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The New Wild Cards - Mission Impossible TWO



Charlie 5

Captain Nathan West heard something from the bushes. He turned around and loaded his rifle. The AI saw her target as he turned around. Felicity OH was thankful to Alvin for leading the Marine's attention away from the place where she was. She quickly stepped out from her hiding-spot and knocked the young man out cold.

"West? West!" Alvin and Felicity heard a female voice yell.

"Take her from the left," Alvin ordered. Felicity nodded.

"Hi, honey!" Alvin yelled.

The girl looked at him, holding her rifle. "Bye, bye, bye," she said and fired just as Felicity knocked her out too.

Alvin hit the ground. Felicity runned towards him. "Alvin? Alvin, answer me," she demanded.

Alvin looked at his guerrilla-leader. "I can't make it…bip…cold…damn…bip…d-d-d-d-d-death I-I-is c-c-c-coming…" then the silicate shut down.

Felicity took her new prisoners by their feet, leaving Alvin to lay there.

"Damn pleasure-model," she snapped and dragged the two soldiers towards the bunker.

Bravo 8

"Damn!" Cooper yelled. "They've got Schjerven and West!"

Lieutenant Beate Bertheussen looked.

"Yep" she replied. "We have to contact Queen6."

"No, remember Bill C and Malcolm X. We are better off getting them back ourselves!" Hawkes prepared his rifle and sidearm.

"You're nuts! There's no way we two can defeat 10 AI's! It is insane!" Beate stepped in front of Coop.

"Listen here, girl. Nathan isn't just some normal Marine, I owe him my life and now he needs the favor. I am an InVitro, I was made to defeat those things," Hawkes said. "Besides I don't wanna you to come. It's to dangerous."

Bertheussen smiled sad. "I'm coming with you, Coop. I am a Marine. Remember: Semper fi, Semper fi, Marine Corps way is do or die. This is my chance."

The Bunker

Nathan woke up, feeling like he had been beaten over his head with a Chig. He looked around. He was in a little room, he guessed that it was in the bunker. He remembered…some of what had happened. He had been a fool, not trusting his instinct enough. He saw Anne on the floor. She had been hit bad, blood running from a cut on her forehead. He took her in his arms, trying to wake her up. A Silicate entered.

"Hello, loverboy. How is everything going?" he said. He was made to look like a man in his 40's. White short hair, a black suit and so on. He looked at Schjerven.

"Ah, isn't that beautiful…She is pretty, that one. Better keep her then."

"Go to hell!"

"Oh-uh, you scare me…West, Nathan. But remember: you aren't in any position to hurt me. I am Bill C-23. And I remember you, West, Nathan…You are Kylen Celina's boy" he walked to Nathan, taking his hand and pressed it hard. Nathan tried to get away, but the Silicate was too strong.

"Yes, yes…what happened? Didn't she want you anymore? Did she see what a wimp you are? Yes…yes."

Nathan felt the pain, he knew that the AI was gonna break his hand. He looked the Silicate into the eyes -artificial eyes- he thought.

"You son of a bitch" West said. "Don't you know that a Cobra can bite?"

"Well, you ain't a Cobra…" the AI was interrupted by Anne, who had woken up while West was talking.

She kicked the AI and took his knife. "He ain't a Cobra, but I am." she told the Silicate. "Get up!"

Bill C stood up, looking at Schjerven. "Well, well, well. You are a pretty one. But you can't get away. There more Silicates outside, you will be shot."

"At least I will die with a fight, I ain't a quitter," she replied a matter of factly. The door opened and Malcolm X entered with a strange weapon. "Drop the knife. And step out, both of you or I will shoot you with my dracon-beamer," the AI said cold. He was made to look like a man in his 20's. Anne dropped the knife and walked out with her head high, followed by West. Anne and Nathan took a good look around, knowing that they might need to know everything about this place to break out. Felicity Oh entered. She smiled at her new prisoners. "Hi, friends. Let me see" she said and walked to the lieutenant. Felicity took her hand over the cut. Schjerven looked like she didn't care, not an emotion in her eyes.

"Oh, I haven't seen you before, what's her name, Bill?"

Bill smiled. "Schjerven, Anne Sigrid, Lt. Norwegian Army."

Felicity looked surprised. "Oh I see… Whatever. Still we want to know what you are doing here on NRK."

"We are looking for a new TV-show. Like 'Animorphs', or maybe 'Jett Jackson'" Anne answered coldly.

"Well, well, well. A comedian. Funny, really funny. Can I keep her, Felicity?" Malcolm asked.

"No one keeps me. I am a human being, not a thing!" Schjerven exploded. "Just keep your hands off me, freak!"

"Throw them in again. Tomorrow you can have your way with her, Malcolm," Felicity ordered and pointed at the door.

Bravo 8

Bertheussen moved towards the back, her hand on her sidearm and her rifle on her hip. She took her hair back and decided to cut it when she was through with this mission. She backed to meet Hawkes back to back. "Okay, if we flank from the left and if they get the point it should go" "Nathan is smart. He'll get it. My problem is that we can't get in, we can only keep them occupied" Hawkes marked. "Well, that time, that problem. Let's get it done" she took her rifle and moved down the wall. "Ready? Fire!" They fired at the AI's.

Alpha 3

Captain Shane Vansen sat up as she heard the gunfire. She looked at Phousse. "Send out a Broken Arrow," Shane ordered.

Vanessa turned on the radio. "Queen6 this is WildCards, Queen6 this is WildCards,"

"WildCards, this is Queen6. What's the problem?" McQueen asked coldly.

"We are hearing gunfire and Charlie 5 is not responding. Bravo 8 is attacking the Bunker from the left. Broken Arrow, repeat, Broken Arrow," Phousse told him.

"We are picking you up, stay put until further notice," Tyrus Cassius McQueen ordered.

"Roger that, Queen6. Over and out," Vanessa looked at Polo. "This isn't looking to well I am afraid."

Charlie 5, the bunker

West looked up. "It is Cooper. We have to get out."

"I have a plan" Schjerven replied. "How good are you in fighting?"


"I mean, can you karate? Judo? Boxing? Football?" she asked, taking out a round object.

"I can karate," he said, looking strangely at her.

"Yell for the guard and prepare to run," she told him.

"Okay…that is a new one…" he paused and cleaned his throat. "Guard!! Guard! She's dying!!"

The Elroy El-model opened the door, not prepared for the round object that hit his head. West took the gun from Elroy and shot him. The AI fell to the ground.

"What the hell was that?" Nathan asked.

"A basketball, all right? I used a damn basketball to distract him," Anne said frustrated. "And I'm gonna use it again and again until we are out of here, so MOVE!"

Nathan couldn't help himself so he laughed all the way to the center of the Bunker. Schjerven took out a C-670 and threw it at the napalm.

"Let's get the hell out of here," she told him.

West nodded and threw a glance towards the room were they had come from.

"They are coming after us…by the way, how did you get the C-670?"

"Found it on Elroy…After a life in 2000 you learn that anything can get useful, even the slightest thing. Must be 'cause of to many episodes of MacGyver," she looked at him. "This is just off the record," she said, pulling him closer and kissed him. She let him go and laughed.

"Now I have done that too. Let's go!"

Nathan ran after her. Stunned, no…he was more surprised. Still it had been good, but he knew she just did it for the fun of it. But West allowed himself to romanticize it, as he always had done in such situations.

Bravo 8

Hawkes saw West and Schjerven running and yelled to Beate: "They are coming, give them a hint!"

Bertheussen fired two shots in the air and West turned and ran towards them. Schjerven followed him shortly, firing at the AI's too stupid or too stubborn to know that they didn't stand a chance.

Schjerven jumped down in the foxhole, looking at Bertheussen. "It's gonna blow. Contact Alpha 3 and tell them that they should get as far away a possible."

Beate nodded and turned on the radio. "Alpha 3, this is Bravo 8. The bunker is HOT. Get so far away as you can."

"Roger that, Bravo 8. Is Charlie 5 with you?"

"5 O'clock Charlie has landed and we are ready to get the hell outta here," Beate replied shaking. "Semper Fi."

"Semper Fi, guys. Good luck" Vansen's voice disappeared.

"We don't have time to get away," Hawkes said a matter of fact. "If we dig us in we can stand a chance."

"Do we have time?" Beate asked him.

"We are four, it can be done and it's our best shot."

"What the hell are we standing here for then? Let's get motivated, ladies," Schjerven smiled and started digging as fast as she could. The rest of the two teams joined her.

USS Saratoga

McQueen looked out of the window in the Tun, knowing that there was nothing he could do for his kids. He ordered another shot of Whiskey. He looked at the other squadrons that where there. Some rookies, not older than that Polo-kid. One of them walked towards him.

"Colonel McQueen? My name is Private Jane Hunnicutt and I just wanna say how much I admire you and the 127th"

Ty looked down in the glass. "Thanks kid."

"Ever been in a Zero-gravity chamber?" she tried.

McQueen's mind drifted towards Winslow. He remembered that time when she had tried that line…How innocent she had looked.

Her lips…, McQueen thought that she had the same lips as Bertheussen. Funny, how you can see such things sometimes. McQueen stood up and stepped out, not noticing the Private.

"Ah, you did your best," one of the enlisted guys told Hunnicutt.

"He is just some dumb Tank, nothing to see." the other guy marked.

"I guess you are right" Jane told them, taking another sip from her Jim Beam.

Alpha 3

Vansen, Polo and Phousse runned away from the bunker. Of some reason Shane felt the urge to turn around and join Nathan and Cooper. At least they where together. Shane knew that there was a 50 % chance for that Nathan and Hawkes didn't survive, but she kept the faith at the other 50 %. Polo grinned.

"Guess that I was right. They aren't getting spammed, they are getting barbecued"

Non of the others laughed. Phousse felt the lump in her throat. She just wanted to wake up from this nightmare and discover that she was back home with her family and there was no war, no 58th and no Saratoga.

They keep on running until they hear the explosion from the bunker.

The bunker

A face smiled as the napalm caught fire. The AI looked at the flames and laughed. His face was yellow and red from the flames but he kept smiling. His little eyes and the snake-like way he smiled were one of the things that showed that he was a Sewell-model.

"58th is back on the run," he said seconds before the whole damn thing blew up.

Bravo 8 and Charlie 5

They had just covered the 4-meter deep foxhole when they heard the explosion. Anne looked up, scared. She stepped back and was met by another frightened face, Nathan's. The group looked up before thinking that they should take cover. Cooper covered Beate and Nathan covered Schjerven's face. They could feel the heat even though they where under the ground.

"Oh man, Marco was right…who wanna be slightly barbecued?" Bertheussen whispered.

"I don't know…but I ain't giving up the hope that we might survive," Cooper muttered.

The group started to sweat. It was getting really hot in there. Schjerven opened the top of her flight-suit, thinking that she would be better off in a tee shirt. The rest followed her example. Suddenly Beate started singing and the rest joined her.

"It ain't gonna rain no more no more, it ain't gonna rain no more, so how can I ever wash my face, if it ain't gonna rain no more"

"It ain't gonna rain no more no more, it ain't gonna rain no more, so how can I ever wash my hair, if it ain't gonna rain no more"

"It ain't gonna rain no more no more, it ain't gonna rain no more, so how can I ever wash my neck, if it ain't gonna rain no more…"

Alpha 3, the LZ

Shane, Phousse and Marco were silent. They where sitting in the ISSCV knowing…believing that the rest of the 58th were dead. Vansen looked down on the arm-brace she had gotten from Nathan last Christmas. She tried to keep her tears at bay but she didn't succeed. Phousse laid a conforming hand on Vansen's shoulder, trying to help her friend. Vansen look up.

"Nathan…and Cooper" Shane said trough her tears. "I…oh God, not them…"

Marco looked out of the window and saw the burning bunker. There was 500 meters around the bunker in flames and Polo knew that no one could survive those flames. He looked at Shane.

"It will be burning for at least 2 hours…"

One of the Marines that had picked them up walked towards them. The Private looked at them. "

"Who are you?" she asked.

"The 58th" Damphousse replied automatic.

"Oh…you are legends."

"Not any more ..." Shane said.

The private walked way, leaving the members alone with their sorrows. God knows they had plenty of that…

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