Ode to Colonel McQueen by Jessica Fry

He stands tall.
He stands proud.
He gives a reason to form a crowd.
Gawking we may do a bit.
But without him 
we would throw a fit.
When we first saw him,
                                                        our eyes they grew wide.
We started to giggle,
                                                    and get warm and fuzzy inside.
A man of power.
A man of strength.
And for the 58th,
                                                     he would go to great lengths.
Our Colonel, he is vulnerable,
                                                     and we've seen but a glimpse.
But it's covered by a cool exterior,
                                                          that is the thing of myths.
Yes, he stands tall.
Our Colonel he stands proud.
He may want to be on his own,
                                                   but as long as he's still breathing,
                                                             he'll never be alone.
© Jessica Fry 1998

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