Rating: NC-17 This story contains sex - don't say you didn't know!

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A Little Trifle




It was a bright, sunny summer day, and Dylan was cleaning her kitchen floor, the door open to let in a slight breeze. She jumped as a sharp tap sounded on the door. Turning, she saw her mother, looking furious.

"Dill, I have two burly military types at the gatehouse demanding to see you. They refuse to say why. They only say that they have a message for your eyes only."

Dylan straightened up.

"Well, I guess I'd better see what they want then, hadn't I?"

Putting her mop away, she followed her mother out into the heat of the day.

"It's something to do with that damn tank, isn't it?" her mother scowled.

Dylan grinned. "I hope so, but… " she hesitated, worry creasing her brow, "did they look like they had bad news?"

Her mother stared at her, and shook her head. "No, not especially. They just look like two military thugs, looking very pleased with themselves."

Dylan followed her mother along the path, through a copse of pine trees, and out onto the road next to the gatehouse. Sure enough, there sat a jeep, with two extremely bored looking men sitting in it. At her approach one of them climbed out.

"Ma'am, are you Dylan Mackenzie?" At her nod, he held out a letter. "I need to confirm that it is you, Ma'am, before I can give you this."

Ignoring her mother's puzzled expression, she smiled, glad that Ty had suggested a password. "That's okay." Then she leaned forward and whispered in his ear. He nodded and handed her the letter.

"We are under instructions to wait, Ma'am." he said.

Dylan nodded and turned away from them to read the message.

"Pack a bag…you'll be accompanied to an airbase, and put on a transport to Loxley. I have liberty due. I'll meet you there. Pack enough for a week. For the beach. Hurry. McQueen"

She grinned. * succinct, and to the point.* she thought. She turned back. "I'll be about half an hour, guys. Is that ok?" At his nod, she turned and ran back through the woods.

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