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Please see the list of characters and glossary below.

With Friends Like These....
2 parts Updated: 7/7/97

Moving Shadows
2 parts Posted: 7/7/97

List of Characters

32nd Squadron          53rd Squadron       
------------------     -------------       
Lt. Col. Sanderson     Lt. Col. Matzkin     
Maj. Zygramski         Maj. Torres          
Cpt. Chan              Cpt. Enrico          
Cpt. Hardy             1st Lt. Krupp        
Cpt. Salam             1st Lt. Zupin        
Lt. Stokes             1st Lt. Donovan      
Lt. Peterson           2nd Lt. Sucura       
Lt. Metcalf                               
2nd Lt. Johnston
2nd Lt. Fahid

21st Squadron         Others
-------------         -------
Lt. Col. Cavoti       Cmd. Belkov
Maj. Tellef           Lt. Col. Yashima
Cpt. Heffner
1st Lt. Polanski
1st Lt. Patel
1st Lt. Muncie
2nd Lt. Hart
2nd Lt. Murgson
Glossary (for those who are anglically challenged ;>) 
Bollocks = Balls 
Bollocking = Ass kicking 
Goolies = Balls 
Hmmmm........I'm beginning to see a pattern here........ 

Rachael J. Walker

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