Christmas Interlude

Gabrielle Bessey

McQueen watched as they stood around the Christmas tree, Vanessa leading the squadrons in carols. He felt Devon move to stand beside him, then felt something brush his arm. He looked down to find Devon holding a small, brightly packaged box.

"What is this?"

Devon grinned. "It's your Christmas present...well, part of it anyway."

He took the box from her and shook it, a muffled thud came from the box.

"Don't shake it, open it."

McQueen balanced it in his hand as he looked for a place to set his drink. Devon took the glass out of his hand, taking a sip as he stared at the package.

"It's not going to bite you." Devon giggled.

Cooper stared at the two of them, wondering what was in the gift. Nina pressed closer to him and followed his line of vision to see their colonels talking in the corner.

McQueen pulled the ribbon off and opened the box. Nestled in a sea of red and green tissue paper lay a jar of Hershey's chocolate fudge sauce. He grinned slightly as he pulled the jar out of the box.

Cooper frowned a bit as he saw the jar that McQueen held up to Devon.

"What is it, Cooper?"

Cooper looked down at the top of Nina's head as she stared at Devon. "Why did Colonel Matthews give him a jar of chocolate sauce?"

Nina smiled and pulled Cooper down to whisper in his ear. He turned two shades of red as Nina explained what the chocolate was probably going to be used for--not quite able to picture McQueen and Devon painting each other with chocolate as a prelude to sex.

McQueen put the jar back into the box and closed it. The look on his face would have discourage anyone from asking, but Devon saw the wicked gleam in his eyes and knew that he was planning exactly what he wanted to do with that jar.

"So, when do I get the rest of my gift?"

"What time is it now?"

"1930 hours."

"2000 hours--my quarters."

Suddenly, Devon leaned over and kissed McQueen on the corner of his mouth. The singers stumbled over the words as they witnessed it, waiting for McQueen to blow up. Devon smiled and merely pointed overhead to the mistletoe that was hanging over McQueen's head.

"Merry Christmas, Ty."

The End

The sequel to this story is Oh, Baby also avaliable at this site.

G. Bessey

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