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Semper Fi, my friends


Mogs Moore

I never wanted this, I never planned
to hold the fates of other people in my hand.

This way was just for me; my life, my needs
To make up for the lonely years spent lost between

a distant childhood and my adult years
when I was left to deal with all my sisters' tears.

I wanted someone else to choose my path
To tell me when to cry or smile and when to laugh

Yet even here where lives are forged anew,
I found that I was placed in charge to mother you.

At first my only thoughts were God, why me?
But slowly we became much more than family

We came through dirt and blood and death and loss,
And somehow never seemed to have to pay full cost.

I thought perhaps, at last, the war was done;
we'd made it through, survived; were able to move on

But this it; I find I've reached my end.
Now all I've left to say is: Semper Fi, my friend.


Mogs Moore

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