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Nobody's Song

I was born at 18, nothing more than a child

You did your best to teach me; monitor-mine

I did the things you asked - and l never ran wild.

Seems I turned out just peachy; monitor-mine

I studied so hard, learned my lessons so well

You never had to beat me; monitor-mine

Did you ever care - that I lived in Hell?

'Coz I trusted you completely; monitor-mine

Did I make you proud, the first time I killed?

He did his best to reach me; monitor-mine

Or did it make you sick - all the blood that was spilled?

I gutted him so neatly; monitor-mine

You gave me my life, then you made me your slave

Just how is it you see me? monitor-mine

I have to work for you - until I find my grave.

I now see things so clearly; monitor-mine

An In-Vitro am I, though you call me 'Tank'

I know just how you see me; monitor-mine

Made from one woman's egg - and one sperm from a bank

But my life will cost you dearly; monitor-mine

You trained me to kill, then you sent me to die

You're not so clever really; monitor-mine

But I learned how to live - and I learned how to lie

There's no more you can teach me; monitor mine

Now I have returned, and your life's in my hands

Aren't you pleased to see me; monitor-mine?

If you want to survive - listen to my demands

Or I could gut you neatly; monitor-mine

I just want to live, to love laugh and cry

I think you should hear me; monitor-mine

I want to grow old - and only then to die

So why is it you fear me? monitor-mine

Tell me, why is it you fear me; monitor-mine?

Mogs November/December 1997

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