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Summary: Leaves off right after the last one. Vansen is trying to pick up the pieces, West is still in sickbay and a new character: Ben Mitchell is introduced who becomes the foe in the story. Which is btw, someone is stalking West. Also this story is incompleted, I'll add more as I go. Thanks Una!!!

Rated Pg for mild language and situations.
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Nathan slowly opened his eyes and instantly began to feel the excruciating amount of pain that circulated throughout his body. He tried to move, but he couldn't. He tried to see where he was, he couldn't. In fact, all he knew that where he was he knew that no could find him, or hear him cry out.

One Week Earlier…

U.S.S. Saratoga
Sickbay Section 36-40
June 20 2065
1800 hours

"…You fly I'll fight"… "It'll double our chances of getting home"… "Semper Fi, my friend"…"Neil it's me!"… "No!"… "Take her home"… "Take them home"… "I'm scared"…Nathan West slowly opened his eyes, and stared up at the sickbay ceiling. Realizing that he was still alive from his near death experience, he tried to move but couldn't. Slightly turning his head to one side to see if there was anyone around, he saw that whoever was sleeping by his side was beginning to wake up.
Instantly, West saw who it was and began to breath sharply…"You went out for her, and you couldn't do that for us could you? Could you!"…. "Shane stop…this isn't you, please!" For a long moment all Vansen and West could do was stare at each other, unable to say a word. Vansen who was still recovering from her injuries as well had spent most of her time in sickbay with West. She knew that within the past year that she had put West through hell, and although it wasn't her fault, she still felt that it was deep down inside. She also knew that at this point things would never be the same again between her and West, but she needed to tell him everything that had happened that night on 2063 Yankee. She also knew that she didn't deserve forgiveness from West, but she was willing to risk everything that she had left so that Nathan would at least understand that she was sorry.

Just as she went to hold West's hand, West's heart monitor starting making rapid and uneven intervals, and West's face showed signs of panic. Immediately Shane stepped back, surprised at Nathan's reaction towards her, just as a medical team entered pulling her aside.

"It's okay, calm down now son, get her out of here nurse." Dr. Brown said while trying to calm Nathan down.

"Captain, I'm going to have to ask you leave sickbay." The nurse said while pulling Shane's arm to get her to move.

With a bit of hesitation, Shane looked at West once more, and then left the room. As soon as Vansen left, West still remained restless forcing Dr. Brown to inject morphine into his arm. Just as West fell back into unconsciousness, Colonel McQueen walked in wanting to know what happened.

"Colonel McQueen, Captain West has just suffered a near panic attack. I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to ask Captain Vansen to stay out of sickbay until he's ready to deal with everything that's happened." Dr. Brown ordered.

"I understand Doctor, I'll inform Captain Vansen right away. McQueen agreed.

USS Saratoga
58th Squadron Quarters
June 20 2065
1900 hours

Shane quietly somberly walked into the room, as the other squadron members stared at her. Sitting down, with her eyes fixed on her squad mates, she quietly sat down on her bed.

"He's awake." Shane stated while staring at empty space.

"How is he?" Hawkes asked.

"I don't know, they threw me out before I could ask him." Shane said while continuously staring into empty space.

"What exactly happened in sickbay, Captain?" Lt. Brown asked.

"I fell asleep by his bedside, then I felt him waking up. The way he looked at me… It was so unforgiving… Vansen said while looking remorseful, yet she didn't feel the urge to cry.

"Can you honestly blame him Shane?" Hawkes retorted, as Shane looked up.

"Look, I didn't even know what was happening inside my head for the past year, and I know West didn't know either, but all that matters right now is that I need to make things right for a change." Shane replied.

"Yeah, that's great Shane that YOU want to make things right with West, but did you think for a second what he wants? For the past two weeks, all I've seen you do is go to sickbay! Look Shane, I'm not saying that you shouldn't care right now; what I'm saying is you should stop forcing things, and let West come to you when he's ready." Hawkes said while getting up and left the room, as Shane looked down.

Shane knew he was right. And besides there were more important things going on right now. She had been cleared by psych analysis, that and she had a war to fight along with the 58th. And she knew that West would have to talk to her eventually, which was something that was worth waiting for.

U.S.S. Saratoga
Sickbay Section 36-40
June 20 2065
2300 hours

Hawkes sat in sickbay and thought about what had happened in the quarters. Even though he knew that he was right about Vansen, he wasn't mad at her. In fact the person that he was mad of right now was himself. He knew that he should have been there for his best friend, and even though he saw that something was wrong, he now realized that he had really done nothing to help in the first place. But then again, he knew that he wasn't really the type to pry.

After sitting with Nathan for a while, Hawkes was about leave but saw a person walking towards them and sat back down.

"Hi?" Hawkes said while looking at the stranger who also seemed to come to visit West. "Hi." Ben Mitchell said while looking at Hawkes inquisitive face.

"Are you going to tell me who you are?" Hawkes asked while mock smiling at Ben.

"Oh, sorry, 1st lieutenant Ben Mitchell, nice to meet you, I'm actually an old high school friend of the Captain. We just saw each other again a couple of weeks ago." Ben said while extending his hand to shake Hawkes'.

"Small world, isn't it?" Hawkes answered.

"So how's he doing? Last I heard he woke up from his mini-coma" Mitchell responded.

"I don't know I just got here myself, but if you ask me personally, I don't think he's not going to be okay for a long while. Hawkes solemnly said

To be continued ...

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