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Home Is Where The Heart Is


Anne Celina

"Leave me alone!" she yelled as the AI dragged her away from the threes. "No!"

The In Vitro girl had stopped fighting against the four robots and was now looking at her friend who hadn't given up yet. She watched in agony as the AI kicked her friend in the stomach before dragging her away after her long hair. "Assholes" Amy Nicholas said calmly. Her blonde hair was stuck to her forehead. She was a rather well build In Vitro. A good worker, like she was designed.

They had managed to stay hidden from the Aliens and the Silicates for a few weeks, but as soon as they tried to reach the Army Space Carrier that had taken Mike they had been captured. And her human friend was too stubborn or too thick headed to realize that to fight them didn't help.

It wasn't even Amy's idea to come here; it was the government's stupid idea. She was one of the Tellus replacements. She had gotten to know that she wasn't so popular because some of the people who were thrown off were family, good friends and good colonists. She had taken one of the mechanic's places. She was supposed to make the ovens, robots and whatever jingle-jangle that the colony could use.

The other mechanic stood up and rubbed her soar arm. "Okay, okay" she said as the Silicate pushed her. "No need to use violence"

Amy had to smile at that. No need to use violence…how stupid was this NB anyway? Not stupid, she knew that well. This woman was smart, clever and not a too bad human. Amy had gotten to know from Ashred that she was supposed to go to Tellus with her boyfriend, and that she was his replacement. Many other's shared her fate.

They reached a hut. The AIs pushed them in and left. Amy looked at her friend. "Nice going, Kylen"

Kylen Celina stood up and walked to her friend. "It was worth a try" she started and looked Amy in the eyes. "Like you wouldn't go for it"

"That's different," Amy said in a low voice. "I'm a Tank"

A few weeks back, Kylen would agree. But after living from hand to mouth with this smartass In Vitro, she had to disagree. "What's different? You have a heart, a brain and blood in your weans. No different that me" she paused. "We don't have the luxurious to have racism here, Amy"

Amy laughed and sat down, right beside Russell and Mary. "Well, you seemed to have plenty when you got here"

Kylen smiled. Yes, when she first saw Amy she hated her. She had literally taken over Nathan's place in the Colony. Her sweet Nathan…

Amy knew the look in her friend's eyes. She turned to face Russell. "Think they will be looking for us?" she asked him.

Russell rubbed his face. "I sure hope so. But if they have already been here…" he paused.

"The Planet is hot," Scotty said from one of the corners of the hut. "They won't send anyone in"

"If only--" Kylen started, but Mary Gavin stood up angry.

"If only what? If only your famous Nathan West was here? If he was here, he would be dead!" she yelled to Kylen. "I am sick and tired hearing about your boyfriend, Kylen. Nathan this and Nathan that. He is on Earth, safe and alive. He doesn't give a rats ass about you, me or the colony"

Kylen jumped on Mary and started slamming her fits in the other woman. "That! Is! Not! True!" she yelled.

Amy grabbed her arm and threw her in the wall. Not hard, but with enough force to make Kylen stop. "That's enough! We are all tried here and beating each other's ass into next week ain't helping us. So step down"

Mary Gavin looked at Kylen. "Sorry" she said. "It's just so…unfair that you have someone back when Bill…" her voice trailed off.

Kylen nod and hugged the woman who burst into tears. The aliens had killed Billy Gavin right after the landing. Mary put her hands in her pockets and pulled out a notebook paper. "I found this…down by the shuttle" she gave it to Kylen. "I guess it is yours"

Kylen looked at the paper and her eyes filled with tears. What she saw was the handwriting she had seen before. "…We'll sit alone on a dark chunk of ice on the top of the world. And the stars above, beyond and between us will never shine brighter as we drift away into space…" she smiled. "Yours faithfully, Nathan" she noticed that many of the survivors were smiling.

"Now, that is one of the best ways to sack a girl" Russell marked grinning. "Nathan sure has it"

"I hope they didn't find Theresa and Kyoko" Amy marked, braking the mood.

"They haven't" Kylen said a matter of factly. "If they had, they would be here by now"

Suddenly the hut-door was opened and an Alien walked in. It pointed at Kylen and two AIs entered. "NO!" Kylen yelled scared as they grabbed her.

Amy looked away -she had an idea what the Silicates could do. To her surprise they just escorted Kylen out of the hut. "May God have mercy over her" Mary added sadly. It seemed like there was no hope for Kylen.

Kylen walked over the field. AIs, Aliens and spacecrafts surrounded her. After five minutes walk she was pushed inside another hut and the door was closed behind her. A smell filled the room -the smell of the enemy. She sat down and looked at the alien who was standing by the door. "I Marugh" it said.

Kylen almost had a heart attack. It speaks my language…If it says 'we come in peace' I'll kill it, she thought. She pointed at herself. "Kylen" she said, looking at the Alien.

"Marugh boss" it said. Kylen thought it meant that it was in charge for the alien force on Tellus. She nodded. "Marugh your tongue not speak well"

This is gettin' stupid, she said to herself. "Am I a Prisoner?" she asked. The alien, Marugh, titled its head like a dog that didn't understand. "What do you want?" she asked, this time gesturing while she spoke.

"You teach Marugh"

Kyle frowned. She was going to teach an alien English? Why couldn't the Silicates do that? She realized that that was what they had done. But now it wanted a new teacher, a human teacher. "I am a mechanic," she said calmly and slowly. "I am a human"

"You taratahh" it said. She looked at it puzzled. Was it teaching her its language? "Red stink creature"

Kylen grinned. "Red what?" she looked at her cut on her arm. "This?" she asked. "This is blood"

"Smells" the alien said and sat down heavily.

You don't smell like roses either, Kiddo, Kylen smiled. "I see," she said finally.

"Marugh leave now. Come back after orders" it said before leaving Kylen to the dark.

Marugh walked quickly down the path to the main spacecraft. Now I will understand the Taratahh's tongue, he thought happy. As the scientist of the group, it was Marugh's duty to take a close study on these primitive humans -as they called themselves. And now that he had one to teach him…

He walked in, nodding the guard away. After setting the call destination he sat down and waited until the head of H'ka showed up. "Great emperor" he said, waving his hand in admiration. "I come here with great news"

"It better be" H'ka said harsh. "I was just about to eat"

"We cached two Taratahh today, great master" Marugh said proud. "One of those are what the noble Silicates call a 'Tank'"

"I understand" H'ka replied, not too keen to Marugh's disappointment.

"I have managed to communicate with one of them. It calls itself 'Kylen'. Very ugly, indeed, but I think it is intelligent" Marugh explained his master.

H'ka looked puzzled and Marugh envied the fact that he wasn't wearing a suit. "Very well, Marugh. I am pleased with your work so far" the screen went black.

Marugh relaxed as soon as H'ka was gone. He nodded to the next user of the screen and walked out.

"I don't believe this!" Mary said shocked. "An alien who speaks English?"

"Sound like Star Trek to me" Russell whispered.

Kylen had told the story to the rest of the survivors, who were both, surprised and shocked. Kylen stood up. "Or Babylon 5, Star Wars or any other TV show with aliens. Your point, Russ?"

"I don't get it" Mary shook her head. "Why are they doing this?"

"They call us 'Red stink creatures,'" Kylen said in a low voice. "They think our blood smells bad"

"Like they smell any better" Louise Brown spat out, her red spike cut hair black under the dirt.

"Let's see if we got-" she stopped as she saw two Silicates enter.

"Follow us" Felicity OH-734 said in a flat tone. "Justin, tie 'em up"

Justin NS-245 held out the robes and chains. The colonists knew better than to resist as he tied their hands in front of them. Then he took out a foot chain, which he used to tire their feet, making them take small steps to walk. Then he linked them together.

"You" Felicity said to Kylen. "Stay"

Kylen looked at Amy, who was escorted out with the rest of the survivors. Not many seconds later a Chig appeared in the hut door. Kylen bit her lip, hoping it was Marugh. "Kylen"

Kylen smiled. "What's wrong?" she asked, looking puzzled.

"Planes from Earth. One shot down. One run" Marugh told her.

"Nathan" she whispered. "Please, God. Don't let him be hurt. If it is him, don't let him be hurt" It sounded selfish, she knew that, but the hope was still in her heart.

The alien looked at her, his head once again titled, like a dog waiting for its owner. "Who?"

"My boy friend" she said. Seeing the alien didn't understand the term she searched her head for another word. "My mate-to-be" she smiled. Even though Nathan hadn't popped her THE question, they had planned since they became colonists. They were going to get married as soon as they had settled down on Tellus.

"Mate-to-be here?" Marugh asked Kylen. "Mate to be not on Space craft?"

Kylen shook her head. "Mate-to-be...Nathan West was not on the colony. He is home"

"Where home?"

Kylen smiled, wiping away a tear. "Where the heart is..." she shook her head. "Earth"

"We go now" Marugh said and took her by the arm. "We leave. Position dangerous. We leave now"

"Serious, Marugh. I can't see why you want to learn from the Carbonite" Elroy EL sneered at the Chig.

Marugh waved Elroy off with his hand. He had gotten quite good in reading tones of voice and facial expressions on humans. "Because" he finally said, surprising Elroy. "I want it"

It had been four months since they had left Tellus, and Marugh had gotten a few new CO-workers. Such as Elroy EL and Felicity OH-546. Not to mention Max IF-346 and the other Silicates. Marugh just didn't trust them. And now, on Kazbec, he had learned to dislike them more. "Is this about that Carbonite I borrowed?" Elroy asked worried. "I didn't mean to kill him"

"Ethan" the Chig said in his own tongue, knowing the Silicate understood. "That was the human's name. You know that. And I am mad, Elroy. To kill an Intelligent being is against everything we stand for"

"We made a clone" Elroy said, hoping to please the Chig. "They won't notice he is dead-"

"I told her" Marugh answered. "I told Kylen about what happened"

"You what?" Elroy looked slightly shocked. "Why the hell did you do that?" he hissed.

"Because" Marugh answered in English, grinning devilish under his helmet. "I wanted to" He stood up, facing the Silicate and continuing in his own languish. "I am not sure if you are aware of this, Elroy. But I am here to make sure peace comes fast. And if talking their tongue is what is going to make that peace, I am willing to do this. These Humans are smart. They are very intelligent species. Like you said, it only took 66 Earth-years from humans to fly to landing on the moon. It took us three times that time. That's why the counsel is worried. That are afraid humans will take over"

Elroy understood. "Well, just don't tell EVERYTHING to that Carbonite" he mumbled and left.

Amy wiped the sweat of her forehead. "My back hurts" she marked and looked at Kylen.

"Mine too" she admitted, grinning savagely. "If we are lucky Marugh will drop us some extra food and water"

"Where's Ethan?" Mary Gavin asked as she looked around.

"He's dead," Kylen said without emotion. "Elroy killed him"

"My God"

Kylen looked at the AIs guarding. "I don't think even God can help us now" she whispered as she looked at the robots. "Not even God"

Amy bend close in. "Whatever may be going on with that Chig, remember our friends on Tellus. Remember Overmeyer, Brown, Billy Gavin and the others on your team" she looked into Kylen shocked eyes. "The last thing we need is someone with the Stockholm-syndrome"

"Never no more" she said and looked at Amy, smiling.

"Never again" Amy nodded and went back to mining.

"The sentry is out" Felicity said. "And we have a message"

Marugh nod and Brandon played of the message. "This is Lieutenant Nathan West, 58th Squadron, United States Marine Corps, Planet Earth! Open wide you Chig Bastards!"

Marugh looked at Brandon. The voice had been from a young human male. It was filled with anger; hate, fear and possible even the knowledge of the end. The Chig suddenly remembered something Miss Kylen Celina had said. Something about her mate-to-be...wasn't his name West? He couldn't remember. "Bring Celina here" he ordered.

Minutes later Kylen was brought in. Her head was high and she walked like she was a star and the Silicates were her bodyguards. She sat down. "Yes?" she asked.

Marugh nodded to Brandon and the AI grinned. Kylen's eyes widened as a so familiar and dear voice came. A voice, which she thought, she would never hear again. "This is Lt. Nathan West, 58th Squadron, United States Marine Corps. Planet Earth! Open wide you Chig Bastards!"

Her lower lip started shaking. Nathan. His voice. She could almost see him, standing in the schoolyard wearing that red jacket, the familiar smirk on his face. Bastards...yes, that was the kind of word he would use. A stupid word that didn't cover his emotions. Like shit, a term he used more often. She felt tears running down her cheeks. He was looking for her. It was a war and he was looking for her. We'll sit alone on a dark chunk of ice on the top of the world. And the stars above, beyond and between us will never shine brighter as we drift away, into space...

He had no idea how right he had been. But how did the silicates get this tape? She looked at Marugh through tear-wet eyes. "How?"

"Someone bombed us in one of our own planes" Brandon said. "And it seems to me like Mr. Loverboy did it"

"A kamikaze-run" Felicity walked towards Kylen. "But just in case"

Kylen looked horrified and tried to scream, but in the next moment it all turned black...

She woke up; hour later, to discover that she was tied up. "There, there" a familiar voice said. "Nothing to worry about." She jerked her head up and saw herself standing there, smiling. "After all, you are Kylen"

"No..." Kylen screamed. "NO!"

"Kylen" Marugh released her. "Don't"

Kylen looked at the clone. "No...You can't...."

"Follow me" Marugh took her gently by the arm and led her out of the room, towards the cell. "Your mate is alive. We use clone to save us. You cannot see mate"

"You don't understand," she cried. "He'll know. He'll figure it out. We were together. We have been together since high school. He knows every inch of my body, my soul...my mind" she looked at him as he closed the cell door. "I love him"

"You see him," Marugh said, his short tongue giving the words a soft lisp.

* Marugh's eyes followed him as he walked by. He smelled of that stuff Kylen called blood. He was silent and kind of dragging his feet as he walked. Marugh had never seen a human soldier up close, and now that he saw one, he didn't know what to feel. The Silicates behind him pushed him. The man shook them off.

"Oh my God" Mary said. "Kylen...look!"

Kylen ran to the bars just in time to see the prisoner walk by. "Nathan!" she yelled, her eyes filling with tears of despair and joy over seeing him alive. "NATHAN! Nathan, its Kylen!"

The man reacted, taking a swing at the Silicate. Kylen saw his face; his bleeding lip and his eyes filled with...something-named love. He looked older, but those eyes were the same. "Kylen!" he yelled as two Silicates took him and dragged him away.

Kylen had waited so long to hear him say her name, and even in this situation it was heaven. She stared as his form fainted as he was dragged further and further away. Mary smiled happy at Kylen. "He's here, that means people are looking for us"

But Scotty looked darkly after the Silicates. "My dad was a POW with the CC in '55. They do thing to you..." his voice died. "We are POWs, and they have done things to some of us. But the soldiers get it worse than us..."

As he said that, Kylen lifted her shirt and looked at her belly. Just below the navel there was a small cut. She bit her lip for not to cry. Amy looked at it. "I'm sure they didn't take anything. You look alright" she tried to calm Kylen down, but when her soothing words didn't help she shook Kylen hard. "Right now, you have bigger concerns than if you can carry a baby" she hissed.

Kylen nodded, forcing herself to stay calm. "Okay" she whispered. Then she smiled. "He came after me..."

Amy kinda understood, and she was glad that this Nathan guy had showed. She had started to see her friend's faith die out, the hope. And Kylen had a control over the others. Her mood went over to them. And now they were all hopeful. But there was a few who weren't. Like Scotty, Evens, Peterson and Nova -three of them In Vitros. A Nipple neck, a Tank. They were harassed and tortured by the Silicates. Of some reason they stayed clear away from her and Kylen. They didn't attack the women, only the men. Still, this didn't stop Felicity and Janet from teasing her, for being the only Tank lady left alive.

Kylen looked at her friend, who was covering her navel with her hand, not really knowing she did that. Kylen gently removed the hand and smiled at her friend. "Why do you do that?" she smiled.

Amy glanced at Scotty and the others. "Just do, I guess. Most Tanks do that sometimes"

Kylen nodded her cheeks red from seeing Nathan again. If only she could feel his touch...she shook off the feeling. The last thing she could be now was sappy.

"It's true" Scotty smiled. "They say he got out"

Three days later, the POWs were still waiting to be rescued. They had heard screaming, yelling and firing a day ago, and were sure the Marines had gotten out. "But why haven't they gotten us yet?" Kylen asked. "He said he would come"

"They must have dished us" Amy cut in, looking worse than ever.

"I really can't-" she stopped as a Carlton TP model entered the cell.

"You follow" it said to Kylen and took her arm. She went along without a word, hoping that nothing would happen to her. She entered a small room where the familiar smells of Marugh hang in the air.


She smiled and sat down. At least she would have a chance to find out something about Nathan. "Marugh"

"Mate-to-be gone. Marines got him. Take fuel. We have to move now"

Kylen looked at him shocked, surprised and a bit angry. "I need to know. What did they do to him?" When Marugh did not respond she grabbed his communication horn on the front of the suit. "Answer me!"

Marugh took her hand. "Nothing. He got away"

Kylen let go and started sobbing softly. Why were they not being saved? Why?

13 Months. She had counted. It had been 13 months since they were taken, give or take a few weeks. Amy sat back, looking at Kylen. She suffered from a broken spirit. Amy herself suffered from no spirit at all. Not much for a Nippleneck to do except wait for death.

According to Marugh, the humans were winning this war little by little. Kylen did not know if Nathan was alive or dead. Amy wished for her sake that he was alive.

Marugh entered, his whole position looking a bit different. "You are free," he simple said.

Kylen stood up, looking at him. "What? We...we are free?"

Marugh nodded. "We are turning you to the Humans. As an peace offering"

Mary let out a short laughter and hugged Scott. Kylen smiled and hugged Marugh. "Thank you, my friend"

"I am leaving. I must be on my way to see the human leaders" Marugh explained. His English was scary human-like. He waved a farewell to Kylen and left.

She was sleeping, actually, she was dozing. Suddenly she felt a flashlight on her face. She opened her eyes and looked towards the light. The face behind it…it seemed so familiar. She stared and suddenly she saw him. All this took just a moment. Then he held out his hand to her and she let him drag her up to her feet. She felt dizzy and swayed and he caught her in an embrace. Nathan…

She marveled the smell of him. It was the same smell she had known all her adult life. Cozy, warm and just…wonderful. She felt his arms around her after all this time and she felt…relief. It was over. This war was over.

"Let's get our people out of here. We have Chig fighters 500 MSKs out and closing fast. We are not home yet"

The female voice made Kylen winch and the felt Nathan do the same. He took a deep breath and started helping her and the rest of the hatch.

Kylen turned, looking into his loving eyes. He saw her worry and gave her a small smile of encouragement. "Don't worry, I'm right behind you"

Kylen nodded and started climbing up. An Afro-American woman helped her up. She seemed to be looking at Kylen for a moment before walking with her inside the other ship. It was lightened and she could see how the Marines where looking at her.

A Marine walked through the small Shuttle. "Okay. Strap yourself in!" he said to the colonists as he walked. "This flight's gonna suck and we don't serve peanuts"

Then he went to his position and sat down. Kylen sat down and strapped herself in, a bit confused. They seemed to be moving, but she was unsure. And where was Nathan? She felt her heart jump as the thought came to her mind. The crippled ISSAPC…was Nathan there?

Suddenly the ship moved hard right and Kylen, as well as the others, was thrown to their side. The Marine by the small operative table (she guessed it was guns) started yelling and cursing. What was going on? The rest of the colonists reacted the same way.

Amy took a deep breath. "Great. A In Vitro on the guns. Not to mention that we are now engaging in a fire fight. We should have stayed on Kazbec"

Kylen looked at the woman and actually smiled. Amy's sarcasm was always welcome among the colonists. Especially after all this.

Suddenly, there was an explosion. And something closed. The man at the guns started yelling. "West! West! Are you in position to…" The rest was drowned in the sounds the colonists made.

Nathan…God, Nathan… Kylen rested her head to the straps. Was he alive? And what was going on?

The Marine walked to one of the doors, went in. Then he walked out again and to a panel beside Kylen. She looked at him while strapping herself in more tightly. No way she was getting a whiplash now. A In Vitro. Amy had known…perhaps even smelled him. "Disengaging in Five. Four. Three. Two. One" he turned two switches and the whole carrier went crazy. It was like falling down. But only for a second.

Kylen closed her eyes, thinking about Nathan again. His hair was shorter and his face was…different. He was no longer a boy but a man. And a United States Marine as well. She actually smiled at the thought. Nathan West, raising hell against the Chigs. He looked even more different than he had when she saw him on Kazbec. But looking like him was looking at Heaven.

There was another thumb and the Marine beside her smiled. "We're there" then he walked to the cockpit.

Amy took Kylen's hand and smiled. "Everything is okay now"

Kylen smiled back. "Yes…now everything is okay"

Kylen took a deep smell off the clothes she had on. "It smells so nice" she said to Amy.

The woman grinned. "Yeah. I am so glad we are back on friendly land"

Kylen smiled weakly. "I am going to miss Marugh. But I am not gonna miss the life I have had the last 14 months"

"Please. Who will?" Mary winked and met Kylen's eyes. "Nathan looked good. He is a good man, don't lose him"

Kylen nodded. "I won't"

There he was. He was looking after a two stretch carriers carrying a person away. He looked sad. It was something in the way he stood, the way he held his head…in his eyes.

She approached him with a small smile. "A shower and a meal…and I am gone" she said, her voice bittersweet. She looked into his eyes, feeling pangs of something. Admiration…love.

Nathan looked at her, his voice low and a bit sad. "You've gotta get back to Earth. The war here is gonna get pretty hairy"

"All colonists please board. All flight crew disburse from the loading bay"

Nathan looked away. The time was so short. Kylen looked down and at his hands. He was holding something. She knew what it was. She took up the phototag she had given him so long ago.

Holding it up she pressed the button and heard her own voice. "I believe in you"

She held it close to her mouth and pressed another button. Looking into Nathan's eyes she said, "I believe in all of you"

Nathan looked at her as the a female voice repeated. "Stand by for shuttle departure"

She wanted to say something. To tell him how much she loved him. But as always, Nathan read her. He moved in close, taking her face in his hands and kissing her. She took her arms on around his shoulders and then on his ribcage as their lips met after all this time. It felt so good and it awaked a side of her that had been dead for a very long time. Then the kiss broke off in a hug. A warm, desperate hug. She wished they had time…but they hadn't. They couldn't even talk. She wanted to tell him how much this war had cost her. And she wanted to hear him say how much it had cost him in friends.

She felt another hand tapping her shoulder. She knew what it was about. Yet she closed her eyes and took in the scent of Nathan. She would have to remember that smell for a long time. His skin had that imperfect smoothness after half a day without shaving.

"We are ready to go now, Lieutenant"

The words were sobering for both of them. She felt Nathan's arms tighten for a moment before he let her go. She looked at him and gave him the tags back. Then she stepped into the shuttle. She turned and looked at him with a small smile. A secret smile promising him to be there for him.

He looked so vulnerable and yet so strong standing there. Damn handsome. Their eyes were locked until the shuttle door closed.

Kylen took a shallow breath and closed her eyes. She felt a hand on her shoulder and turned. There was Amy. "We are going home" she said.

Kylen looked at her before asking. "To what?"


Peace. Kylen couldn't believe it. But standing on the Military base waiting for Nathan she knew that this was the truth. She and Nathan had met two times in person after she was saved. And they had written. Kylen heard the sad news of Neil's death from Nathan's former CO, whom she shared the ISSCV with for one week on the way back to Earth.

She held her breath as the shuttle door opened. A few Marines came running out, throwing their covers into the air and yelling terms like 'Hoo-Rah' and 'Yippee'. Kylen smiled and waited.

He walked out. A Major in the United States Marine Corps. Kylen smiled and ran towards him. He grinned and lifted her up, kissing her. "Kylen"

She felt hot tears down her cheeks as she kissed him. "God, I missed you" she whispered, looking at him. "It has been so long"

Nathan smiled as they walked away from the base. "I know. And it is gonna be good to be home again…no matter where we wind up"

Kylen stopped and kissed him. "Nathan…is it-"

"Really the end?" he finished for her. "Yes. The war is over. Tomorrow, the Secretary General will declare peace with the Chigs. It seems like their second Ambassador actually speaks English"

Kylen looked into his eyes. "What is his name?"


Kylen looked at him for a moment, unsure how to react. She actually started laughing. Nathan grabbed her, a worried look on his face. "What is it?" he asked.

"Nathan. We have a lot to talk about. And we have the rest of our life to talk. Right now…I want you for myself. I'm making dinner"

Nathan smiled. "It is true…home is where the heart is"

Kylen winked. "Then you haven't seen nothing yet, Hotshot" she said, her voice light. "Nothing at all"

The End

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