Original Air Date: Sunday, 5th Nov 1995
Written by: Glen Morgan and James Wong
Directed by: Charles Martin Smith
Edited by: Chris Willingham

This transcript is taken from the initial airing on the Sci Fi channel. Transcription by Sue, begun - November 2001, finished - November 2001,

Enclosed in {} are parts where it is hard to hear the dialogue and I've given it my best guess. (These parts have been checked using the closed captioning but that did not help. If you have suggestions let me know at swanage@rocketmail.com)

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"Tell my mother I died for my country,
I did what I thought was best."

John Wilkes Booth
12th April 1865

The Saratoga is in orbit around Earth. The 58th are in a recreation room getting ready for shore leave. There's a large viewing window through which you can see a very blue Earth. Wang is looking out through the window and Hawkes is standing to one side, watching and listening.

WANG: Sometimes you can forget what we're fighting for and then with just one look ...

Damphousse approaches.

DAMPHOUSSE: I have to admit it will be nice not to put on a flightsuit for a week. ... I can't wait to get home.

Vansen approaches.

VANSEN: There it is, the Baja Peninsula, San Diego. I'm going to meet my sisters at a little B&B in Coronado. Gonna to spend the entire liberty just sitting in the sand, drinking cold Mexican beer.

WANG: Look there's Soldier Field, I swear. I can see Marshal Horton blitzing and dropping Brian Paul in the back field.

West approaches the window.

WEST: That's what I'm going to be doing. My brother and me made up this game when we were kids called kill the guy with the ball. You stand 50 yards apart and one guy kicks the football to the other guy. That guy tries to make it to the end zone while the other guy tries to tear his head off.

West wrestles with Wang to demonstrate.

WEST: It's a thing of beauty, man. ... He's thinking of enlisting.

West, Wang and Vansen leave the window. We can hear news reporting in the background.

DAMPHOUSSE: It's weird, all those times in the thick ... and I thought I'd never see my family again. And here we are, so close to going home.

Damphousse begins to leave, then turns back.

DAMPHOUSSE: Hey, Coop, you're welcome to come home with me. It's the first snow in upstate New York. Oh, god it's beautiful.

HAWKES: No, there's nothing for me down there.

Hawkes walks away. We see him pass in front of a large screen where the news reporting is being broadcast. A woman reporter is doing a live feed, behind her we can see concrete steps.

REPORTER: The celebration of the accord has great symbolic importance given the current tension among the nations who face staggering defeat by the Earth forces in the galactic conflict. You can see ... well, somewhere among that group of people is the Secretary General, leader of the world.

The reporter moves backwards towards the people coming down the steps.

REPORTER: Mr. Chartwell was here {clearly} despite the tension.

Behind the reporter we can see events unfolding. A man with a gun goes up the steps and fires. Bedlam ensues.

REPORTER: Oh my god. Oh my god.

MALE VOICE: Get the gun. Get the gun.

Those on the Saratoga watching the transmission stand in reaction to events.

REPORTER: A man just fired a gun at Chartwell. Oh my god, there's blood everywhere. ... He's dead.

Transmission is cut and the screen is filled with interference.

Opening credits

ROSS' VOICE: All hands, this is the Commodore. Due to the tragic events in New Delhi this evening, this ship will assume red alert status. All leaves are cancelled immediately. Squadrons 14, 19, 33 and 58 are to prepare for assignment. All non-essential crew are confined to quarters until further notice.

The 58th are in their quarters. Hawkes and West are sitting on their bunks. Damphousse is looking sadly at her civvies in her locker. Vansen opens her locker.

VANSEN: We can fly faster that the speed of light, control weather, create artificial life and nothing ever changes.

DAMPHOUSSE: No matter what we think it's, it's all {still} out of our hands, isn't it?

WANG: How can one murder change the world with the speed of a bullet?

VANSEN: You know the last time this happened the killer wasn't even human. A silicate, shot President Young, '51.

WANG: It's a coward's move.

Hawkes gets up from his bunk and heads towards the lockers.

HAWKES: Makes me want to kill the guy who shot Chartwell.

New marines enter the quarters. One of them (Cwirko) puts his kit on Hawkes' bunk.

CWIRKO: Then you'll have to kill one of your own. The guy that killed Chartwell was an invitro, Luke Dac Tran. No one knows why he did it.

STONE: It's true. Natural borns are going down into tank sections of New York and Miami looking for payback.

WANG: How would you know? They've instituted a communications blackout.

CWIRKO: We were just on planet an hour ago.

PISAREK: We're replacements for the 58th that were lost on Bunuel. I'm Pisarek. This is Stone. That's Lieutenant Rick Cwirko.

CWIRKO: I want you to know I put in seven requests for transfer to the 58th.

PISAREK: It's an honour to be assigned to the Wild Cards.

CWIRKO: One I deserve.

HAWKES: What you deserve is a butt kicking for putting your gear on my rack.

CWIRKO: Don't talk to me like I'm a rookie. I flew 75 sorties over Orthos.

Hawkes moves in on Cwirko aggressively.

HAWKES: Ain't nothing to dealing with me, you don't get your gear off my rack.

CWIRKO: I would think you'd cool your jets after what your kind did to Chartwell.

Hawkes goes after Cwirko shoving him backwards. Cwirko throws a punch but misses. Hawkes doesn't miss and lands a punch in the small of Cwirko's back and then puts him down on the floor. Just as Hawkes reaches down to continue the fight McQueen enters and pulls him off.

McQUEEN: Hawkes! ... This is real thoughtful of you, Hawkes. You must have read my tedium breaking up fights between you and West.

Cwirko scrambles to his feet. McQueen picks up Cwirko's kit and throws it at him.

McQUEEN: Get your gear off his bunk. ... They've lifted the black out for an hour. Spencer Chartwell is dead. A great warrior, a better man, has fallen and you're to pay your respects. That's under my orders.

Cut to the rec. room. The 58th, along with others, watch news reporting on the assassination. Images cut between the news report and the reaction shots of the 58th.

Chartwell Ranch
Canberra, Australia

REPORTER: A flame begins it's eternal burn this evening outside the Chartwell ranch near Canberra, where the slain Secretary General will be laid to rest. The plane carrying the Secretary General's body is just landing. Awaiting the body, under some controversy, is the present Under Secretary of the U.N.

The symbol representing the Partie Nationale D'Identite is shown on the screen.

REPORTER: Representing the ultra right wing identity party nationaliste, from the nation of France, Nicholas Chaput.

Film footage of Chaput is shown with the legend Ambassador Nicholas Chaput, France.

REPORTER: France having recently seceded from the European Union.

WANG: I don't know about this guy.

REPORTER: According to the U.N. constitution, drafted in 2012, until the electoral council can meet to elect a new Secretary General, Chaput, at the moment, is indeed, the leader of the world. Many have reacted against Chaput's positions on the escalation of the galactic conflict and his opposition to invitro affirmative action.

CWIRKO: You've got to admit what this guy says makes a lot of sense.

REPORTER: Chaput's strongest challenge for the Secretary General's seat comes from the technological developed super powers, led by United States ambassador, Diane Hayden.

A photograph of Hayden is shown with the legend Ambassador Diane Hayden, U.S.A., followed by film footage.

REPORTER: Hayden herself is controversial for her stand in attempting a dialogue with the enemy in an effort to begin peace negotiations. Until recently she served as a member of the Aerotech Board of Governors but resigned due to a potential conflict of interests. Chaput, however, has been the champion of underdeveloped industialised nations which make up the majority of the U.N. An emergency meeting of the U.N. electoral council will occur, for security reasons, at an undisclosed location, rumoured to be off Earth.

A fleet of transports approach the Saratoga.

MALE VOICE: {?} transporting the U.N. electorial council now arriving at bays 3, 5, 7,12 ,14 and 17. Honour guard stand by.

Cut to Loading Bay 3.

We see a number of soldiers in dress uniforms. The door of the transport is opened by one of the honour guard.

ROSS: Welcome aboard the U.S.S. Saratoga, I am Commodore Ross.

The delegates begin to disembark.

ROSS: Lieutenants, escort the ambassadors to their quarters.

TWO VOICES: Aye, aye, sir.

As Hawkes performs escort duty, one of the delegates notices that he is an invitro.

AMBASSADOR: Commodore. ... May I ask how many invitros are amongst the crew?

ROSS: Two, sir, Lieutenant Hawkes and Colonel McQueen. They are both fine officers.

AMBASSADOR: Perhaps you are unaware, that before leaving Earth, an order was issued that invitros must submit to a loyalty test.

ROSS: Thank you, Mr. Ambassador, I'll take that under advisement. ... Lieutenant Wang?

Wang approaches.

ROSS: Report to loading bay five on the double. Inform Colonel McQueen I wish to see him in my quarters immediately.

WANG: Aye, aye, sir.

Loading bay 5

Door of the transport opens.

McQUEEN: Welcome aboard the U.S.S. Saratoga, Ambassador Chaput. I'm Colonel McQueen.

CHAPUT: Colonel, it's an honour to be amongst our fighting men and women.

McQueen and Chaput shake hands.

McQUEEN: Thank you, Mr. Ambassador. Lieutenants, escort Ambassador Chaput to his quarters.

Chaput gets out of the transport.

CHAPUT: I was at the ceremony when the 58th received the Montgomery Star for the Battle of the Belt. Allow me to personally congratulate you and offer my deepest thanks.

CWIRKO: Thank you, sir.

CHAPUT: (to Cwirko) You weren't there. Lieutenant West had six confirmed kills. (to West) You have the courage of De Gaulle.

WEST: Thank you, sir.

Wang enters the loading bay.

WANG: Pardon me, Colonel McQueen?

McQUEEN: Yes, lieutenant?

WANG: Commodore Ross requests to see you in his quarters.

McQUEEN: If you'll excuse me, Mr. Ambassador. The lieutenants will show you to your quarters.

Chaput notices that McQueen is an invitro.

Loading Bay 6

The honour guard waits.

VANSEN: McQueen was supposed to be here.

STONE: Whoever's inside's going to be ticked off.

Vansen decides not to wait any longer, opens the transport door and goes inside. She hears beeps and whistles, draws her sidearm and investigates. She finds a group of silicates gambling.

FELICITI: This anyway to treat a guest?

Feliciti comes round from behind Vansen, picks up a deck of cards and fiddles with them.

VANSEN: I shot you down on Bunuel?

FELICITI: You can trade in a '58 Mustang on this year's model. That's the way you made us silicates. Feliciti O-H-five-one-nine was on Bunuel. I'm Feliciti four-eight-three, lower model number, higher sticker price.

VANSEN: Get the hell off my ship.

FELICITI: We were invited here by Diane Hayden.

Feliciti shows Vansen ID and other documents.

FELICITI: That's not a good picture of me.

VANSEN: Why would she ask you here?

FELICITI: We want to come back to Earth. It's cold out in space.

VANSEN: Then I think you'd feel right at home.

FELICITI: Silicates love to gamble and I'm betting that you won't shoot an unarmed guest of Diane Hayden.

VANSEN: I've killed you once and I'd do it again.

Cut to the 58ths quarters. They're getting out of their dress uniforms.

WANG: If Hayden brought the silicates here it wouldn't be in their interests to make any trouble.

VANSEN: They're capable of anything, sabotage, assassination ...

McQueen enters.

McQUEEN: Gear up. Ross is ending us on assignment. Cargo pick up.

WANG: Cargo pickup? Leave that crap for the army.

McQUEEN: Loading bay four in ten mikes. Move.

Cut to loading bay four. 58th enter with their kit bags. Cwirko is already on board the transport.

WEST: How'd you get down here so fast?

CWIRKO: Just gung-ho for my first ride with the five-eight.

McQUEEN: Hustle up, let's get on board.

58th start boarding the transport. Commodore Ross enters the loading bay with a squad of M.P.s

ROSS: Colonel, I'm sorry. I tried.

M.P.: Hold it right there, Lieutenant Hawkes.

M.P.s prevent Hawkes and McQueen from entering the transport.

HAWKES: What the hell's going on here?

ROSS: Colonel McQueen, Lieutenant Hawkes, you are to be detained for loyalty questioning.

DAMPHOUSSE: What is this? Just because they are invitros?

VANSEN: This is a disgrace, to them and us.

McQUEEN: Here are your orders. Do not read them until an hour into your mission.

VANSEN: Commodore, if they're taken away we don't board this ship.

McQUEEN: Vansen, get on board. ... I expect you all to do your duty.

Hawkes and McQueen are led away by M.P.s and the 58th board the transport.

The transport is approaching a space installation near the Earth's moon.

FEMALE VOICE: 58th, clear to land.

DAMPHOUSSE: If Chaput can detain McQueen and Coop for BS reasons, he can do the same to any of us, at any time.

58th walk through the installation.

WEST: No one said it was on Chaput's orders.

CWIRKO: And how'd we know Hawkes and McQueen didn't do anything?

DAMPHOUSSE: Hawkes went through the academy with us. He never displayed suspicious behaviour.

VANSEN: Well there was that thing with the She-male magazine.

DAMPHOUSSE: Okay, but he explained it.

VANSEN: And McQueen's our commander. I trust him.

CWIRKO: What's his first name?


They stop walking.

CWIRKO: McQueen, what's his first name? ... You guys are going to trust someone on blind faith and you don't even know his first name?

WEST: One thing I always thought was weird was why an invitro would rise so high in the military. Something they hate.

VANSEN: He risked his life for us.

WEST: I know, I trust McQueen. But I learned first hand what the tanks are capable of pulling when they had me thrown off the Tellus Colony.

CWIRKO: We're at war. The world is scared and growing divided. Now if you were a tank and all the hell you've been through, suddenly there was a window of opportunity to take over, wouldn't you do it by any means necessary?

VANSEN: You're both paranoid.

CWIRKO: There's good reason to be.

A man approaches them.

MAN: Lieutenant Vansen?


MAN: 58th squadron?


MAN: Which cargo bay are you looking for?

VANSEN: Six-six-one.

MAN: Your cargo's waiting.

A door open and a woman steps out.

DAMPHOUSSE: Ambassador Hayden.

Cut to an interview room where the loyalty test is to be administered. There are screens with a blown up image of McQueen's eye.By monitoring his eye, they believe they can tell whether he's lying or not. There is a bleep. bleep sound each time the interrogator asks a question expecting a response.

INTERROGATOR: Is your name and rank, McQueen, T.C., Lieutenant-Colonel?


INTERROGATOR: Does T.C. stand for Tyrus Cassius?

McQUEEN: I always thought T.C. stood for Top Cat.

INTERROGATOR: Colonel, we're trying to calibrate the polygraph. Please limit your responses to yes or no. Does T.C. stand for Tyrus Cassius?


INTERROGATOR: Is your invitro identity, gene pool 13-C, batch kappa-nine-seven-five-seven, Anchorage facility?


INTERROGATOR: Have you killed for your country?


INTERROGATOR: Would you die for your country?


INTERROGATOR: Have you ever betrayed your country? ... Have you ever betrayed your country?

McQUEEN: I won't answer that question. ... How dare you ask me that.

INTERROGATOR: Have you ever ... betrayed your country?

McQUEEN: You know the answer.

INTERROGATOR: Then you have nothing to fear in answering.

McQUEEN: Only myself ... for answering it.

INTERROGATOR: You will remain in detention until you respond.

Cut to transport. Hayden is on board standing by the window, as if she's taking in the view.

HAYDEN: What's it look like from here?

DAMPHOUSSE: Madam Ambassador?

HAYDEN: The Earth.

DAMPHOUSSE: It's like a masterpiece painting, deep blues, aquas, white clouds.

HAYDEN: I was born blind, six months before they discovered the gene transfer cure. With the help of the opti-scanner I can sense things, but how do you describe it to someone who has never seen.

DAMPHOUSSE: It makes me feel insignificant and supreme at the same time.

WEST: With all due respect, Madam Ambassador, there will be nothing to describe if we surrender to the enemy.

HAYDEN: You think communication is surrender?

WEST: Did they try to communicate with the Vesta and Tellus Colonies? You were on the Aerotech board of governors, don't the lives of the colonists mean anything? We've seen them butcher our wounded, begging for help.

HAYDEN: The American Indians did the same thing at the time they were seen as aliens. But we know they were defending their land that was being taken.

WEST: And as soon as they surrendered to the settlers the slaughter never ended.

HAYDEN: What were they to do? They were against an enemy they knew they couldn't defeat. ... (to herself) Insignificant and supreme?

Cut to the interview room where the loyalty tests are being administered.

INTERROGATOR: Is your name and rank, Hawkes, Cooper, First Lieutenant?

HAWKES: This thing going to shock me, or something, I get a wrong answer?

INTERROGATOR: Is your name and rank, Hawkes, Cooper, First Lieutenant?

HAWKES: Yeah. What the hell is this?

INTERROGATOR: Just some questions. The same ones we asked Colonel McQueen.

HAWKES: McQueen did this?

INTERROGATOR: Is your invitro identity, gene pool 16-A, batch alpha-three-four-three-nine, the Philadelphia facility?

HAWKES: I guess.

The screen behind Hawkes indicates his answer is true.

INTERROGATOR: Please limit your responses to yes or no. Have you killed for your country?


INTERROGATOR: Have you killed in battle?


INTERROGATOR: Have you killed a natural born human?


Screen indicates that Hawkes' answer is false.

INTERROGATOR: Have you ever killed a natural born human in battle?


Screen indicates that Hawkes' answer is true.

INTERROGATOR: Have you ever betrayed your country?


INTERROGATOR: Would you ever betray your country?

HAWKES: Hey ... it betrayed me ... way before I was born.

INTERROGATOR: Just a few more questions, Lieutenant.

Some sort of hypodermic needle is inserted in Hawkes' neck.

Cut to the transport.

PISAREK: We're approaching the Saratoga but the navigation screen's got a glitch.

WANG: Solar flare?

PISAREK: No indication on the S.F.I.

WANG: It's got to be electronics. If we can't find it, we can't dock.

They search the ship.

WANG'S VOICE: Everyone look for some kind of jamming device. Check your radio transmitters.

The search continues. Cwirko opens a door and finds an alien device.

CWIRKO: Got trouble.

HAYDEN: What's wrong?

DAMPHOUSSE: It's a radio frequency meter detonator. My guess is that it's activated by the Saratoga's landing permission code.

PISAREK: I've received the code already.

WANG: Then it's activated.

CWIRKO: I've got an idea.

Cwirko begins to get kitted out with breathing apparatus.

DAMPHOUSSE: It's probably designed to explode in the time it would take from code transmission to docking in the Saratoga.

VANSEN: We've got three minutes. Tell the pilot to alter its course from the Saratoga.

WANG: It's magnetically attached.

DAMPHOUSSE: Disrupting the magnetics from the metal would break the detonator circuit. It would set it off.

WEST: (to Hayden) Ma'am, there's space for one on the flight deck.

West directs Hayden, by a touch on the arm, to the flight deck.

VANSEN: We've got two minutes.

MALE VOICE {Docking sequence aborted}

The transport veers away from the Saratoga.

WEST: (to Hayden) You'll be safe on the flight deck.

The bomb starts to make a higher pitched and faster noise.

WANG: It just started its final cycle.

CWIRKO: Got to get it off the ship, now.

Cwirko searches for something.

CWIRKO: I need something made out of metal.

Cwirko finds a clipboard made of metal.

DAMPHOUSSE: Don't disrupt the {magnetic contact}

CWIRKO: {???}

WEST: I told the pilot to disengage from the flight arm in 45 seconds.

CWIRKO: Airlock. ... Easy, go easy.

Cwirko slips the clipboard, very slowly, behind the bomb so that it is attached to the board rather than the door. He takes it into the airlock.

CWIRKO: The exterior airlock's got to be opened from the inside. Help me get strapped in.

VANSEN: All clear.

The inner door is closed. Cwirko opens the outer door and the bomb is sucked out. It explodes in space. The shockwave buffets the ship and triggers the ship's alarms.

MALE VOICE: Commence separation sequence.

WEST: Do not disengage. Repeat, do not disengage.

They get Cwirko in from the airlock.

VANSEN: Good move, Cwirko.

WEST: Sit down.

HAYDEN: Is everyone alright?

DAMPHOUSSE: Are you alright, ma'am?

HAYDEN: A little afraid.

VANSEN: What I'm afraid of is that this vehicle has been in the loading bay since before the assassination of Chartwell.

WANG: And it was under my guard the entire time at the moon base.

WEST: Which means the bomb had to be set by someone aboard the Saratoga.

The transport comes towards the Saratoga.

MALE VOICE: Shuttle three-four-niner, landing bay seven is clear for your arrival.

MALE VOICE: Roger. Thank you.

Ross, Chaput and an honour guard are waiting to meet them in the loading bay. Hayden gets out of the transport.

HAYDEN: And I thought security was tight at Heathrow.

CHAPUT: Are you alright, Diane?

HAYDEN: I'm fine, Nick. These marines should be given a medal ... or a raise.

CHAPUT: Diane, I'd like to offer the services of Thompson, my personal bodyguard.

ROSS: Madam Ambassador, I am Commodore Ross. Given the recent incident I must insist on marine guards as security.

HAYDEN: Thank you both. I have never used security personnel.

CHAPUT: You need them.

HAYDEN: Nick, I didn't say I didn't need them. But if people can see a government official walking around without bodyguards, it makes them feel safer.

ROSS: Madam Ambassador, under these circumstances ...

HAYDEN: No gentlemen, that's final. I am onboard the U.S.S. Saratoga, the finest space carrier in our fleet. If I can't be safe here, where would I be safe?

Chaput and his entourage begin to leave.

ROSS: (to Hayden) I'll show you to your quarters.

Hayden takes Ross' arm.

HAYDEN: I would like to see Colonel McQueen.

ROSS: I'll escort you.

HAYDEN: I understand he's being held because of Ambassador Chaput. (to the 58th) Thanks for the lift. And thank you Lieutenant Cwirko.

CWIRKO: No problem.

The 58th begin to get their kit of the transport.

VANSEN: He's a jerk. Though we can't forget he saved our [asses].

WANG: Don't worry, he won't let us forget.

PISAREK: I was just thinking. Cwirko was in the loading bay, inside the ship, before any of us got here.

THOMPSON: Lieutenant West, do you have a few moments?

Cut to the brig. Hayden enters.

HAYDEN: When I was detained in '31 for marching in an invitro rights rally, the bars were still quaintly made out of iron. I guess no matter what material they're made from, there will always be bars.

McQUEEN: And loyalty tests.

HAYDEN: These are strange days, Colonel. There are a lot of scared people and I must admit with good reason. And there are a lot of paranoid people with no good reason. They believe what they feel. To patronise them is a serious miscalculation. To ignore then, to hope that they will go away is very dangerous.

McQUEEN: So you stand up to them.

HAYDEN: At the right time and you can't let them know you're doing it.

McQUEEN: I won't take the test.

HAYDEN: Of course not, no one should have to and when I'm elected no one will. But to get elected.

McQUEEN: If you make a fuss about releasing me, or the tanks on planet, you risk losing something you want.

HAYDEN: Something we want.

McQUEEN: I notice you're on the other side of the bars.

HAYDEN: If I am elected I will personally turn the key that opens this door. But until then ... my thanks for understanding. My apologies for accepting. And my respect, for sacrificing an individual dignity, for a greater cause. And, in case you ever question if you've done the right thing ... here is your answer.

Hayden hands McQueen a button with the symbol of the Partie Nationale D'Identite on it and then leaves the brig.

Cut to Chaput's quarters.

CHAPUT: Come in Nathan. It's hard to believe that one person could be in control of it.

Chaput is staring at the Earth through a window.

CHAPUT: For centuries men have tried, through violent means, but for the past few decades nine people have ruled the world, as it should be, peacefully. And in an hour, maybe two, the tenth person will be elected to that position. ... I wanted to talk to you, Nathan, because I can tell you are interested in the truth.

WEST: Yes, sir.

CHAPUT: I could see it in your eyes when we arrived. You know how you can look into a person's eyes and know if they are a liar? ... I confess I am aware of your situation. Unjustly removed from the Tellus colony by the invitros. And that you risk your life, nearly everyday, in search of another life, every bit as important as yours. And that your brother Neil, after Chartwell was assassinated, enlisted in the marines. Soon, he will risk his life, everyday, in this war. So I thought that you deserved to be aware of a certain truth. A truth that is known by a few and should remain so for obvious reasons. Aerotech, the board of governors that had you removed, the board upon which Diane Hayden sat, that sent the Vesta Colony, that sent the Tellus Colony, that sent Kylen Celina to die, they knew. They knew the aliens existed. We all believed we were alone in the universe. But they knew they were there and they knew what might ... what did happen. I will do everything I can to defeat those responsible, for what you now know. ... And what will you do?

Chaput leaves.

THOMPSON: Lieutenant West, this election is a toss up. It will not be settled at tonight's session. So, when the electorial council has recessed, Mr. Chaput would like to meet with Ambassador Hayden, to discuss give and takes. It would be much better to do this privately, no one having known the meeting occured. You're on watch on level ten, section A-13 tonight, aren't you?

West nods.

THOMPSON: Perhaps, one hour after the session adjourns you could make sure the door leading to the hallway of the executive V.I.P. quarters is left unlocked. Then continue your watch away from that area for thirteen minutes. Ambassador Chaput would be very grateful.

Cut to the brig. Hawkes enters, rubbing his neck.

HAWKES: They said you answered the questions. Why are you in here? Did you answer one wrong?

McQUEEN: What'd they ask you?

HAWKES: Well, I ... I lied to them, about that guy I had to kill, but I don't think they caught it.

McQUEEN: I don't think that's what they are concerned about.

HAWKES: Well, what was the deal?

McQUEEN: It was a loyalty test.

HAWKES: Loyalty can't be tested by questions and answers.

McQUEEN: I know. That's why I refused to answer.

HAWKES: True loyalty can only be demonstrated through the display of manifest actions, often defiant. When confronted by insurmountable obstacles in the form of confrontational and irrational enemies ... Is there anything I can get ya? Want a book or a magazine or something?

McQUEEN: Hawkes ... tell, Ross, I want out of here. I'll take the test.

The interrogation room.

INTERROGATOR: Is your name and rank, McQueen, Tyrus Cassius, Lieutenant-Colonel?


Screen indicates that McQueen's answer is true. Ross enters the room

INTERROGATOR: Is your invitro identity, gene pool 13-C, batch kappa-nine-seven-five-seven, Anchorage facility?


INTERROGATOR: Have you killed for your country?


INTERROGATOR: Would you die for your country?


Cut to rec-room. There is a news reporter's voice in the background. Hawkes is playing a virtual reality game.

REPORTER: ... but the industrialised factions closely alined with Chaput deadlocked against the nations supporting Diane Hayden. The election is still too close for an F.T.N. projection. The council will reconvene tomorrow having adjourned about an hour ago.

West turns off the video screen and checks his watch. He leaves the rec room as Hawkes takes off his goggles and watches him.

Cut to interrogation.

INTERROGATOR: Have you ever betrayed your country?


INTERROGATOR: Would you ever betray your country?


INTERROGATOR: Were you aware of any plot to assassinate Secretary General Chartwell?


INTERROGATOR: Are you aware of any current plot to assassinate the present Secretary General?


Screen indicates that McQueen's answer is false.

INTERROGATOR: Do you know of anyone thinking of assassinating the Secretary General?

Cut to West on his patrol. He types a code into a security lock and opens a door through which he passes.

Cut to interrogation.

INTERROGATOR: Do you know of anyone thinking of assassinating the Secretary General?

McQUEEN: Thinking?

INTERROGATOR: Please limit your responses to yes or no.

McQUEEN: How do I know what someone else is thinking?

INTERROGATOR: Are you thinking of assassinating the Secretary General?


Cut to West on patrol. He passes Hayden's and Chaput's quarters. He hears a door open and hides in a dark stairwell. Diane Hayden passes him and enters her quarters.

Cut to interrogation.

INTERROGATOR: Are you thinking of assassinating the Secretary General?

McQUEEN: No. How can you ask that?

INTERROGATOR: Have you ever had thoughts of assassinating the Secretary General?

ROSS: Enough.

Ross moves across the room and pushes aside the monitoring device away from McQueen's face.

INTERROGATOR: Commodore ...

ROSS: I said, enough. ... This is a good officer. This is a damn good man and I don't need your machines or your questions to know that.

INTERROGATOR: Commodore ...

ROSS: With my own eyes I have seen this man risk his life for me. And he's seen me risk it for him. No dial, or meter, can ever understand that. (to those observing) And clearly neither can you, witch hunters.

INTERROGATOR: Sir, this is not your place.

ROSS: This is my ship. ... Now you get the hell off her.

Cut to West on patrol. He's still waiting in the stairwell. The door at the end of the corridor opens and Cwirko comes through it. Cwirko draws his weapon from inside his flightsuit. He passes Hayden's quarters. Chaput comes out of his room, down the corridor and then turns left into another corridor. Cwirko follows him around the corner and takes aim. West charges Cwirko as he fires. The shot misses and the weapon drops to the ground.

WEST: Go! Go!

West and Cwirko struggle. Cwirko gets free, grabs his weapon from the floor and runs after Chaput. West fires at him and Cwirko turns, returns fire then continues running. West gives chase. As they move through the ship they exchange fire. They end up at the Hammerhead cockpit hanger. Cwirko initiates the door closing mechanism in an attempt to shut out West. Before the doors are lowered completely, West gets a shot off and damages some hoses on the Hammerhead that Cwirko is getting into.

Cut to Hammerhead cockpit.

WOMAN'S VOICE: Rear cockpit fuel intake ruptured. Do not engage with fuselage. Rear cockpit fuel intake ruptured. Do not engage with fuselage.

Lights are flashing red and there's a lot of hissing. Cwirko continues to try and leave in the Hammerhead. As it disengages from the Saratoga the cockpit windows shatter. The Hammerhead rotates nose over tail and then there is an explosion.

Cut to Diane Hayden's quarters. She is watching the Hammerhead as there is an explosion. A man enters the room.

MAN: (to Hayden's back) The operative has failed. Shall we activate the back-up.

Hayden turns her head to one side. (Indicating yes.)

Cut to Hawkes playing the virtual reality game. There's some sort of visual stimulation through the goggles. Flashes of the symbol of the Partie Nationale D'Identite. Hawkes stops playing the game, puts the equipment away and leaves.

Cut to the Hammerhead cockpit hanger. West is checking over equipment when McQueen enters.

McQUEEN: What's going on here?

WEST: They tried to assassinate Chaput. The assassin's dead.

McQUEEN: Was it Hawkes?

WEST: Hawkes? It was Cwirko.

McQUEEN: Where's Chaput?

West shakes his head.

Cut to a loading bay. Chaput enters followed by Thompson.

THOMPSON: We're scheduled to take of in fifteen minutes. We'll get you to a secure area on planet. I forgot the security council reports. You should board. I'll be right back.

Before entering the transport, Chaput checks his weapon. It's dark inside the transport. Hawkes is waiting inside with a weapon pointed a Chaput.

CHAPUT: Who are you? ... What are you doing here?

McQueen enters.

McQUEEN: Cooper, listen, drop the weapon.

HAWKES: I can't. I want to ... but I can't.

McQueen comes closer and joins Chaput.

McQUEEN: They've done something to you. I think it was when you took the loyalty oath. They're making you do this.

McQueen moves passed Chaput and closer to Hawkes, putting himself in the line of fire.

McQUEEN: What is it, makes you fire? An image? A sound?

HAWKES: I don't know.

McQUEEN: If it was just the sight of him, he'd be dead. Well, what triggers you?

HAWKES: I don't know.

Chaput slowly reaches for his weapon, inside his flightsuit. There's a flash of the Partie Nationale D'Identite symbol. This makes Hawkes very unhappy.

McQUEEN: No, don't go for your weapon.

McQueen notices the Partie Nationale D'Identite symbol.

McQUEEN: Zip the suit up, now.

Chaput does as asked.

HAWKES: No. Don't. I can't.

Using the button Diane Hayden gave him while in the brig, McQueen distracts Hawkes' attention away from Chaput. He takes the chance to wrestle the weapon away from Hawkes. As they scuffle the weapon goes off repeatedly until McQueen forces Hawkes to drop it. Chaput draws his weapon and aims it at McQueen and Hawkes.

McQUEEN: I think we passed your loyalty test.

McQueen throws the button on to the ground. M.P.s enter.

M.P.: What's going on in here?

CHAPUT: It's alright, Sergeant. everything is alright.

The M.P.s leave.

Cut to Chaput's quarters where Thompson is waiting. West enters. He's accompanied by M.P.s.

WEST: Sorry. The door was unlocked.

THOMPSON: If someone had got to Hitler, or Stalin, or Dr. Stanahan, before he reprogrammed the A.I.s, how many more people would now be alive? Wouldn't the world have been a better place?

WEST: That's for the world to decide.

Thompson leaves with the M.P.s.

Cut to a room where the 58th are waiting in dress uniform.

ROSS: Attention. Secretary General Hayden, on behalf of the men and women of the U.S.S. Saratoga may I offer our sincere congratulations on your election.

HAYDEN: Thank you, Commodore. I will do everything I can to bring you all home soon, and with honour.

Hayden takes a medal from a case offered to her.

HAYDEN: Lieutenant West, because of your actions the perpetrators of a hideous crime have been eliminated and a life has been saved.

WEST: I'd rather have the truth than the medal. ... Did Aerotech know ... did you know, they were out there?

Hayden holds the medal to her chest, turns and leaves the room, escorted by Commodore Ross.

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