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Burning Bridges



San Diego, the Polo residence. 2063

"Dad, you have to understand. There's a war out there. They need Marines," Marco James Polo looked at his father.

Antonio Polo, the rich Computer king, looked at his only son. "No. Not you. They don't need you out there. Get a job in Aerotech if you want to have a part but for my sake, don't join up."

Marco shook his head. "I have to…try to understand, dad ..."

"Remember what happened to the Vansens! They got killed!" Marco's father barked.

"Well, I'm not gonna get killed!" Marco muttered. "Besides…it's been years since they died ..."

"Antonio? A phone call from Aerotech," Bodil walked in. Marco thew her a venomous look. He hated the oversweet, bloodsucking asskisser. "Hi Marco."

"Yo," he muttered, even though he wasn't a 'Yo' person.

"Tell Aerotech I'll talk with them in a second," Antonio smiled. "Can I talk with my son in private, Bodil?"

Bodil Kanstad Polo, the Norwegian movie star (or porn star as Marco guessed), smiled to her husband. She didn't care what that little rat of a stepson did…

"Sure, honey," she said sweetly. She took her hand over her platina blond hair and smiled. Her eyes met Marco's and she smiled even more. She opened up another button on her pink blouse and left.

"Tell Aerotech to get screwed!" Marco yelled after her.

"Marco, what do you have against Aerotech in the first place?" his father muttered.

"Let me see…first they treat you like dirt! I have heard you talking with 'em. Crawling in front of that…Sewell-guy!" he paused. "And guess what they did to the Colonists from Tellus? The 10 who didn't go were totally cut off or transferred to far off places. Like one guy is on the dark side of the Moon!"

"Rumors, Marco. Nothing more…" Antonio begun.

"Bullshit! You are always protecting them! God, I can't believe you!" he looked down. "I'm taking a stand, I'm joining. End of discussion"

"If you turn your back, I'll cut you off" he yelled. "Do you hear me?!"

Marco turned his back and headed for the door. "Walk out that door, and we are history!" Antonio continued.

Marco smiled, turned and took a long time for walking through and shutting the glass door after him. He saw his father giving him the finger, and answered by making the kiss-my-ass move.

Angrily, Marco went to the bar. His friends were all gathered there.

"Hey, man! Why the long face?" Tobias asked.

"Yeah, dude. Looks like you just lost your surfboard or something," Beetle laughed.

"Had a fight with the old man," Marco said while ordering a drink.

"Woah. That sucks, dude. Wonder about what ..." Moxie took a few peanuts.

"I'm joining the war," Marco muttered.

"No way! We got tanks for that! That and stupid fools. War isn't a place for a surfer, dude" Beetle said as he took his drink.

"You'll only get yourself killed," Tobias said with a sad smile.

"Yeah, and all those babes in flight suits. A bathing suit is much better" Beetle added.

"Come on…it's a war! It only happens twice in someone's lifetime!" Marco laughed. "I'll try it once. We can't live forever."

"Don't go burning all the bridges…" Tobias said. "I've been there, you can't have it all back".

Dear son,

Heard you where transferred to the 58th squadron. Good for you! They are legends. Why haven't you written? Bodil is worried, and so am I. I know you are busy in this war. You are in the best squadron. Bodil is pregnant, you're gonna have a little brother. We have decided to name him Jake, after your uncle who died in the AI war. Which means less inheritence for you…just kidding, son. Be careful, and do not do anything I would do heh?

Love your father, Antonio Polo.

"Hey, Polo! Wanna play some Chig foosball?" West came up behind him. "We're teaming up, Shane's playing with Coop."

Marco smiled. "Ono momento, West. Just have to write home."

"Oh" Nathan smiled. "Want me to take a picture of you? Maybe good to send a recent photo home..."

"No…don't wanna shock my stepmom with how handsome I look in army issues," Marco laughed.

"Nathan, come on! You're paying this drink," Anne smiled, laying her arm around his shoulder. "And maybe you can borrow me your PX card…mine is slightly…overdue…" she whispered to West.

"I'm sure you are a cat in human clothes," Polo stated seriously. "You know how to manipulate a man."

"I know…Nathan…please? Vær så snill?" she made puppy-dog eyes.

West looked like he was in shock. "Those eyes…have to pay," he said in a mock hypnotized voice, before they started laughing.

"Sometimes I could swear you two were married," Marco muttered, shaking his head.

Anne lent forwards and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Get done with the letter so you can kick some Hawkes-ass."

"Heard that!" Coop yelled from the table.

Marco smiled before he wrote.

Dear dad,

My squadron is the best. I didn't know if I would like them all, but I do. We have fun all the time unless we're out kicking some serious Chig-butt. Let me tell you about them. The Colonel is one of the best CO's there is, he is very responsible. But what do you know about that, you married the first slut you met after mom drowned.

Our Honcho Vansen is the best. Yes. Shane Vansen is in the saddle. Better than better, she doesn't give up. But what do you know about that? You gave mom up after the first day.

West is the XO. He was kicked out of Aerotech after he took a stand and said no when they tried to part him and Kylen. Didn't I mention? He is one of the 'rumors' from Tellus. He told them to get screwed! But what do you know, you are busy kissing Aerotech's ass all the time.

Hawkes is the cool InVitro in the gang, except from the Colonel, he is always there to play music, joke or just ask us. You could learn. You never asked me about what I thought when you went off marrying that Norwegian hooker!

Phousse is the black woman in the squadron. She knows battle, has a big heart and is very kind and gentle. She would make a fine mother. Heck, she almost acts like that sometimes. She's an engineer, and is very good with ISSCV/APCs. Bodil isn't half as nice as she is!

Beate had Medical training back on Earth. She doesn't talk too much about her past, so my guess is that she was a med student before she decided she wanted to be a cook. She is charming, beautiful and funny. Let me see…5 new things Bodil 'slut' Kanstad could learn!

Schjerven is the local Cobra. She knows when to attack and when to just snap. She is nuts, but one of the best. I would never have guessed she hadn't been in battle before she came here. She starts bitching when something isn't right, and when you think you are the best, she pulls you down. Maybe we should introduce your Barbie-doll to her.

This is my squadron. All good men and women. All nice and cool. I just hope you two won't corrupt the poor boy when he gets into life.

Your son, Lt. Marco J. Polo

Marco smiled. "Take that," he whispered.

"Polo! Get goin'! Play time! The winner buys!" Cooper yelled to him.

Marco looked at him and nod. Then he looked at the letter he had written on the computer. He pressed the 'Delete' button before standing up and joining the rest of the gang. The juke box playing an old classic.

...All the Burning Bridges that have fallen after me. All the lonely feelings and the burning Memories. Everyone I left behind each time I closed the door. Burning Bridges lost forevermore…Burning Bridges lost forevermore…

The End.

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