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Blurb: Cooper's thoughts during his birthday


It's the first time since my "birth" that I've felt remotely normal. Even if it's in the middle of a war, not that war is much different from the life I had on the streets--fighting everyday just to survive. But, here with the Wildcards, my friends, my family, I finally feel like I'm fighting for something besides just seeing the next day.

Since the first couple of months, they've explained things to me without making me feel like I'm just "some stupid tank." They do it as if it's a normal every day thing. It gives me hope, especially in the darkness of this war.

Nathan's apologising. "There's supposed to be a cake and twenty-five candles," he says, "but we were only able to get one and the cupcakes."

I've never had a cake before, so I have no problem with it being cupcakes--sweets are sweets up here. Nothing fancy would make it in a war zone; simple and portable is how things are done. As for the candles, they thought to use my apparent age and not actual age. And one candle is enough, makes it even more special for my very first birthday party.

"That's okay," I say with a shrug and I just know I have a goofy grin on my face. "Now what?"

"You make a wish to yourself and blow out the candle," Shane says.

I close my eyes and follow her directions while they all say "Happy Birthday, Cooper!"

- end -

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