Life's Painting
--as diverse and complicated as our beloved Colonel--

Once I was alone, bare, unfettered
Until someone came along and shaped me
Into something special.

Warm color strokes cross the canvas
To show me friendship with the creator.

Dark, bold strokes show the harshness toward the world.
Various strokes of color,
Blend into one scene;
With hues that show my mixed feelings of hope.

Thick paint is blotted on
The surface to create me.
The beach of browns and grays,
The most difficult things in my life right now.

The turbulent ocean,
Painted in blue and green and violet,
Are the good times I want to share.

There's a small trace of black:
It's the danger in my life right now
That's still obvious me.

And finally the sunset,
The end of it all; it hangs in the horizon.

As I remember back,
I see those moments in my life
Represented in the water.

There was all the love I had to give,
And all I hoped to receive,
Was vivid in that glorious sea.

Life is not simple:
It has different levels
And is varied as a painting.

© Jessica Fry 1998

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