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Last Thoughts



The blast of the missile shakes the APC
The smoke chokes me though I try to keep firing

Then nothing -
I fall into oblivion -
Everything dissolves.

No sound escapes my mouth
and I remember that
In space no one can hear me scream

I'm holding my breath
Fearing that this is the very last one.

I can't think - everything rushes by.
I remember faces, Stroud,
Hawkes, Vansen, West -

Vanessa -
Sweet genteel Vanessa,
How can I leave you now?
Now that peace is so near
In our reach?

I'm falling - it is cold.

Vanessa, I'm sorry
I cannot keep my promise
I wish I would have kissed you more
Than once.

Down on Iffus - amidst this madness.
Vanessa, forgive me.

I'm falling - there is no cold, no pain.
I'm falling - spinning



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