEN: Colonel, this is the single most mission of the war.

McQUEEN: (to Broden's back) That's why I should be the one to fly it, sir.

Broden turns and faces McQueen.

BRODEN: Prove to me you're fit to fly, and you can fly.

McQUEEN: Thank you, sir.

Cut to the entrance to a secure area. Sewell has his eye scanned and the door opens. He enters the room where three engineers are working on the missile.

SEWELL: Feels good in here.

MALE ENGINEER: The room is oxygen rich. It expedites refining of the Sewell-fuel. If you're wearing a metal watch or ring please remove it to minimise the possibility of micro-spark.

Sewell claps his hands together.

SEWELL: The refining process was nominal?

MALE ENGINEER: Yes, Mr. Sewell.

SEWELL: Then it's ready to go?

MALE ENGINEER: I'm inserting the blast fragmentation warhead now.

SEWELL: This missile will change the nature of the conflict. ... The war will no longer be fought over galactic territory but over Sewell-fuel.

The missile is put together. There's an explosion and flames erupt.

SEWELL: Open the door! Open the door!

Sewell bangs on the door as his clothing catches light. He tries the latch but it won't open.

SEWELL: Help, help me! Open the door.

There is screaming.

A briefing for McQueen and Ross as to the cause of the explosion.

FEMALE INVESTIGATOR: I believe it was sabotage. Note the flash point at the side of the warhead where presumably, Mr Sewell and the engineers were working.

On screen we see images from the fire.

FEMALE INVESTIGATOR: Now, before this area in the radome, we found faint traces of petroleum distillate thinly coated on the missile seeker unit. Now, the warhead contained a laser-ranging proximatey fuse. Even minute heat from the laser would have ignited the petroleum distillate. And in the oxygen rich environment, the engineers had been maintaining, a microscopic spark would be as good as a flame thrower.

ROSS: Thank god the damn thing didn't cook off.

FEMALE INVESTIGATOR: The warhead's not built that way. Just a fire wouldn't set it off. In fact, being in the protective casing of the warhead, the Sewell-fuel was unharmed.

McQUEEN: This, petroleum distillate, could it have leaked from another part of the weapon?

FEMALE INVESTIGATOR: No, sir, the liquid substance is not used in the construction of the missile, it was placed there. In fact, with a chemical breakdown analysis, I traced the material directly to a can of lubricating oil in Saratoga's engine room, number three. Someone aboard the Saratoga tried to sabotage the weapon.

Cut to a corridor, Winslow approaches McQueen's quarters. She can hear music coming from inside. She knocks on the door. There is no reply. She knocks again.

McQUEEN'S VOICE: Who's at my hatch?

WINSLOW: Sir, it's Lieutenant Winslow, sir.


She enters and first notices a photographic image of the alien fighter. McQueen has his back to her and he's looking out the window. He's wearing a vest with no shirt. She closes the door.

WINSLOW: Sir, the Lieutenant wishes to express her .... Can you hear me?

He stops the music.

WINSLOW: Sir, the Lieutenant wishes to express her most sincere apologies for her actions last evening. ... Sir, the Lieutenant has the utmost respect and admiration for the Colonel and regrets ... any words or actions which might have insulted the Colonel's honour. ... Colonel McQueen, I'm sorry.

McQUEEN: Apology, accepted.

He turns and moves across the room.

McQUEEN: Will there be anything else, Lieutenant?

WINSLOW: Sir, the Lieutenant has ... observed recently inordinate bahaviour by Colonel McQueen ...

He moves books around on the bookshelf.

WINSLOW: ... and realises that due to circumstances, or by design, the Colonel has no one with which to ... communicate his feelings.

He turns and moves to the desk and takes hold of the photo of himself with a woman.

McQUEEN: It's by design, Lieutenant, but not mine.

WINSLOW: Is she still alive ... sir?

McQUEEN: She lives in a town called Wilkes-Barre. That's in Pennsylvania.

WINSLOW: And she's on your mind?

McQUEEN: She is ... a bit. My life with her is ... (puts down photo) a lot.

WINSLOW: [Children?]

There's a pause.

McQUEEN: I'm unable to have children.

He turns his back to her.

McQUEEN: War wound.

WINSLOW: But it's 2064. There are other ways ... I mean you're an invitro, you were born through artificial reproduction.

McQUEEN: She wasn't. (sighs) Before we married I tried to tell her what it would be like to be with a tank. ... But hearing it isn't feeling it. Finally, she just couldn't take it any more. The horrible things people would say. The hateful actions people would take against me ... I think she felt were directed at her. She came to me one day ... and said she would not conceive a child by any artificial means. She would not subject her child to those words... those feelings.

WINSLOW: But the child wouldn't have been an invitro. Artificial insemination has been around for a century.

McQUEEN: She knew that. She knew I knew it. ... I'd liked to have been a father. But I believe in asking myself, then answering, 'Who am I?' That wasn't the answer. ... Thank you for your apology, Lieutenant.

WINSLOW: You're welcome, Sir.

Winslow turns to leave.

McQUEEN: And your concern.

Winslow leaves. McQueen writes on the image of the alien fighter, 'Who am I?'

Cut to the research laboratory.

VOICE ONE: {Engaging the glass fragmentation ...}


VOICE ONE: Checking arming circuitry.

ENGINEER ONE: Yeah, this puppies a go.

ENGINEER TWO: Okay, shut it down.

Cut to Command Centre.

CREWMAN: Sir, I'm reading an unauthorised access to the fourteenth mid-deck ventilation system. It's preceeding towards that deck's research laboratory.

ROSS: Master-at-arms

Cut to research laboratory. There's a creaking noise.

ENGINEER ONE: What was that? ... You hear that? Sounded like something was coming from the ceiling.

Cut to M.P.s running through corridors.

Cut to research laboratory. The missile begins to flash 'armed'.

ENGINEER ONE: The missile's gone hot! It's been radio activated.

Cut to Command Centre.

CREWMAN: The intruder's proceeding away from the laboratory on the fourteenth deck, towards the 58th's quarters.

Ross crosses the room and starts a red alarm.

ROSS: (into intercom) Five-eight, this is the Commodore. Security alert. Security alert.

Cut to 58th's quarters. They all jump out of their bunks.

Cut to Command Centre.

ROSS: Intruder on the fourteenth mid-deck.

Cut to research laboratory. Alarms are going off. The room is lit by a blue light.

ENGINEER ONE: It won't go cold. The control's been overridden. ... What ever turned it on has to turn it off.

Cut to Command Centre.

CREWMAN: Turning right into passageway zero-niner.

Cut to corridor. 58th run down the corridor.

Cut to Command Centre.

CREWMAN: It's gone. That's impossible. It must be a detector malfunction.

Cut to 58th in corridor.

VANSEN: They lost him. We should each take a hallway.

Hawkes glances out the window.

HAWKES: Out there.

Vansen and Wang look out and see a figure walk to a shuttle.

Cut to Command Centre.

CREWMAN: Sir, the ISSCV on flight pad ten is being commandeered by an unidentified tango. Pilots' lives in extremis.

ROSS: Pull that bird in now.

Cut to the flight pad being lowered.

MALE VOICE: All clear loading bay five.

Cut to the 58th entering the loading bay with their weapons drawn. They open the shuttle door and throw in a stun grenade.

MALE VOICE: {Let's go.}

The 58th enter the shuttle and search it. They hear a shot-like sound and in response throw another stun grenade into the cockpit and then enter. They find the pilot and co-pilot dead. They've been shot in the forehead.

Cut to research laboratory.

ENGINEER ONE: Commodore, we have a minute before this thing blows.

Cut to Command Centre.

ROSS: Evacuate the fourteenth mid-deck.

Cut to research laboratory.

M.P.: Let's go people, move it. Let's go.

M.P.s lead staff out of the laboratory.

Cut to shuttle.

VANSEN: We don't find this guy in about a minute we're all going to be dead.

They continue to search. They decide to check under the deck. When they pull up the floor they discover an intruder.

ELROY: Olly, olly, oxen free.

Vansen grabs the remote from his hands and turns off the missile.

ELROY: Ooooh ... did I do something ... bad?

An interrogation room. Elroy is tied up.

ELROY: I'd like to speak with an attorney. ... We artificial intelligence types have rights too, you know. Silicates got what you call your Napoleonic Code, which states that the accused is innocent until proven guilty.

Wang shows Elroy the remote.

ELROY: And that is?

WANG: It was on your person. ... On your clothes we found remnants of the oil used as accelerant on the missiles in the fire. And when that failed you stole this radio-controlled device and turned it into a detonator, using electronics, from your own body.

Wang places the remote on the table.

ELROY: Clearly, gentlemen, a frame up job is in progress.

McQueen grabs a chair and moves it around the table.

McQUEEN: You see we biological life forms got what you call your, um, eye for an eye.

McQueen places the chair by Elroy.

ELROY: Yes, yes, I've read about that.

McQueen walks around to the other side of the table.

McQUEEN: It states that an act, say, of ... terrorism ... or murder, is met with an equal act.

ELROY: I have the uneasy feeling that you gentlemen are unfamiliar with the Ho-Chi-Minh City Convention of 2054. Under declarations relating to artificial intelligence prisoners of war, article two paragraph four states ...

McQUEEN: Nothing that means a damn in this room.

ELROY: How ...

WANG: You didn't seem to care about the H.C.M.C. convention when you tortured me at the kazbek penal colony.

ELROY: Why do you malign me so? Oh! I see. Of course. Oh, gentlemen, this has been one huge mistake. You see that wasn't me. That was an entirely different Elroy-el model. Yes, that boy Elroy did some very bad things.

McQueen sits.

McQUEEN: As I heard it ... it was with this.

McQueen undoes the top of the silicates left forefinger, revealing the tool underneath.

ELROY: A silicate feels no pain.


McQueen draws his chair closer. and directs the tool towards Elroy, pressing it against the silicate, shocking him.

McQUEEN: How did you know? How did you know? Elroy shakes his head. His tongue pokes out. McQueen makes sure contact is made again, inflicting another electric shock.

ELROY: No, no, no, no, no, okay, okay, okay. The Chigs knew that you had taken some ore from kazbek. They were very angry with us, so they sent me to destroy the missile to make it up to them. They are ... firm, yet fair.

McQUEEN: How did the Chigs know about the missile?

ELROY: Oh. They are very experienced at watching you. Yes. They've done it for a very long, long time. Oh. You wouldn't believe how long. They know about your ... big plans. Your massive offensive. Yes. Ah, but their alien fighter will take care of that. That's the main reason they sent me, you know? To assure that the missile wouldn't interfere with the development of their new plane. They nearly have all the kinks worked out. And soon they'll come at you with nothing but alien fighters, like him. You're gonna get your asses kicked. And then, tank ... it'll all be over. You lose. And because we're allies with them ... we win.

McQUEEN: Lieutenant, leave the room ... leave the room

Wang stands.

WANG: Sir, regulations state that the prisoner must be overseen by at least two personnel at all ...

McQUEEN: Leave the room, Lieutenant.

McQueen screws back on Elroy's finger. Wang leaves the room. McQueen pulls out a knife. Stands, one hand on Elroy's shoulder, holding the knife in front of Elroy's face.

McQUEEN: Where is he?

ELROY: Where is who?

McQUEEN: You know who.

ELROY: Oh, Chiggy von Richthofen?

McQUEEN: Where is he?

ELROY: Oh. (tuts) McQueen, you don't really want to know.

McQueen lowers the blade and sticks it in Elroy's chest.

ELROY: What are you doing? Huh? No, no, no that's uncalled for.

McQueen cuts away at Elroy's electronics.

McQUEEN: Tell me where he is.

ELROY: You're, you're, you're a war criminal.

McQUEEN: I've got no problem going all the way with this.

McQueen cuts him some more. We hears silicate sounds and recorded voices.

McQUEEN: Where ... is he?

ELROY: He's ... stationed, stationed, stationed, stationed ...

McQueen hits Elroy on the head.

ELROY: ... fourth planet of the Achillies sys-stem, -stem, -stem.

McQUEEN: Wang.

Wang enters. McQueen puts his knife away.

McQUEEN: Take this thing down to the shop, (wipes his hands on Elroy) and inform the flight surgeon I wish to see him.

Cut to operating room. They remove the chip from McQueen

Cut to McQueen's quarters. McQueen is lying on his bunk and tries to get up but finds it very difficult. He's disorientated. He tries standing again.

Cut to flight deck. McQueen is working out again, though this time he moves sluggishly. Hawkes and West watch as McQueen tries to train. McQueen falls down. Hawkes and West go to help him up but he shrugs them off. Ross watches this in dismay.

Cut to briefing room.

ROSS: For this mission the fourth planet from Achillies will be designated Gooch. It lies 240 M.S.K.s from the Saratoga. Five-eight, as the diversionary squadron, you are the bait. You will patrol this area until engaged by the enemy. At which time, Colonel Schrader, trailing the formation, will fire the Sewell-fuel missile at the enemy craft, while you turn tail and run.

McQueen comes to the door to listen to what is going on.

ROSS: It is the nature of this mission, and the Colonel fully understands, that if engaged by the enemy he is going one on one.

McQUEEN: Commodore Ross, if I may have a word, Sir.

ROSS: Have it.

McQueen comes further into the room.

McQUEEN: Sir, ... the Colonel has become aware he has not been assigned the mission of his design.

ROSS: That's affirmative. Colonel Schrader has been assigned.

McQUEEN: Sir, the admiral himself, assured the Colonel ...

Ross moves close in on McQueen.

ROSS: The final call is mine, Colonel. You are not fit to fly.

McQUEEN: Sir, the Colonel knows the Commodore to be a man of honour.

ROSS: You are not fit to fly, Colonel.

McQUEEN: Sir, I have not been presented with the opportunity to demonstrate to the contrary, Sir.

ROSS: I don't have the time to let you go through qualifications and I don't need a damn physical to know you don't have your sea-legs. This mission means everything. And I refuse to jeopardise it because you're taking it personally.

Ross walks away.

HAWKES: Sit it out, Colonel.

WANG: Colonel, you don't have to go to be there with us, Sir.

WINSLOW: (she stands) Colonel, ask yourself, then answer, 'Will my condition put the mission, or the 58th, at risk?' ... and I think you know the answer.

ROSS: All right, people, action this day, Hoka Hey.

McQueen watches as the 58th leave the room, Winslow being the last. Ross crosses behind McQueen.

ROSS: If you went out like this this time none of you would ever come back.

Cut to space we see Hammerheads in formation heading for the planet.

VANSEN: This is Queen of Diamonds, we're in his playground. Keep your eyes on the lidar. Report any mick. That's how we're going to spot him.

Damphousse's lidar screen warps.

DAMPHOUSSE: This is Ace of Hearts. Was that a bandit on the lidar?

Hawkes' lidar warps.

HAWKES: Confirm, confirm, that's him.

VANSEN: Hold formation, we're breaking right after Fox One.

The alien fighter skips over the 58th and goes straight for Colonel Schrader. The alien fires and destroys the Colonel's Hammerhead. There's a huge explosion that buffets the 58th.

WINSLOW: This is Winslow, my number two engine's out.

HAWKES: Winslow, he's on your six.

The alien fighter goes after Winslow.

WINSLOW: I can't jink him.

VANSEN: Eject! Eject!

Winslow ejects. The alien destroys her.

Cut to McQueen in his quarters watching the distant engagement,.

We see a U.S. flag and a plate with Winslow's id on it.

Cut to McQueen's quarters. He turns and faces us.

Cut to Wild Cards putting on their dress uniforms.

Cut to McQueen's quarters. He pulls out a kit box and dresses in his kit from when he was a member of the Angry Angels.

Cut to funeral party marching through the Saratoga.

Cut to McQueen walking towards the flight deck. He meets the funeral party.

McQUEEN: What else did you expect?

ROSS: You actually think I'm going to allow you to go out there after him?

McQUEEN: You have no choice.

ROSS: You'll have no wing support. No means of defeating its advanced technology. What makes you think you can win?

McQUEEN: I have no choice.

ROSS: I'll be a son of a [bitch] if I go to your funeral, Ty.

McQUEEN: Yes, you will Sir ... but we'll talk about your mother when I get back.

There's a suppressed laugh from Ross. McQueen heads into the flight deck. The chaplain follows him.

CHAPLAIN: Colonel, Colonel, Colonel McQueen, perhaps you should make peace with your maker?

McQueen halts and turns to face him.

McQUEEN: My maker was some geek in a lab. coat with an eye dropper and a petrie dish. What do I need to make peace with him for?

CHAPLAIN: These times we should all make peace with our maker.

McQueen approaches the chaplain.

McQUEEN: With all due respect, chaplain, I don't think our maker wants to hear from me right now because he knows I'm going to go out in that sky, in this plane and remove one of his creations from his universe. And when I return, I'm going to drink a bottle of scotch as if it was Chiggy von Richthofen's blood and celebrate his death.

McQueen turns away and heads for a cockpit.


The Wild Cards follow McQueen as he prepares to get into the cockpit. McQueen slumps and is caught by Hawkes. He clambers into the cockpit and Hawkes and Vansen connects him up.

McQUEEN: Get the hell out of here.

HAWKES: All right.

The Wild Cards leave and alarms sound.

MALE VOICE: Clear the flight deck. Stand by for Hammerhead engagement sequence.

McQUEEN: Saratoga, this is Queen Six. Oxygen control ... check. Mission computers ... check. Master arms switch ... safe. Inertial navigation system ... check.

MALE VOICE: You're number one on the runway.

McQUEEN: Roger, Rhino four-four, ready to copy.

As the cockpit lowers the Wild Cards salute him through the observation window. The Hammerhead heads into space.

MALE VOICE: Queen Six, this is Saratoga, your distance is ...

McQueen switches off the comm. He inserts music in the player and we hear a piece of Beethoven begin.

Cut to Winslow's funeral.

CHAPLAIN'S VOICE: O' God, the creator and redeemer of all the faithful, hear our supplications and through thy infinite love and mercy graciously grant unto the soul of thy servant department, remission of all her sins. By which she may have deserved the severity ...

As the chaplain continues we see the Hammerhead flying in space then cut back to the funeral.

CHAPLAIN'S VOICE: ... of thy justice and punishments in the world to come. Our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is in heaven ...

Cut to McQueen's Hammerhead.

CHAPLAIN'S VOICE: ... Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses ...

McQueen's lidar warps.

CHAPLAIN'S VOICE: ... as we forgive our trespassers, and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.

Alien fighter comes into view.


Cut to honour-guard.

MARINE: Honour-guard, atten-hut.

Cut to Hammerhead.

MARINE'S VOICE: Ready - aim - fire.

The Hammerhead fires at the alien fighter. The alien returns fire.

MARINE'S VOICE: Ready - aim - fire.

McQueen and the alien dog-fight.

MARINE'S VOICE: Ready - aim - fire.

McQueen and the alien twist and turn, firing on each other as they try and gain the upper hand.

McQUEEN: This one's for you, Winslow.

McQueen fires a series of missiles at the Chig and destroys it.

CHAPLAIN'S VOICE: O' Lord, we commend to thee the soul of thy servant Kelly ...

Cut back to Winslow's funeral.

CHAPLAIN'S VOICE: ... that having departed from this world she may live with thee. And by the grace of thy merciful love wash away the sins that in human frailty she committed in the conduct of her life. Through Christ, our Lord, Amen.

Winslow's casket is launched into space.

Cut to McQueen's return to the Saratoga. The flight crew work around his cockpit. McQueen gets out. There is blood running from the ear from which the chip was removed. The Wild Cards are there to see him arrive back on board. McQueen walks passed them and leaves the flight deck.

Cut to bar. McQueen has a bottle of scotch and pours himself a drink.

McQUEEN'S VOICE: I know now with certainty who I am. But I'll be damned if I'll ever know the point. And now all I can ask is, who was he? And who was she? And what was the point?

McQueen turns away from the bar and looks out into space. He raises his glass and takes a drink. He takes the bottle and moves away from the bar, closer to the window, pouring himself another drink.

Then looking darkly at him swift-footed Achilleus answered:

'Hektor, argue me no agreements. I cannot forgive you.

As there are no trustworthy oaths between men and lions,

nor wolves and lambs have spirit that can be brought to agreement

but forever these hold feelings of hate for each other,

so there can be no love between you and me, nor shall there be

oaths between us, but one or the other must fall before then

to glut with his blood Ares the god who fights under the shield's guard.

Remember every valour of yours, for now the need comes

hardest upon you to be a spearman and a bold warrior.

There shall be no more escape for you, but Pallas Athene

will kill you soon by my spear. You will pay in a lump for all those

sorrows of my companions you killed in your spear's fury.'

Lines 260 - 272, Book XXII, The Iliad of Homer

Translated and with an Introduction by Richmond Lattimore

The University of Chicago Press, 1961

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