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A little look at Cooper Hawkes before anyone noticed him.

(To Lia -a good S:AABer and a nice girl)




Philadelphia, 2060

Cooper Hawkes sat on the corner of the seafood-shop. His black tee shirt was dirty and his long, brown hair had fallen out of it's normal place. He looked down the dark street. A girl waked alone down the street. Her long, red hair and white dress wiggling after her. Cooper saw at the way she acted that she wasn't a hooker. She looked around, towards the Seafood-shop and towards Cooper. She took her bag closer to her chest and speeded up so much that she was almost running.

Hawkes looked down. He felt weird, like he wasn't well. He took and opened the container and searched for some food. He had experienced that he couldn't eat the shrimps 'cause he got sick last time he had eaten them.

He found a baloney sandwich and smelled it. Hungry he took a bite. He looked a little longer until he found some fish. Sushi to be exact. He took it in the little black bag he had found for a few weeks ago.

Quickly he ran down the street. Past the drug-dealers and the other InVitros. Past the houses and night-clubs with the hookers and strippers, towards an empty passage.

He sat down, eating the Baloney. He looked at the comic strip he had found and smiled. He heard a soft sound from the corner and spotted a little red cat that looked curious at him before remembering. Cooper laughed. The cat smelled in the air.

"Come on, Philadelphia," Hawkes whispered.

The cat heard her name and walked softly towards him. She stroke against his leg and sat down in front of him.

"Look what I got for you," Cooper told the cat. He took out the fish. "Here you go, my friend."

Miaow was the response Hawkes got as the cat started eating. He stroke the cat gently over the back.

Cooper looked down the dark streets of Philly and the light of the night-clubs. Feeling more hate and fear against the Natural Born he made himself comfortable. As soon as the cat was finish with its food she laid down in his arms.

Cooper felt the warmth from the small cat's body and fur and laughed slightly. He took the cat and laid it on his chest. The cat purred and made itself comfortable.

"Good night, Philadelphia," he whispered.

The cat licked his face and lay down to sleep. Cooper closed his eyes away from the bad world in with he lived and slept with his cat Philadelphia in his arms. Until next morning, he was happy.

The End


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