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Blurb: a bombing run


"Flight. Queen Six. Commence run."

The radio was nothing but silence for another ten minutes as the hammerheads started their third strafing run. Dirt and heat flew up from the ground with the impacts of their artillery, and if they were lucky the enemy's ground line would fall.

"Sir," the lieutenant said, looking up from his gear, "run complete. Enemy line down at point four, but still moving forward at one and two. Enemy air support seems to be gone."

The colonel nodded and moved back to the field display. "Wildcards. Up the ante."

"Copy, Queen Six. Consider it raised."

Colonel McQueen studied the displays and waited for the run to end. A small smile played across his lips as rock music echoed through the radio. It was quickly followed by an "oops" and then radio silence was returned."

"His tastes in music is improving," the Commodore commented.

"Don't Fear the Reaper was getting a little old," the Colonel acknowledged.

The displays changed as the hammerheads moved quickly through their run."Sirs," the lieutenant called, "strike appears to be successful, points one and two cleared."

"Wildcards. Once more. Then return to base."

"Copy. Once more."

- end -

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