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Ice And Fire


Muriel J Moore

His look is filled with ice and fire
Pale eyes so full with darkened soul.
His frozen glance burns with desire
still caged in steel, chained up, controlled.

Child of man, without a mother;
fatherless, alone, unloved.
Still his being moves many others,
This iron fist, in velvet gloved.

As cold as granite, hard as iron;
Yet hot as magma, soft as lead.
A warrior to be relied on;
a poet who will mourn his dead.

Bringing death to mankind's rivals
Giving life to those he trains.
In teaching youthful 'Cards survival,
He learns from them; a parent's pain.

Silently in midst of battle
He rages at the senseless death.
Yet hearing loud the sabre's rattle;
Would gladly draw his final breath

To teach his masters he is worthy
To learn why they would spurn his kind.
Would gladly take that final journey
Though yearning for those left behind.

His soul is filled with ice and fire,
His heart; a mix of rage and grace.
Surrounded by those who would admire;
Yet alone among the human race.

Mogs April 1999

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