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This story takes place two months after the events of "Risen Phoenix"


From the Ashes - Glossary


Robin Burchardt

The following is a glossary of terms used in my 'From the Ashes' series. None have been used or are copyrighted to Space: Above and Beyond. This is merely a reference for readers of my series. This list is subject to updates at any time.

Last updated- July 16, 2002

Act of '89- The Presidential order in 1989 reactivating horse-mounted cavalry to repel the Soviet invasion of America. An act that eventually saved the United States from defeat.

All Access Pass- Informal term for the areas allowed the highest echelons of military/government personnel in Maria's time and place. Guarantees access to the most sensitive documents and intelligence for those bestowed with it. Misuse punishable by death in Maria's time and place.

Battle Talk- The language of chirps, buzzes and clicks used by New American Forces to communicate without being understood by the Soviet Army or their Allies.

Book of the Dead- Formal accounting of all persons killed by Soviet forces during World War 3. Kept by Soviets to record as part of their 'conquest' of America and destined for viewing in special part of the Kremlin. Captured by American forces and kept as a memorial document to the atrocities perpetrated by the Soviet Union.

Circle- Pentagon offshoot in the stream of space/time that Strasser came out of. Replaced the Pentagon in 2150. Headquarters of the U.S. Military/Intel command and located in Omaha, NE. The Pentagon of the 'S: AAB' timeline is referred to sometimes as the Circle by Maria and Steve.

Co Commander-in-Chief- Title given to General Maria Strasser by both the Congress and Senate in July of 1991. The act that promoted her to this was done so that the United States would never be without a military leader. Also done to prevent Soviets from being able to wipe out all American military command by use of a pre-emptive strike against New Washington. First and only time a military person was allowed full command of all United States Armed Services.

The Code- The agreement by which all New American Forces abided by once they arrived in 1863. Simply put, loyalty to those that came with you supercedes all commitments if necessary. Surpasses marital and family ties only if needed.

Congressional Medal of Honor with the Diamond Ring- Unique version of the United States' highest award for military service 'above and beyond the call of duty'. Presented to Maria Strasser in July 1991 for the service in returning the Declaration, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights safely back to American control from Soviet Russia. It was a mission that was undertook with great risk of life to then-Col. Strasser. It was regarded as the most unique display of heroism and service for the Nation and thus deserving of a unique and ultimate award for it. It was never duplicated.

DAC[acronym]- Dumb Ass Colonist(s)

Deer-hang- Method of killing enemies by stringing them up by their feet while alive with a rope. Then eviscerating them from crotch to throat. Used as a warning to enemy forces with great effect. Especially seen in Soviet-run American-based gulags when American forces liberated them. Otherwise used on enemy forces in the field.

Denver Flu- Very virulent strain of respiratory influenza that first appeared in Denver during World War Three. Caused by poor sanitation, malnutrition and the harsh rigors of a Colorado winter. Migrated with Soviet convoys to the rest of the country and has a lethality rate of 90 percent. Vaccine is only 45% effective in stopping infection.

Dress Blacks- Standard full-dress uniform color of all New American Forces. Used in all four branches of military service and used only by those who actually served in World War Three.

DUH [acronym]- Done Under Hiding. Another term for covert operations or Black-ops. Named after the sound made when asked about the mission in question.

End Zone- Mission completed.

1st Cavalry 'Mountain Rangers'- Elite mounted division of WW3 commanded by General Strasser herself. Main operational area in the U.S. Rockies.

Fragging- A WW3 term for the termination of a fellow soldier who either cannot or will not pull their weight when in the field. In WW3, it was extensively used by American Forces to dispose of those persons not committed to fighting to their ability against the Soviets. While the victims of this practice were buried properly in the field, their death certificates always stated the death was caused by enemy fire. Never were there investigations into any act of 'fragging' in WW3. The act was seldom known about after WW3.

General of the Armies [GoA]- Topmost rank in the United States Army. First given to General John J. Pershing to be used in command of U.S. forces during World War One. He never designated an insignia for this rank. It was only awarded to him and deactivated after his service. It was reactivated in World War Three for Maria Strasser to set her above other American commanders. As GoA, she was responsible for the NAA war effort and actions taken. Her command of her New American forces is offered to every incoming American President by the offering of George Washington's sword to them. If declined, her rank and command stays intact. If ever (and it never was done) accepted, her rank would have been deactivated and she would be allowed to retire.

George Washington's sword- Symbolic of Maria Strasser's command of all branches of the American Armed Services. Actual sword used by General George Washington during the Revolutionary War. Kept as part of Strasser's full dress uniform to be worn at the highest state functions.

Gone Black- Term used for battle-induced blackout. Whereby one performs in battle but with no later recollection of any part of the battle.

Grenademan- Mounted soldiers who use RPGs as anti-tank forces.

Gulag- Soviet-run death camps for the mass killing of American citizens.

The Hole- Five-mile wide, 200 feet deep crater near Casper, WY. Used to dispose of all bodies from the 'gulags' by the Soviets. Made by detonation of nuclear warheads underground. Held nearly 230 million American corpses.

Hula Belt- Leather belt with six rings for attachment of rounds for reloadable RPGs. Worn by mounted grenademen.

I-58 'Asp'- Fighter aircraft manufactured by Boeing/AeroDyne in 2220. Has thought-controlled flight, laser/eye targeting, and systems that eliminate the effects of G-forces on the human body whether in space or in atmosphere. The most advanced fighter of its kind in the Sirius/Majorian War.

Iopians[species], Iops[small group], Iop[singular]- Closest word to the alien's name for themselves in the 'FTA' series. Otherwise known as 'Chigs'. Original word is unpronounceable in English as Iops communicate by a series of clicks and whistles similar to cetaceans. First heard by Steven Olfetsky when he was taken to meet with Iopian representatives on Gila 34. It is the word his ear-implant translator heard when the name of their species was mentioned.

Inaye'- The Iopian species is also referred to as Inaye' in some circles. The word is derived from the Navajo term for 'Alien Gods'.

Lunglax- Trade name of bronchodialator used by Maria Strasser.

Monkey suit- Full dress uniform

MRV[acronym]- Meals Ready to Vomit

New Washington [D.C.]- Formerly Helena, MT. Seat of U.S. government in World War 3.

9.24.88- Start date of World War Three in which country was invaded by Soviet shock troops at New York, Chicago and Los Angeles by use of hijacked commercial airliners.

Nub- Reference to device implanted in top of skulls and used for headsets that attach to all flight operations in American spacecraft and dataports in Maria's future. First used in 2175. Metal nub fits into headset allowing user to access all needed operations or information by thought alone. Access to areas determined by rank and security clearance and verified by thought patterns.

Paaku- Fruit found on Flora 1378 and other worlds. Possibly cultivated by outworld sentient species not human.

Processing Plant- Another name for 'gulag'.

Project Janus- Operation name for mission that sent WW3 U.S. troops back to the Civil War to counter the Soviet-led Confederacy and preserve America's future as a world power.

Red Agent 'Black'- Name for chemical agent of Soviet manufacture that would instantly kill all animal and human life. Chemical that scarred Maria Strasser's lungs and digestive tract for life. 'Green' was defoliant and 'Grey' was a crippling agent. 'Blue' poisoned water.

Risen Phoenix- Name for New American Armies in World War Three. Symbolized by black flag with flame-colored bald eagle rising from a pyre. 'E Pluribus Unum' scroll in beak and olive branches and arrows in talons.

Sap- Sirius/Majorian substance excreted by females of their species to hold potential hosts immobile prior to embryo implantation.

Shake-N-Bake- Off-world, terra-formed colony. Term first mass heard in 20th Century in a motion picture named 'Aliens'.

SK-38 - Primary rifle of New American Forces. Adapted from both American M-161A and Soviet-made Kalashnikov and able to take ammunition of both types.

S+E [Slit and Eviscerate]- See 'deer-hang'

Spec Ops- Special operations.

Spiders- Informal name for Sirius/Majorians. Due to the species arachnid-like appearance.

Tango- Target or enemy.

TMFG [acronym]- Three Main Food Groups [WW3 soldier slang] for caffeine, nicotine and alcohol.

Three Point- Slang for an approved mission. Approval from Congress, Senate and the President. Ex. 'The mission/operation has Three-Point clearance.' Used only in Maria's time and NOT used where she is now.

U.S.S. Endurance- Flagship of America's space fleet under General Strasser in 2234.

Vigil- Ceremony done every September 24th to remember the 240 million American citizens killed by the Soviets. Veterans of WW3 stand immobile for 24 hours straight without food, water or rest in tribute. One hour apiece for every 10 million citizens killed. See also 'The Hole'.

World War Three- Started on 9.24.88 this last world war had the Soviets and their allies pitted against America and Great Britain. It lasted for ten years and consumed more than a quarter billion people in death. The war ended in that time and place when the NAA went back to the Civil War and New Washington D.C. was decimated by nuclear attack. The attack caused those American subs in hiding to launch their payloads against the Soviet Union. Thus destroying the Earth that Maria Strasser and her men came from.

X-craft - Sirius/Majorian x-wing fighter spacecraft. Usually manned by a crew of three.

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