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OK, since we ain't never going to find out how McQ and his ex met, that gives me free license to be very silly. I used Sheryl's fan fic for her name, I didn't think she'd mind...... ;) I had to make up a last name of course.....

First Date


Rachel J. Walker

Captain Tyrus Cassius McQueen stood, rather unsteadily, just inside the swing doors of the only bar on base. It was quiet...that was good. But the only person he really noticed was sitting at the bar.

A couple of hours previously McQueen had decided that he'd make his move. Damn it, they'd been staring at each other across crowded rooms for long enough. No more pussy-footing around! So, he'd sat in his quarters all afternoon and planned his attack, mapping out every carefully chosen word.....Unfortunately, during the hours of meticulous deliberation he'd also drunk a bottle of Dutch courage and he was beginning to wonder if that had been such a wise move.

With grim determination he strode across the room, pausing, only briefly, to extracate himself from the tangle of chairs that had inexplicably wrapped themselves around his legs. He took a deep breath and struggled on until he found himself standing next to her bar stool.

He was about to use his opening line when she looked up at him and something in his brain short circuited. 'Look at those eyes.....I could fall in.....stop it, STOP IT!! Now, what the hell was I going to say?' McQueen's mind raced.

Captain Jaeger's slight smile was fast turning into a look of anticipation. This didn't help. He was going to have to say something soon or he'd blow it. Something....just say something....

"D'ya come here often?" he slurred

Jaeger tried not to laugh, "Er....yes."

"Good...me too." McQueen sat.

Captain Jaeger was fighting a loosing battle against the tide of hysterical laughter that was threatening to break through to the surface. She knew she had to keep control of herself, though, and was winning...for the moment. After all she'd been hoping he'd talk to her for weeks now. Though, admittedly *this* was a surprise.

"Um, yes...I'd noticed" was all she could think to say.

McQueen broke into a smile.

'Wow' she thought, 'That's a hell of a smile', just as it slid out of sight. From under the bar a small voice said "Oops" and started giggling.

As McQueen attempted to regain both his composure and his seat, Jaeger looked around the bar at the looks of utter astonishment from the other occupants of the room. They hastily returned to their conversations which were about to take a most unexpected twist.

Turning back to McQueen she found, to her relief, that he was now sporting a look of ernest seriousness. Of course, the fact that he appeared to be holding on to the bar for dear life, made the look rather comical, but, just maybe, the conversation was back on track.

"I was....er.....wond'ring......er......" McQ's voice trailed off as two Caroline Jaegers appeared in the room which was now slowly spinning. He chose one of them and tried to remember what he'd been saying.

Caroline frowned and looked to see what was so interesting over her left shoulder. Turning back she saw that McQueen's eyes were fast glazing over and she knew she'd have to do something quick.

"You were wondering?"


"Um...." She switched tracks. "What does T.C. stand for?"



"Oh......Tyrush Cashiush"

"Tyrush Cashiush?"

He looked momentarily confused.

"Yeah, some'in' like that....call me 'Ty'"


Silence again. Damn it, that hadn't helped.

McQueen was starting to think that this had been a mistake. It's just that...

"You are so beautiful." The words were out of his mouth before he could do anything to stop them. "Did I say that out loud?"

Caroline nodded silently.

McQueen's head hit the bar, and Caroline seized what was left of the initiative.

"Ty, I'm going to help you out here. I'm kind of thinking that you're wondering whether I'd like to go for a drink, or a meal, or, considering your present state of mind, back to your quarters. Quite frankly, I doubt whether you're capable of performing any one of these tasks, so, how about you go back to your room and get some sleep and tomorrow we'll talk about going out for a beer.....OK?"

A silent nod was all he could manage......

Captain Tyrus Cassius McQueen woke up with a hangover that could've slayed a two ton rhino. What the hell had he been doing last night? He looked around the 127th's quarters. Everyone else was off doing whatever it was they did on their days off.

He sat up and immediately regretted it. He had the alarming impression that his brain was trying to make a run for it. He could only hope his skull was strong enough to resist the inceasant pounding until he could down some aspirin. It was nearly noon...lunch...yes, that's what he needed....

As he gingerly crossed the compound he tried to remember what had got him into this state, but soon gave up. His mind wandered back to Caroline Jaeger. *Today* was the day. He was just going to walk up and ask her out for a drink...I mean, what's the worst that could happen?

Captain Jaeger quickly polished off her meal as she saw McQueen sit at a table on the opposite side of the room. He hadn't looked her way. She'd have preferred to wait, but the medical officers were due in a meeting in 10 minutes, so it'd have to be now.

McQueen slowly lifted a fork full of cheese omlette. Mercifully, before he attempted to guide it towards his mouth he noticed Captain Jaeger walking towards him. He stopped in his tracks, fork poised....'What the hell....? She's coming this way.' Moments later his suspicions were confirmed as she stood opposite him.

"So, you want to go for that drink?"

Stunned silence.

Caroline frowned, but then realised that, by happy chance, McQueen appeared to remember nothing of the previous night. He'd find out, soon enough, the news would travel fast, but it made this conversation slightly less awkward.

"A drink. I could meet you at 20:00 at The Peanut Barrel...OK?"

More stunned silence.

"Er....look, just shake your head if you don't want to go."


"OK, I'll see you there." She turned, hoping that, in fact he *had* heard her.

McQueen sat motionless as he tried to get a grip on what had just transpired. Had he heard that right?

A small smile appeared... 'Hey, that was a lot easier than I'd expected.'

Spared the agony of having to make the first move, McQueen suddenly felt a while lot better..........

The End

Rachael J. Walker 1996

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