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This story takes place after "The Angriest Angel.

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Karen Evans

Commodore Glen Ross tried not to wrinkle his nose in disgust as the four Aerotech employees stepped onto the Saratoga. It was hard not to because this geek dream team had no business on "his" ship. They were civillians and even worse, they were Aerotech elite.

He looked to his right and saw McQueen suddenly at his side. His first thought was that the man was like a cat, not there one moment, there the next.

"There they are," Ross said quietly, "how many scientists does it take to make a bomb that's lethal to the Chigs but not to humans?"

"If it were military scientists, only one," McQueen replied.

"Well, obviously, Aerotech needs four ...one to do the work, the other three to applaud."

McQueen managed to hold back a smile as he studied the four geeks. Three of them were uniformly similar -- tall thin men in their late 30's/early 40's with short dark hair, one wore glasses; but the fourth stood out like a sore thumb, and not because she was a woman. She looked to be in her early thirties, stood about five foot six, slim with soft, wavy shoulder length brown hair that looked as though it was streaked with sunshine. Her skin was fair, but not pale, and McQueen thought he detected freckles.

"Okay, let's get this shit over with," Ross grumbled.

He and McQueen stepped up to the scientists.

"Commodore Ross," one of the men said, "Colonel McQueen," he said with a slight distain in his voice.

They all shook hands, though the man's hand was limp when he shook McQueen's.

"I'm Dr. Tom Ferrell, these are Drs. Joseph Zimbardi and Nelson Van Hertamm, and of course, Dr. Blair St.John-Smythe." He said that last name in an almost condescending way. Ross's eyebrow raised when he heard that name as well.

Everyone shook hands and every handshake was lukewarm, except for Blair's which was firm.

"Well, I hope you'll find your accommodations suitable," Ross said, looking at none of the scientists.

"Not what we're used to, but I'm sure they'll do," said Tom.

"I'm sure they'll be just fine," Blair said, her voice was clear, crisp, firm.

"Well, if they're good enough for Dr. St.John-Smythe, they'll be good enough for the rest of us," Joseph grinned.

Blair did not smile.

McQueen sat at his desk in his quarters. He was reading profiles of the geek dream team...curious, wondering what made them so special. They all had standard Aerotech profiles -- two got their Ph.D's from MIT, two from CalTech; Van Hertamm and Ferrell were physicists, Zimbardi and St.John-Smythe were radiation biologists, none were married. McQueen's eyes drifted to Dr. St.John-Smythe's profile, she was the only woman and the one Tom Ferrell and Joseph Zimbardi seemed to view with distain.

Blair St.John-Smythe was thirty-two years old, born in Newport, Rhode Island. Her father was an attorney, her mother a businesswoman, and she had an older brother, who was a physician. McQueen looked further, discovering she was on the Social Register, a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, the Junior League and several other social organizations that McQueen had never heard of. She was also a member of several scientific organizations, as well as a member of the honor society at Harvard, where she did her undergraduate work.

McQueen frowned and clenched his fists together to contain his rage. This woman was the cream of the crop, the kind of woman natural borns always told tanks they could never have. She wasn't just smart, she was rich and smart, goddamn ancestors came off the Mayflower. He shook his head. What the hell was a woman like that doing on the Saratoga?

Tom Ferrell looked around the Tun Tavern with his usual distain, as he turned to his three Aerotech companions. The place was crowded, people were drinking, laughing, playing cards, playing pool and a hundred- year old song was screaming from the jukebox.

"Shit, I feel like I'm in a trailer park," he said.

Joseph Zimbardi looked across the tables and saw a pretty dark haired woman in khaki pants and a tank top. "I'm in love."

"She's a Marine, she could probably kick your butt," Tom said.

"Yeah, but what a way to go."

"Well, I'm glad this''ll only be for a month," Nelson Van Hertamm said in a crisp Boston accent.

"It'll be for as long as it takes," Blair St.John-Smythe said. Nelson leaned over and glared at Blair. "Maybe you don't mind slumming, but I do."

She looked around her. "I'm not slumming; besides, I think it's kind of nice."

"Nice if you like hanging around brain deads," Tom said. "You know why they hate us."

"Because Sewell was such a snake?" Blair said.

Nelson frowned. "Sewell was a good man, and I don't believe he was killed by an AI either. They don't like us Blair, and that includes you, because we're what they aren't...intelligent. I mean anyone with any brains wouldn't even be in this war."

"You're here," Tom grinned.

"Only because it looks good on my record," Nelson responded.

Blair sighed. "You know something, you guys are boring. I'm glad I don't have to bunk with either of you." With that, she rose and sauntered over to the bar.

Nelson looked at her -- even in a pair of black shapeless pants, a black t-shirt, and no make up, Blair was stunning. "Do you think her family would accept someone like me?" he said.

Joseph shook his head. "I bet she doesn't even like men." Across the room, the 58th watched the Aerotech quartet from the moment they walked into the place.

"Aerotech," Nathan grumbled.

"Standard geeks," Vanessa added.

"I wonder what they're here for. Has anyone heard?" Paul asked.

"Probably to experiment on us or some shit like that. I don't trust any of them," Nathan said.

"They make my skin crawl, creeps," Shane added, sipping her beer.

Cooper kept his eyes on Blair St.John-Smythe. "I've never seen a girl with them before," he said.

Vanessa turned to him and smiled, seeing him stare. "St.John-Smythe."

"What?" Cooper said.

"That's her name, St.John-Smythe. I've read about her. She's real smart, probably smarter than any of those men."

Cooper continued to stare when Blair got up from the table and sat at the bar. "Wonder why she got up."

"Would you want to sit with those creeps?" Shane said. "She doesn't look like a geek. She looks like a...a.."

"Princess," Vanessa said.

Shane looked at her and nodded. "Stuck up." She noticed Cooper was staring as though he'd never seen a woman before. "Coop, what the hell's the matter with you?"

"Nothin'. She's just...pretty...that's all."

"Maybe you should ask her what they're doing here," Paul said.

Cooper looked at him. "You think she'd tell me, Paul?"

Paul's mouth dropped. "I don't know, Coop..."

"Well...what do you think she'd do if I went over there?"

"She'd pat your head," said Shane.

"Or something else," Vanessa smiled.

"Okay, if I go, what should I say?" Cooper asked.

"Cooper, just go. Say whatever comes to mind, okay?" Nathan said.

"Okay." He rose. "I'm going."

Blair was aware of someone sitting next to her. For a moment, she thought it was Tom, telling her not to be so anti-social, but when she turned around, she was pleased to see a tall, well- built, young Marine looking at her.

"Well, hello there," she said.

Cooper cleared his throat. "Hello...um...you...you just got here..."

Blair looked across the room and saw four pairs of eyes staring at them. "Yeah, I just got here."

"You're with...Aerotech...right?"

"Right, I am...and you want to know what we're doing here, right?"

"Well...um...I..I mean, I was curious, but I really came over here because I thought you were pretty..." the words came out before Cooper had a chance to think, and that really wasn't what he wanted to say.

Blair smiled. "Well, thank you Lieutennant...."

"Hawkes, Cooper Hawkes," he put out his hand.

Blair shook it. "I'm Blair St.John-Smythe."

Cooper frowned, as if he couldn't comprehend the entire name.

Blair laughed. "Don't worry, I know it's a mouthful, everyone calls me Blair."

"That's a nice name...Blair, I mean."

Blair sipped her beer, then looked as if she were trying to remember something. "Cooper Hawkes...yes, you're with the 58th."

"Uh huh."

"Best we've got against the Chigs. And...you're supposed to be something of a good shooter?"

Cooper blushed and nodded slightly. He wondered what else this woman knew about him. "Guess you know I'm an InVitro too."

"And I guess you know I'm a natural born," Blair winked at him.

"It don't bother you, that I'm a tank?"

"Is it supposed to?"

"Well, yeah...most natural borns hate tanks."

"That's because they're ignorant, racist and stupid. I'd like to think I'm none of those -- at least about that." She finished her beer.

"You want another beer?" Cooper asked.

Blair shook her head. "If I want one, I'll tell you. So, do you like killing Chigs, Cooper Hawkes?"

He shrugged. "I don't know if I like it but it's better than them killing me first."

She smiled at him, and Cooper thought she had the most beautiful smile he'd ever seen.

When McQueen walked into the Tun Tavern he was stunned to see Cooper Hawkes sitting at the bar with Dr. Blair St.John-Smythe. He wondered if the rest of the 58th had put him up to it. No doubt, Cooper was curious in the female scientists, and she was probably equally as curious about InVitros. McQueen wondered if she'd ever sat that close to one in her entire sheltered life.

He felt his blood boil when he saw her put her hand on Cooper's shoulder. He knew women like her, women who wanted to see if the rumors about tanks were true, that they were sexual supermen. They'd treat them like equals until they got what they wanted, then it was "filthy tanks" all over again.

"Cooper!" McQueen shouted over the noise, and the music.

Cooper turned around. "Um...McQueen wants to talk to me about somethin'..."

Blair looked at the man in the doorway, she remembered him from this morning. He seemed cold, distant. Blair knew who he was, who didn't after his showdown with Chiggie Von Richthofen..

"He's your CO."

Cooper nodded. "I..better go. See you later..."

Blair watched him go and for a second, McQueen's eyes met hers. They were icy, full of rage and anger, but Blair didn't back down and stared back into those eyes until Cooper reached him and they left.

She shook her head. "Shit...what's his problem?"

Conflict plagued the Aerotech scientists as they tried to create the perfect Chig bomb. Each time the physicists came up with a formula that would wipe out the Chigs, the biologists found it harmful to the human pilots who would have to carry and dispose of it.

"I don't know about you, but I find a thirty-percent cancer risk unacceptable," Blair St.John-Smythe said.

Tom Ferrell shook his head, and sighed. "Thirty-percent is not so bad. Look at the breakthroughs being made in cancer research. Blair dear, I'm sure that if we explain the risks in a language that these pilots can understand, and explain to them that the future of Earth is at stake, we'll find more than a few squadrons volunteering for the job."

"Yes," Nelson Van Hertamm said, "like the 58th. I'm sure they'd volunteer gladly for a job like that."

Blair thought about Cooper Hawkes, he'd definately volunteer, no matter what the risks were.

Joseph Zimbardi shook his head. "I'm with Blair, gentlemen. Ending this war is our main goal, but I can't agree to a bomb that will cause suffering to human lives."

Thomas shook his head. "Goddamn you bleeding heart biologists!"

For awhile, no one said a word, then silently the quartet took their seats and returned to work.

Two weeks later:
McQueen strode down the corridors of the Saratoga, anger and rage in his eyes. Everyone who saw him stepped back, as the colonel barreled ahead. He walked so quickly, Blair had to almost run to keep up with him.

"What the hell was that supposed to mean!" Blair shouted.

"You heard what I said," McQueen growled.

"Well tell me again!"

He stopped so suddenly, that Blair almost ran smack into him. He looked down at her, ice blue eyes staring into dark ones. "You and Hawkes!"

"I think it's called a kiss," Blair almost smirked.

"I know what the hell it's called, doctor! You have no right leading him on like that--Hawkes is...naive...he's young..."

Cooper is a very, very intelligent young man, and what you saw was innocent. He kissed me--that's all it was...a kiss."

McQueen pointed at her. "You're leading him on. I know all about people like you..rich bitches who just can't wait to find out if the rumors about tanks are true!"

With that, he continued striding down the corridor. Now, it was Blair's turn to get angry. She raced after him as he turned into the cargo bay.

"Who the fuck do you think you are, talking to me like that? You don't know anything about me!"

McQueen stopped once more. "I know all about people like you Dr. St.John-Smythe," he said her name like he was spitting. "I've seen your kind all my life, and I want you away from Hawkes! Do you hear me!"

Blair raised her hand, ready to strike him right in his proud face, but he was quicker. McQueen caught it and pushed her backwards. She fell hard against an empty Hammerhead so that she was half sitting, half lying on it.

McQueen's eyes seemed to change color on the spot, going from blue to ice-grey. "What the hell are you going to do now, huh? Get the other geeks to beat me up? Call up your family and have me court-martialed?"

"You bastard!"

He leaned over so that his face was close to hers. "I'm no such thing...I never had parents, remember?"

Without warning, Blair grabbed the back of McQueen's head, pulled him to her and kissed him roughly. Her mouth slowly opened and she soon felt his tongue delve into her mouth. They grabbed each other roughly, hands searching for bare skin. Suddenly McQueen regained control, moved off her, and looked around him. Blair did the same, realizing that anyone could have walked in and caught them. McQueen pulled her to her feet.

"On my six," he said roughly and headed out. Blair took a deep breath and followed him as he headed to his quarters.

McQueen pushed Blair against his hatch as it slammed behind them. He pulled her short skirt up to her waist, fingers probing the wetness between her legs. Blair gasped in pleasure, but pushed him off.

"No, not like that," she said.

Blair quickly undressed, throwing her clothes haphazardly on the floor. McQueen followed her lead, but placed his clothes more neatly on an empty chair.

Naked, they stared at each other. Blair was stunned at the physical perfection of his lean hard body...the absense of a navel made his stomach look smooth, more inviting and she smiled at his very ample erection. McQueen was also surprised at Blair's body. Before, he thought her skinny, too skinny, now he saw a slim woman who obviously worked out, her breasts were bite size, her waist slim, her hips round and firm.

McQueen pulled her to him. As they kissed, Blair could feel his erection against her body, and he could feel her wetness against him. He pulled her onto his bed, but she managed to get on top of him. Blair moved to McQueen's feet and began licking every piece of flesh she could find. He groaned, wanted her to stop the torture, but aching for it at the same time. When Blair reached his penis, he gasped, afraid he'd come right there. He sat up quickly, pushed Blair onto her back, and drove hard into her without hesitation. Blair was so excited and ready that she climaxed at the third thrust, gasping and grabbing at his hair. McQueen thrust two more times, then shuddered as he came. He was so spent that he fell onto Blair's body.

For a moment, he was afraid he'd hurt her, but when he looked in her face and saw a satisfied smile, he knew it was okay. They held onto each other with McQueen still inside her. As he started to soften, their bodies wet with sweat and semen, she pulled him up to her and they shared a long, passionate kiss.

"Wow," Blair said.

"Your first time with a tank?" McQueen grinned.

"No. What do you think I am, some sheltered rich bitch?

He laughed. "Sorry about that."

"Don't worry, everybody thinks that about me. Just because you're born into money, doesn't make you insensitive to others. I was in love with an InVitro once..."

"What happened?" McQueen noticed her eyes were misty.

Blair inhaled deeply. "Some Natural Borns strung him up, they were never caught. Surprise, huh? I was twenty years old and I'd never known prejudice of any kind. Well, that sure opened my eyes."

McQueen kissed her again, ashamed of the things he'd said only moments before.

"So," Blair smiled, "do I still have to call you Colonel?"

"Do I have to call you Doctor?"

Blair put out her hand. "I'm Blair St.John-Smythe, pleased to meet you," she mocked an upper class voice.

He shook her hand. "Tyrus Cassius McQueen."

"Jesus, how long did it take you to say that one?"

"How long did it take you to say St.John-Smythe?"

"I don't know. I still have trouble with it sometimes."

McQueen took Blair in his arms again and kissed her. She felt him harden.

"Now, what's that?" she grinned.

McQueen turned her on her stomach. "Do you mind?" As he got up on his knees.

"No, it's one of my favorite positons," she winked.

McQueen held Blair's hips and pulled her towards him. Again, she was so wet that when he entered her, she felt only pleasure. The pounding and thrusting was just as intense, as before -- so intense that Blair bit down on a pillow to keep from screaming in pleasure. They came quickly, almost at the same time, groaning and gasping for air, then fell together on the bunk.

"One more time and I'll be done for," McQueen said.

"Yeah, but what a way to go, huh?" Blair smiled.

She turned over and went into his arms again. "Dont' worry, I dont' have the strength either."

Happy and satisfied, they fell asleep.

Cooper was beside himself when he saw Blair slip out of McQueen's quarters in the wee hours of the morning. One didn't need a Ph.D. to know what had just taken place-- the sleepy passion, the flushed expression-- Cooper knew. Then, his blood slowly began to boil, his hands clenched into fists. McQueen had warned *him* about Blair, had told *him* to stay away from Blair, when all along McQueen just wanted her for himself.

"Fuck," Cooper said under his breath, more hurt than angry. He loved McQueen, he wanted Blair. How could they do something like that to him?

The next day, Cooper was very curt with McQueen. The rest of the Wildcards noticed it, but McQueen paid it no mind. Finally, outside the lab where the Aerotech scientists were working, McQueen and Cooper brushed passed each other.

"Hawkes," McQueen said, wanting to find out what was wrong with the man.

Cooper reeled around and punched McQueen in the stomach. McQueen was more confused than hurt...he tried to grab Cooper and had to punch him a couple of time in the process. Tom Ferrell, Nelson Van Hertamm and Blair St.John-Smythe rushed out of the lab to see what was going on.

"Oh, my God," Tom said as he went inside, grabbed a fire hose and sprayed the two Marines with cold water.

"I think they hose down dogs this way," Tom said to the others.

Blair looked at them, both soaking wet...both bruised and battered. She just shook her head and went back into the lab.

Cooper and McQueen stared at the other's bruised face as they found themselves in front of Blair St.John-Smythe's quarters at precisely 23:00 hours. Staring at his CO, Cooper felt foolish that a woman made him take a swing at a man who was practically a father to him. McQueen looked at the young man and saw the shame in his eyes. Once again, he became enraged at Blair. He knew the woman was trouble the moment he'd laid eyes on her and cursed himself for being so easily tempted.

"She asked you here too?" Cooper asked.

McQueen nodded. "Wonder if she's going to give us a lecture."

He was about to knock, when the door swung open and there was Blair, standing in a black jacquard nightgown with spagetti straps, and a high slit on her left thigh. McQueen tried to fight his body from responding, but it was no use. Cooper's pupils dialated and his mouth nearly dropped open.

"Come in," she said dryly.

Blair slammed the door behind them. McQueen noticed a bottle of scotch and three glasses on her desk. She poured a small portion for the three of them. "One hundred fifty- year- old Scotch," she explained, "Sit," she ordered.

McQueen and Cooper sat on chairs, while Blair sat on the bed. She waited until they had taken sips of their drinks before she spoke.

"Well, it looks like we don't have to worry about the Chigs kicking the shit out of us, when we're so willing to do it ourselves. You two are InVitros, you could have killed each other! What the fuck am I doing here, trying to make a weapon if this is how you're going to act!"

McQueen and Cooper looked at each other. "It's a lecture," McQueen said.

Blair downed her drink and rose. "I'm going to tell you a little secret. We're not doing too well with the weapon. In fact, we're not doing well at all, which means we're going to have to stay here longer than expected. And I am not going to have two grown men acting like idiots around me! Maybe I should just give you two k-bars and you can settle this outside!"

Cooper rose. "Blair...I'm sorry..."

"Cooper," she smiled, "if there's anything I've learned from InVitros, it's that love has no boundries." With that, she went into his arms and gave him a passionate kiss. Cooper responded, but he was stunned since McQueen was right there.

McQueen watched the two of them, then stared down at his drink as he rolled it around in his glass. When he looked up at them again, Cooper had one of Blair's spagetti straps down and was sucking her right breast. Blair looked over at McQueen and smiled invitingly at him. He downed his drink, rose and pulled Blair to him, his erection rubbed against her behind as Cooper's rubbed against her stomach. Blair gasped at the sensation as each man rubbed themselves against her body. She undressed Cooper as McQueen undressed Blair, then Blair turned around and undressed McQueen, as Cooper probed his penis into her backside.

When they were all naked, they got into bed, which was difficult since it was too small for three, it made them press against each other more-- Cooper in front, McQueen in back. Cooper thrust into Blair first, causing her to arch her back and jerk against McQueen. He moved slowly into Blair from behind, grabbing her breasts as he did so. Cooper kissed her lips, and McQueen licked her earlobes. Blair slowly, gently stroked Cooper's navel, which caused him to pump harder into her. McQueen followed Cooper's lead, and for every thrust Cooper made into Blair, McQueen matched him. Finally, Blair gasped, ripping the sheets with her hands as she climaxed violently, Cooper followed, grunting and biting her shoulder, and McQueen was last, nails digging into her waist.

For a moment, they lay against each other, bathed in sweat and semen. Blair kissed both Cooper and McQueen at the same time, feeling both their tongues in her mouth.

"Oh man," Cooper said panting, "that was..that was...."

"Yes...it was," McQueen said, panting as well.

They lay there for a few moments, until Cooper started playing with Blair's breasts. She giggled and stroked his penis with her right hand while stroaking McQueen with her left. Blair turned around so she was facing McQueen, she pushed him on his back, still massaging his penis and testicles, while it was Cooper's turn to probe her from behind. Blair took a deep breath and pushed herself into McQueen, he groaned and roughly grabbed her breasts, barely able to contain himself as she took him, while Cooper pounded into her from behind, biting her earlobes and shoulders. They moved in perfect rhythm until all three shuddered simultaniously and climaxed. Blair felt semen attack her from both sides, and exhausted, she fell against McQueen as Cooper fell against her.

They moved onto their sides, Blair still in the middle, and put their arms around each other. There they slept until both Cooper and McQueen felt their middle desert them. When they both opened their eyes, they saw Blair, still naked, standing, arms crossed.

"You guys better get dressed," she managed to say.

Cooper and McQueen looked at each other, stunned, then they looked at Blair, more stunned.

"I'm sorry, guys, but the war's still going on. I have to get up early tomorrow, and I'm sure you guys do too and, lets face it, if you stay here, neither of us'll get any sleep."

Both men rubbed their eyes, grunted a bit, but slowly got dressed and managed to walk to the door. Blair kissed both of them fully on the lips.

"Um...Blair..." Cooper began, "are we gonna...you know...get together again...."

Blair nodded. "Of course," she kissed his hand, then McQueen's. "I had a wonderful time."

McQueen cleared his throat. "Nothing wrong with what happened, Hawkes."

"That's right. Guess you guys don't want to kill each other, huh?" Blair smiled.

McQueen looked down at the floor and fought the urge to laugh. "No ma'am," he said.

"Good, so kill a Chig for me tomorrow, okay?"

Both men nodded. "See you tomorrow, Blair," they both said and left.

Blair closed the door behind them, then leaned against it and smiled.

"Goodnight, Hawkes," McQueen said.

"Goodnight Colonel," Cooper responded.

"Colonel?" Cooper said, as McQueen started to round the corridor.

"Yes, Hawkes," McQueen felt sleep beckoning him.

"She's a nice lady, isn't she?"

McQueen just nodded. "See you in the morning."

The End

Karen Evans 7/12/96

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