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The 58th Squadron were flying into orbit of the planet's destination. They were there to have a target practice. Captain Shane Vansen flew first in formation, with West on the left and Hawkes on the right. Damphousse and Wang were back in the formation with Lt. van Dien and Lt. Verhoeven ending the whole formation. Shane smiled. Target practicing was one of the easy things with the Corps. She saw the controlled 'Chig-fighters' heading towards them.

"King of Hearts, this is Queen of Diamonds, we have 4 Chigs locked on our five."

"Confirmed, Queen. Let's rock 'n roll." Vansen heard Nathan say.

"What the…" Lt. Cooper Hawkes said. "Look there, behind the moon..."

Lt. Nathan West looked at the moon. He saw it too, a long ship, looking like an old hammer from the Middle Ages.

"Shit," he said as it fired at him.

Nathan heard Cooper and Paul yell, but that was soon overturned by Shane's voice. Then it all turned black.

"Nooooooooo," Vansen cried as she saw Nathan's Hammerhead bathed in light, then it disappeared.

The 58th looked at the place where their team-member's Hammer had been. It was gone, not even a spark left. Had he been blown out of the sky by some new Chig-weapon, or wasn't he dead?

M*A*S*H 4077. The Korean war.

Captain BJ Hunnicutt walked light into the post-op. He smiled to Charles and walked over to Major Hulahan. "How is our mystery-guest doing?" he asked.

Margaret walked over to the bed. "His pulse is stable, he is breathing better and there's no blood in the tube" she looked down at the tall, young man in the bed. "Any luck finding out who he is?"

BJ shook his head. "Nope. He is just a mystery. All we found was this picture of a girl and the logo on his flight-suit" he shoved her the picture of a girl with long, curly blond hair.

"Pretty…Did they find any other things on the spot where they found him?" Margaret sat down on the bed, checking the young man's pulse.

"No…Nothing more that can give us a hint who he is, except that patch with The Wild Cards. Wonder what that means…maybe his squadron. Anyway, Klinger is working on it with help from Hawkeye" he stopped, looking into Margaret's eyes. "I'm going to the mess, tell me if he wakes up" BJ said. Major Hulahan nodded, and BJ smiled as he left.

The Mess

Captain Benjamin Franklin Pierce took a long smell at his food then trew it back on the army-plate. Why did the food have to be that bad? He smiled as his roommate BJ entered. "Hi Beej. Wanna grab a snack before it grabs you?"

BJ smiled. "No thanks, Hawk. I have enough on my mind, I don't need diarrhea too"

Hawkeye looked at his friend. "It's about that kid?"

BJ looked down in his coffee. "Yeah…I wonder who he is, and why he hasn't woke up jet. He only has a few broken ribs, but still he was in shock when we got him. Did Evanston tell you where they got him?"

"The 4061 said that they found him south for the village. No dogtags, no marked clothes. …just the picture of that girl in his flight suit. By the way, there's no such thing as the Wild Cards or the 58th," Hawkeye looked over to the nurses and waved.

"Damn it! It was the only clue!"

"He'll wake up soon. Don't worry too much, you get wrinkles," Hawk told him.

"I can't stop worrying, Hawk. The kid seems so…like he doesn't belong here," BJ stated.

Hawkeye looked at him. "No-one of them belongs here. And I'm sure that our new guest belongs in the back of a car with his girlfriend whoever she is."

Hunnicutt saw Corporal Max Klinger enter as Hawkeye babbled.

"Captain Hunnicutt?" the man asked. This time Klinger was wearing a charming outfit. A yellow blouse and a black skirt, which only covered his knees, wasn't the type of clothes you saw on a man. "The kid in post-op is waking up. Major Winchester says that…"

Beej jumped up and runned to the door with Hawkeye right after him. When they came into post-op BJ saw Major Hulahan sitting at the edge of the bed. "How is he?"

The Major saw down on the pale face. "He's okay. He was awake for a minute, but then he just…was gone again. It is only for a few minutes"

The man in the bed started to move. Slowly opening his eyes he saw into a face of a man in his mid thirties, with a moustache wearing a straw-hat. Behind him he saw some blond hair. "Kylen…?"

Major Hulahan took the young mans hand. "Hi, you were gone for a while"

Nathan West tried to focus his eyes. All he got for his efforts was a headache. "McQueen?" he asked, feeling his voice was coming back.

"What's your name?" Pierce asked. "We didn't fined any ID on you"

West looked confused. "Nathan West. Lieutenant. 573-764-34. 58th Squadron USS Saratoga. Where am I? This isn't the Saratoga..."

"USS Saratoga? A navy pilot then? Funny, we didn't find your plane, and there's no reported crashes in this area," Hunnicutt looked Nathan into his eyes.

Nathan stiffed. "Plane? I'm flying a SA-43 Hammerhead. And crashes? You can't crash an Hammerhead in S…" he felt like he was falling. "Where am I, what year is it?"

"This is 1950, and we are in good old Korea," Hunnicutt felt West starting to freak out.

"No way. This is some sort of Chig-setup! This can't be happening!!" West sat up, but was physically restrained by BJ and Hawkeye.

Major Hulahan gave Nathan a shot and West surrendered to the dark. Major Charles Emerson Winchester the 3rd looked at him. "A loony. In Boston I would never have to work with wackos."

"Why don't you put a sock into it, Charles, or better some FOOD -it should kill you in less than 3 minutes," BJ said cold.

"Something isn't right here" Major Margaret Hulahan said with a shaking voice. "I can feel it"

Next Morning

Colonel Sherman Potter was sitting in a chair next to West's bed. He looked down in the young man's face. He looked just as young as the other patients but had a face with the hard experience of war. It made him look about 5 years older he guessed. They had gotten some information. His name was Nathan West, and he didn't know what year it was. The young man's accent indicated that he was from New England, but where? Potter looked down, felling so much older when he looked at the man in the bed. Potter was about to leave when he was the man moving. "Take it easy son," he said.

The young man opened his eyes and looked at Potter. West calculated the situation and desisted that he could play along, he needed help to get back the 2065, but he was going to get back. He looked at the old man, just by seeing him Nathan knew he was an old war-dog. He looked at his shoulders, a Colonel… "Aye aye, sir" Nathan smiled, but it didn't reach his eyes.

"So, what's your name?" Potter smiled back.

"Lt. Nathan West, 58th Squadron, USMC," he said automatically.

"Do you know where you are?" Potter took and wrote down West's rang.

"How can I forget? I'm in the Korea War," he lied.

"USMC…the roughest of the toughest"

"Yes sir. The best there is," West sat a little more up, feeling much better than yesterday.

"You are from New England? Where?" Potter smiled.

"Farmingville, Long Island" he smiled. "How did you guess?"

"The New Englanders can have some temper, like you had in the beginning here," Potter laughed.

"That's our charm," Nathan replied.

"How old are you, son?" Potter asked polite.

Nathan calculated quickly in his head. He was born the 12th of May, 2041. It was 2065…He gave up quick. It was like he had forgotten when he was born…what year it was. The damn war. "I'm 23, sir," he said.

"Hmm, you look older. Have you been in this war long?" Potter nodded to a nurse.

"Since it started I guess…" Nathan finished.

"Tomorrow you can take a walk around here. Right now you need some sleep"

"Yes sir," Nathan said laughing.

Next Morning

Nathan woke up at 05:00 hours, as he always did. He looked around. On a chair he saw some clothes, in his size. He smiled briefly before taking them on. The nurse and doctor who where on shift looked at him. Nathan just smiled back and they left him alone.

The doctor on watch was Hawkeye, who was glad to see West moving. The nurse looked at Nathan as he took on the tee shirt. Hawk followed the nurse' eyes. "Come on, Betty. West maybe look cute, but look at me!" he pointed at himself. "I am a much better lay."

Nurse Betty Jackson smiled. "I don't think so, Hawk. And West is cute but he looks like my little brother Glen."

Nathan got some breakfast and decided that he could go and visit his doctor in a short time.

When West entered the Swamp, BJ Hunnicutt was in the Showers. His roomy Winchester told West that Hunnicutt would be back in a few minutes. Nathan sat down on one of the beds. He looked around in the room. He guessed that he was sitting on Hunnicutt's bunk, there was two other bunks in the room. One was Winchester's and the other one had to be Doctor Pierces'. He looked over to a still. He kinda felt at home, the mess, the smells and the noise. He smiled briefly.

The door opened and doctor Hunnicutt's smiling face greeted him. "Hey, you missed the point. It's the doctors that makes the house-calls, not the patients."

Nathan laughed. "Sorry, doc. But I just dropped in for a visit. I didn't know that it was gonna be a problem."

Hunnicutt grew serious. "How are you feeling?"

West smiled. "Fine. My ribs ain't giving me much trouble. By the way, who is the marbles Head-nurse?"

"Hulahan? Well, she is a armydog. She has been here for years. She is divorced and is about 10 years older than you" Beej smiled. West laughed but stopped. "Are you okay?" BJ asked.

"Yeah," Nathan said. "It hurts a little when I laugh. The stitches…" he smiled.

"I noticed a scar you have on your leg, about 5 weeks old. It doesn't show but how did you get it. And who did the wonderful handiwork?" Hunnicut asked. He had never seen a wound fixed that nice. It was like someone had used magic and taking the stitches away.

"I got it in combat. My squadron and I where trying to get some Aerotech personnel…I mean civilian out to the rundawo when the enemy started firing. Shane told us to back for cover, but I was to slow. You get like that after a +33 hour's shift. Hawkes picked me up and we got to the LZ. I just caught one bullet in the leg, which was luckily all" he signed. "We lost Lt. Brown that day."

"A friend?" BJ asked.

"A wingman. But you lose a lot in war," he muttered.

"Like friends…and years," BJ agreed.

"And family…brothers. Sisters," he said, thinking about Cooper and Kate.

"You lost your sister back home?" Hunnicutt asked, keeping the talk going.

"No…a friend lost his sister…She was…killed in the war"

Hunnicutt understood. "She was a nurse."

Nathan looked at the Captain. No girls in the military except for nurses and doctors… No girls on the front line. No InVitro's. No AI's. No 58th the thought came up. "Yeah," he said.

"You lost your brother?" BJ asked again.

"Yes… He was killed in action. He was 20. My little brother Neil. I miss him..."

"Attention all personnel, incoming wounded, repeat, incoming wounded. Put on your blue suede shoes, boys 'n girls."

"That's me," Hunnicutt looked at West.

"Sir" Nathan said. "My Dad is a doctor, I have some experience in wounds and I'm strong enough to carry. Can I help?" he asked.

BJ looked long at West. "Sure. You are wearing your military clothes so… Okay"

West smiled and stood up, sure he was strong enough. "Thank you, sir."

BJ laughed. "I don't fit to 'sir'. Call me BJ"

"All right. I'm Nathan. So let's go then. People are waiting" West walked light out.

BJ looked at the young man as he walked out. Something is very wrong here he thought.

The car pound

Nathan soon got the rytmn and used his time to help the nurses and calm down the wounded. He sat down by a man his age. "Don't let me die" the young man said.

"Take it easy, you are at the best MASH in this whole war…" he looked at the nametag. "Vansen?"

The young man looked at him. "Corporal James Vansen…sir" he said trough his teeth.

West remembered Shane telling him and Cooper about her great great grand father, James Vansen who started the family tradition about being in the Marines. He was saved in a MASH in the Korean war.

"Vansen, trust me. You'll live. And if you start thinking anything else, I'll kill you myself. You have family to think about, and remember that some day you'll have a great grand daughter…" he whispered.

Vansen looked weird at him, but smiled. "All right, Lieutenant". A Nurse came and told a strange man in women's clothes called Klinger to help her carrying Vansen to OR.

"Semper Fi" Nathan said as James was carried away.

"Do or die" was the reply.

West hurried towards the head nurse who had problems calming a patient. "He is Japanese," She said. "I can't calm him. He thinks we're killing him..."

Nathan took a good grip in the soldier -who to Nathan's surprise was 16. "It's just a kid" he said.

"Yes…they all are" Hulahan told him. The Japanese boy started to move and yelled strange words. "Hold him back!" Hulahan yelled as the Japanese kid knocked her away.

Nathan had to find a way to calm him down. Suddenly he remembered a poem that his history teacher Mr. Thus had learned him. Slowly Nathan bend his head down and whispered. "Yuki nagara Yamamoto kasumu yubekana "

The boy looked at him. Nathan smiled sadly. The boy calmed enough to let Major Hulahan get him a shot. She looked at Nathan. "I don't know what you said, West. But thanks."

West looked at Margaret and smiled. "You're welcome, Major. And it was a poem. I don't know so much about it. Something about snow and love"

"Beautiful…" Margaret said as a Nurse came.

"Major, we need you and another nurse in OR. Charles is having problems with Private Hoyden."

"West, scrub up," Hulahan said and dragged him with her.

They passed the Priest, a few nurses, soldiers and a sergeant on the way to OR. Nathan took on the clothes and scrubbed. "Major, I don't have much training in this." he stated.

"That's okay. Just keep up and hand the doctor the things he asks for. And help with carrying the wounded out and in," she said and laid a hand on his cheek. "You'll be fine"

West smiled. "Thanks…Margaret"


Nathan ran towards Colonel Potter with the instrument. "Here you are, sir" he said and handed it over to him.

"Thanks, West" Sherman smiled. "Suction"

West removed some of the blood. "Hey" he heard Hawkeye say. "Look who's here, Lt. 'clean-cut boy who suffers from heroism'. A rare treasure in this paradise."

"Maybe doctor. And when we are talking about that. What's gonna happen to me?" Nathan asked flatly.

Potter looked into his patient stomach. "We will have to transfer you to another squadron or unit in the Marines…"

"You surprise me, West. The Marines we get is rough and tough. They look mean and are stupid. At least the Infantry," Hulahan said.

"I'm kinda Infantry…halfway I think. I can fly a SA…I am an Infantry guy" Nathan decided quickly. No way in hell he was gonna fly a plane in this war.

"We'll be working on your papers tomorrow…or when we're through here, whatever comes first" Potter muttered.

"Aye, sir" Nathan said automatically as he got another pair of globs for BJ.

After the operations, Nathan went strait to the showers. He thought that there was no difference in the shifts here. It was harder being with the 58th on dangerous missions…but here it was more death. After that he walked to Col. Potter's office to get his transfer-orders.

"You're lucky, kid" the colonel said. He looked up and saw Nathan standing in attention. "At ease, Lieutenant"

"Sir, what do you mean with 'I'm lucky'?"

"The 98th is coming trough here tomorrow, they are one of the best Marine-units in the area. They are all ready at Rosie's bar if you wanna meet them."

West looked out through the window. "Sir, may I be dismissed so I can go and meet this unit, sir!"

"Nathan…son" Potter begun. "I don't know what iron-hand your CO had, but here we are a little more…loose" he stopped. "I wish all Marines acted the way you do, Nathan. All the Marines that comes through here acts…a little different towards the nurses than you do."

"Sir, I already have a girl. Shane…" The words died on his lips. He wasn't with Shane…he was with Kylen.

"You're faithful…as a husband I admire that, as a man of war I think that deserves a medal" Sherman laughed.

"I have plenty of those, sir"

"Dismissed, son. And good luck" Potter stood up and took the young man's hand.

"Thank you for everything, sir" Nathan said and walked out.

Nathan walked strait to Rosie's. He smiled to the Korean woman who was standing behind the bar. "One Tequila with bear, please" he said.

Rosie looked at him. "Marine acting that way? You must have had a few belts too much, Joe"

"Hey thin guy!"

Nathan turned around and looked at a giant Marine sitting at a table. "What?" he asked.

"You are a de-cry to the uniform. A Marine acting that way is not a man, he's a civilian…no, a whimp. You are yellow. You don't have any backbone!" the man stood up, looking at Nathan.

West turned around. "Don't make me pull rang at ya, Sergeant" Nathan said coldly.

"Okay, okay, Lieutenant" the sergeant said evilly. "No backbone at all"

"Don't start anything, Joe" Rosie warned West. "That Serge only passing through. With the 98th. They just lost the Honcho"

Nathan took out his wallet to pay. He had gotten some dollars from BJ before he left. The Sergeant saw the picture of Kylen. "Now that's an Girl I would like to fuck."

Nathan turned around, looking at the Sarge. "What did you say?" he asked calmly.

"On another hand, no. She's too ugly. An ugly bitch"

Within a few seconds Nathan had moved the 5 steps from the bar towards the table. The Sergeant stood up, but was not prepared for the left hook. West ducked for the hook the Sergeant tried. Nathan was too fast for the big man. West took a karate kick and hit the larger man in the chest. The other marines looked, but didn't help their buddy. The sergeant stood up, angrily. Nathan was now looking for a fight. With his fists raised he moved in circle towards the man, like a boxer in the ring.

Sergeant Orville Oakensen got in a few hits at Nathan, but after a few minutes Nathan kicked in the last hook and the Sergeant fell down. The other Marines looked at West.

"Wow! He got Orville! That son of a bitch knocked Orville out cold!"

"What's your name, Marine?" A rough red hair boy asked.

"Lt. Nathan West, USMC" West smiled. "This the 98th?"

"Yeah" another boy said.

"I'm transferred to you. Heard about your Honcho, I'm sorry" Nathan noticed his bleeding lip and wiped the blood off with the back of his hand.

"Welcome in the gang. I'm McPherson, this is Hillar, the guy you just beat up in Oakensen, that's Sidney and we're waiting for Vansen" a young man with a black beard said laughing.

"Vansen?" Nathan asked.

"Yes" Sidney, said. "Corporal James Vansen"

West froze. This wasn't the plan. After being to the MASH Shane's Great great grand father was send home. What is he gets killed. No Shane…no…He took his drink.

Oakensen stood up. Just as Nathan expected him to give him one right, the sergeant took his hand. "Heard you are joining us, sir," he said.

"Have you been here long, West?" Hillar asked.

"Since the war started." West said automatically.

"Then we would be honored if you became our Honcho" Sidney laughed.

"Hear, hear!" the rest agreed.

West smiled. "All right! Let's give 'em in tomorrow!"

"Hoo-rah!" the other sang. "M -mean as hell, A -all the time, R -rough and tough, I -in the mud, N -never quit, E -every day, S -Semper FI!"

The Front, next evening

Nathan had found it easy to get to know Vansen. He was open and young at heart. The other members of the unit found their new Honcho funny, but a good Marine. West had tried to get used to the idea of being in a new war, but he had never felt so alone.

"I don't wanna close my eyes, I don't wanna fall asleep cause I miss you, baby. And I don't wanna miss a thing," Nathan muttered, thinking a song he and Shane used to sing, just to annoy Vanessa and Paul.

"What did you say?" Vansen asked.

"Just a song… " Nathan tried to have that edge on his voice that all men in this war had, a little like Clint Eastwood.

"Oh…A good song?"

"Yes…but never mind. The Chigs…Koreans" he corrected him self. "Should be coming to hill 45 in a new hours. That means full battle"

"Yes sir" Hillar laughed. "I have never EVER meet a Marine with your sense of order"

"Well, let me just say me CO had a iron hand, but I miss him and the rest" West looked towards the hill.

"Sir, a message from HQ. The North-Korean are attacking hill 45. They want us there"

"Let's move!" Nathan yelled and started running.

The rest followed him. James Vansen looked in awe at his new Honcho. It was incredible how smart this young man was. James knew that even though they had just known West for 48 hours, they would follow him everywhere.

When they arrived to hill 45 the battle was already started. Nathan and the rest drove for cover in a trench. "Hey! Looks this like open house to ya?" yelled Sergeant Scully to the arriving Marines. "Oh, USMC, the crazy ones. Okay, the North-Koreans are attacking us, we are outnumbered and out gunned. So let's get started"

West looked at the rest. "Oakensen, McPherson, take the left. Rest follow me. Vansen, keep close to my six."

"Ho" the rest said, just like an American football-team before they're going out on the field again. Nathan couldn't help himself but to feel proud. Now he knew how McQueen felt.

West realized after a few mikes that shooting people wasn't like shooting Chigs or AI's. Especially since Nathan was a true believer in Human and InVitro rights, and meant that no one should kill another human. But his Marine-instinct saved him from his thoughts.

"Incoming!" West yelled as a life granite came over the sky. He covered his face. He trew a look at Hillar who was to slow. The granite landed in front of his and blew him open. Blood, mud and shrapnel ruled the sky. "One down!"

West looked at a Korean soldier who was aiming for Vansen. Nathan snapped. Knowing he was out of ammo he threw himself on the Korean soldier. "West!" yelled Vansen.

Nathan looked the Korean soldier strait into the eyes. It was like they stood there for years. The Korean soldier took his gun up to Nathan's chest and fired. West didn't hear a thing, he just felt a pressure in his chest. He looked down. Trough his uniform some red sticky fluent came up. Right on the middle. West fell on the ground. In that moment Vansen shot the Korean soldier.

Vansen runned forward. West looked up at him. In that long minute it was like he had Shane standing over him with tears in her eyes. But it was the same eyes. "Just…get outta this war alive, okay? Remember your children…" Nathan whispered, not making any sense to James. he didn't even make sense to himself.

"I will" James said. "We'll get you to an MASH…I swear" he said in denial.

But Nathan had already realized he was dying. He wondered if it was like this Neil had felt it. So peaceful, but yet so bitter. He didn't want to die. He shook his head sad. "I'll be okay, Vansen. Take care…and semper fi."

"Anything you want me to do?" James asked, his tears running down his cheek. This was fist time someone had…died in his arms.

"Get out of this war while you still can. In…it's gonna last for another 50 years…sem…" Nathan felt sleepy. He was tired, but he didn't wanna rest. But…His eyes closed. As his heart stopped he remembered. His days with Neil. It came in flashes. Kylen, but her face was switched out by Shane's. Shane on the bus, asking him why he did enlist. Vansen telling how much she admired the 127th, then to tell them they where assholes. He felt only one thing. Regret for not spending more time with her. Slowly he drifted away.

"Retreat! Back!" a Colonel yelled.

James looked up. Then he looked at West. "He's dead," he said to Sidney.

Sidney nod. "I'll never become Honcho, it's dangerous. The Colonel said to get the hell outta dodge"

It started to rain…James looked at the battlefield. All those dead bodies. He closed his eyes. "I'll ask for a transfer back to the US" he said. The others nod, understanding.

The rain washed over the battlefield. Lying in the middle of the trench, with two dead Korean soldier at each side, West looked just like one normal GI.

The battle was on the front side of Stars and Stripes. BJ, Hawk and Potter were the first in the 4077 to read it. "Hey…isn't that West?" BJ asked Potter.

On the front side a giant picture of the trench, still with the bodies. Potter looked sad at the picture. "It's West…poor boy. If I had known…"

Margaret came in, her eyes wet and puffy. "Poor Nathan…he was such a nice boy"

"A gentleman of a Marine" Potter muttered.

No place, no Time

The Elliminist looked at his boss. "Sir, there's been a mistake. This wasn't supposed to happen. The human West didn't belong in the year 1950. It was T's fault. He played with his powers"

Q looked at D. "I know. We're sending him back to space"

"Alive?" D asked.

"No, dead. What do you think? It's not West's time!" Q signed. "Do what you gotta do…but keep his memory…as a dream!"

"Yes sir"

2064, SAR team in the Hercules-system

The Captain looked at his instruments. "I can't understand why we are looking for this Yankee anyway"

"Yes, why the hell can't the Americans just go and find him their own?" Lieutenant Wood muttered.

"That is because they can't find him, lads," Ensign Smith said.

"What the? Sirs, I have this amazing visual" Rain said as he saw the lights. Then as out of nowhere a Hammerhead appeared. Looking a little out of shape.

"Contact the Saratoga, will you, Smith?" Wood said.

"Saratoga, this is Knight Lancelot. We have found a SA-43 Hammerhead. The warm-sensors indicate that we have a living being in. It looks like we found your Marine, Yankees" Smith said. "It is wise with an Medical team waiting at our arrival"

"Knight Lancelot, this is Queen6. What is the writing on the Hammerhead?" McQueen asked. Vansen looked over his shoulder.

"Let me see…It looks like 'Above and Beyond'" Smith said. "What has this with the lost Marine to do, sir?"

Vansen laughed. "That's Nathan. He's alive"

"Thank God…I was so scared" Phousse let her breath out.

"We are now in contact with the SA-43. We are brining it in. See you in 23 minutes"

55 mikes later

West was brought out of the Hammerhead in a hurry, but the doctors couldn't find the source to the blood on his flight suit. They couldn't even explain the new wound on his chest, and the marks after the IV. Nathan didn't comment, all he wanted was to see Shane.

Shane entered, and when she walked to his bed he looked at her with a smirk on his face. "Shane…" he said. She bend a little over him.

He took her head down and kissed her. "Nathan?" she asked, but he could read in her eyes that she wanted the same thing.

"All I could think about was…that I wasn't going to see you again. And I was sorry that I didn't do this before…" he took her face in his palm. "I love you, Shane Autumn Vansen"

Shane was stunned. "Oh Nathan…" was all she said. He kissed her again, and this time she returned the favor. She looked into his gray eyes. He smiled back, looking into her eyes.

"You have your great great grandfathers eyes," he commented.

She laughed. "How do you know that, Nathan West?"

"It's a feeling I have," he whispered.

"Nathan…I love you too," Shane whispered and bend down to kiss him.

The End

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