Disclaimer: The characters and situations of the TV programme "Space: Above & Beyond" are the creations of Glen Morgan and James Wong, FOX Broadcasting and Hard Eight Productions and have been used without permission - no copyright infringement intended.

The character of 'Nuke'em' Newson was inspired from a film the title of which I've forgotten, so proper credit cannot be given. Chester and the 122nd squadron are mine.

This is my first attempt at fan-fiction and I don't claim to be a S:AAB fan but I hope that fans will enjoy it. I've tried to get my facts right where possible

Please e-mail me if you have any comments - only constructive criticism please to: mel@opal64.freeserve.co.uk

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Mel Maxwell

Please note, this story is down for an update. Due to changing servers, the story got corrupted during transfer thanks to stupid Java Script additions from the old server :s
I have already contacted the author, but if you have a copy downloaded prior to taking it off the crosswinds and geocities site, please let me know and send the complete file to me for archiving it here again. Thank you.


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