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Hey here's the response to the March challenge, hope everyone likes it. There's also a bit of a lead up to the second part of my story "The Day He Decided.

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1000 Words Challenge - Dear Earth


Daydream Believer

1000 Word Challenge - Dear Earth

Dear Nathan,

The other day, dad and mom were writing you a letter, and since I haven't seen or talked to you in a long while, I thought I write one too. So, how are things going up there in space, I hope you're well, and Neil too. I miss you both. It's not easy being the only West brother left back here at home, you two are basically all the people talk around here you know, and I can't help but just a tiny bit jealous. Who wouldn't be right? A top pilot in one of the best squadrons in the fleet, and a brother following in his footsteps? But don't worry; I know what you would say right now - being a marine, fighting in the war, being a top pilot, isn't what it seems. Don't worry, I know.

Well on a happier note, I made it honors at school again. Looks like I'm catching up with you're perfect record of being both a perfect student and a jock. Yeah you heard me: jock. You're looking at the new left center for the varsity team. I'm also hoping to get into physics as well. But don't worry, I'm certainly not following in your footsteps, you might think I'm cramping your style (Just Joking). Anyways, I sent an email to Neil as well, and I haven't heard back from him yet. You're both stationed on the same ship now right? Is he really busy, or is he just ignoring me? I don't know maybe he's just really busy, and you too, but I've gotten emails from you every time, but ever since Neil's been officially stationed, I haven't heard one word from him. Hope he's not mad at me or anything, he isn't right? Because I really didn't mean to dump all his shaving cream on him while he was sleeping, well maybe a little. Anyways just tell him I'm sorry if you see him will you? I mean I don't blame him for it, it's just he didn't really earth with good terms with me. But he should have gotten over it by now, for out loud it was just a prank!

So I forgot to ask, how are you holding up? I know things haven't been easy for you this year. But don't worry Nathan, you're going to find her. She's out there somewhere, and she's fine. But really I worry about you sometimes. It's like you have to put everyone else first before yourself. Really Nathan, when are going to be happy for once? You don't have to make everyone else around you your first priority you know. But then again it's probably the trait that I'm most jealous of you. Selflessness, I wish I could be more like you there. But hey no one's perfect like you right? Sorry, it's just sometimes, I feel I have so much to live up to. You know you and Neil are the talk of the town? Everyone's constantly bragging about you guys, and about how a small town guy like you made to be in one of the best squadrons in the fleet. And here I am, having to live up to your legacy. It's a bit hard you know, and sometimes I feel as though I won't be able to. What do you think I should do? I don't want to disappoint anyone you know.

Anyways, I got to go. Write me back as soon as possible.

Dear John,
I got your letter a few days after mom and dad's letter came to me. And by the time you get this, you probably will know that Neil is no longer here anymore. I don't know what to say, except I'm sorry. There's really no excuse for what I did that night. And I should have been watching over Neil, but I didn't and for that I can't express how terrible I feel about it. But you probably feel worse, we've lost a brother, and even though I feel as though everything's a dream, and all this didn't really happen, it's hits me all of a sudden that it did. Please tell mom and dad I'm sorry I can't be there with you right now. There will probably be a personal messenger bringing back Neil's things. I also took out a few things in memory of him. I hope that's ok with you and the rest of the family.

Well, even though it's been a difficult time for our family, I'm really happy for you. And I mom and dad told me that you and the football team won the division championships this year, I'm proud of you. But really what I wanted to ask you is, are you doing all this because you want to? Or are doing all this because you want to impress mom, dad or me? You know I'm always going to be proud and happy for you no matter what you do. But if you are getting into physics, and playing football because it makes you happy, then make sure that your happy. Okay? Also, don't worry about me so much; I'm fine, really. You know me, I'll deal with it. By the way, what did you mean by everyone in the town is "bragging" about me? How does everyone know that I joined? I mean I only came home once before I was stationed. Wow, I guess word gets out fast around our town. One more thing John, no one has a legacy, just the words that people say about them. With that John, there's no one you're going to disappoint, and there's nothing you should have to live up to. Just be you, because you don't need anything else, trust me.

Again, I'm sorry about Neil, I loved him and will always love him, but there just wasn't anything I could do, and I'm sorry for that. If I could take back anything it would be letting my guard down that night, and the last words I said to him: "We'll be right there," because I never made it in time. Again, tell mom and dad, that I'm sorry I can't be there for them and you right now. I wish I were.

I'll talk to you soon,

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