Holding Up the Sky

by M. Wheels

"Tell me - just what is your plan for Miss Celina, Major Howard?" McQueen asked quietly - on the edge.

Barton Howard did not immediately respond to the Colonel's question. He had not underestimated the bond between the two survivors, but he was a bit surprised at Colonel McQueen's insistence. "Colonel McQueen, technically, I have no plans for Miss Celina. She is General Radford's aide - technically."

"And technically, Major Howard, you and I are just two Marine Corps Officers discussing personnel assignments," McQueen said, leaning forward. "Cut the crap. What is going on here?"

"With all due respect, Colonel McQueen, it is 'Need to Know,'" Howard replied.

"And how well do you know Miss Celina, Major?"

"I admire her, Sir. Her resilience and strength. Her intelligence. But, Sir, You are correct, I don't know her well personally." Howard said. McQueen was starting to rattle his cage.

McQueen stood and crossed to Howard. "Let's talk 'need to know' for a moment." He leaned down until his was in the Majors face, effectively pinning the man into his chair. His expression was impassive, his voice was tense and quiet.

"I'll tell you what you need to know about Miss Celina, Major. If - when she finds out you have been manipulating her - using her. You're liable to wake up one night with her fangs in your throat. And I won't do anything to stop her. Hell, I'll hand her the knife so she can finish the job without breaking a sweat."

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