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To Beate -a great friend and inspiration

Enlisting in the Marines



2063, Amity, Long Island, USA

Beate Bertheussen smiled wicked to her boyfriend Mario. They were walking down the beach in the little town Amity in Long Island. Beate laughed softly and dragged him after her to the water.

"Come on" she said softly, her voice sounding like music in the young man's ear. "Wanna go for a swim?"

He stopped. "I don't know, Beate. Haven't you read 'Jaws'?" he said nervous.

Beate laughed again. "That's an old book. Sorry, Mario, but there ain't no sharks here."

"Still… I rather go and do something else," he muttered.

Beate became serious. "Okay, I know what to do. I'm gonna go and enlist."

"What?" he yelled to her.

She smiled. "Mario, I have always wanna try the training! Just like you want to be a cop."

"Yeah, but it ain't the same thing," he said a little hurt.

"Mario, it's just some stupid training. After 4 weeks I am out of there," she told him and kissed him softly.

"Well…let's go and get that done first thing in the morning," he told her.

Beate smiled. "You know…there are still some hours left until morning. I wonder what we can do ..."

"I have an idea," he whispered and took her down with him onto the sand.

Long Island Marine Corps base

Beate threw her dufflebag out with the rest. She looked around. What caught her eye was the young man with the uniform next to the officer-club. She bushed off some dust and got on line before a Drill-sergeant showed up. She had been watching 'An Officer and a Gentleman' with Mario before going out here. The Sergeant showed up. Her brown hair and sunburned face gave her the idee that she was a tough woman. Sergeant Major Cory Richmond looked at her new requites.

"You make me sick!" she yelled. "Look at you, all clean and funny!"

She walked over to a man in the back row. "Hello, BOY! Why are you here?"

"To help my country," he answered.

"Are you a man or a mouse, because I can't here you!" She yelled in his face.

"To help my country, MA'AM!" he yelled.

"Don't eyeball me! You are not a officer so you can't look me into the eye!" she snapped and walked over towards Beate. "Oh, sorry that I annoy you, miss" she said softly to Beate. Too softly. "What's your name?"

"Beate Bertheussen, ma'am" she said, not looking into her sergeant's eyes.

"What movie did you look? Let me see…Armageddon?"

"No ma'am" Beate said, looking at her shoes.

"Don't eyeball me, girl. Or else I will take them out and use them to polish my car!" Cory yelled for the depth of her lounges. Beate looked away.

"Yes, ma'am," she replied.

The Sergeant smiled briefly before yelling again. "Get your gear in and come out here! Move slimballs! Move it!" The poor requites runned inside, getting their gear in.

Fourth week, Long Island USMC-base

The six requites walked laughing into the local bar. "Ah, the Semper Fi, or second home" said Cadet Benjamin Hulahan as the entered.

Beate smiled. "Pour me a shot of Bloody Mary, Jim," she ordered the bartender.

The Bartender gave them what they ordered and smiled. "So, the last week. Who's dropping out?"

"I am," Bertheussen replied dryly. "I have done what I came for. Just to try the ropes,"

"Guessed that. You aren't that Marine-type." the others laughed.

Beate laughed with them. Suddenly General Secretary Chartwell interrupted the soccer game on TV. The crowd started throwing peanuts at the screen. He started his speech. The people in the room were silent afterwards. They stood there looking at each other.

"Looks like you just became a Marine after all, Bertheussen. Wanna have a Martini on the house?"

"Please," she gasped. The thought about a war made her stomach go ballistic.

"Semper Fi. Hope you are lucky," the bartender said.

The End
© Marco

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