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This story picks up after the season finale ...

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Dave Fanning

Goodbye to the 58th

Two weeks had passed since the peace talks disaster and the war was once again raging. Operation Round Hammer was now dead and buried. The Chigs had fortified their moon and Round Hammer was now impossible to complete. But the UEF still held and had reinforced Ixion and this was one of their greatest assets.
West and Hawks were summoned to the Saratoga's conference room. There they were given new orders by Admiral Ross, The orders stated that Lieutenants West and Hawks to return to earth immediately. Ross warned them that they were not to discuss with or divulge any information to anyone about what happened on the Saratoga or the Alien moon. If anyone asked why they were leaving they were to say they were being reassigned to duties on Earth. Within the hour they had said farewell to the Saratoga, there home for the last year and to the remaining wings of the 58th squadron, boarded a ISSCV and were on their way home.

Star Carrier Kiev. Sirius region. (Nine months later)

West woke up in his bunk. "Eight hours of sleep-not bad" he thought to himself. The rest of the squadron was also stirring and getting out of their bunks. The alarm bell rang, not the ship wide alarm but there own private alarm especially for them. It was just for them, they preferred to get up and have breakfast before the mess got to packed in the early morning rush for food.
The squadron rushed to get cleaned and dressed. They were out of there quarters in less than ten minutes leaving it tidy behind them as they left, which was easy to do as they had so few personnel possessions. Down to the mess for breakfast, which they had a half an hour to eat, one of the few times they have in the day to sit down and relax. The squadron was seated along one table. As they were eating the ship wide revally was sounded. About twenty-five minutes later the rest of the squadrons on the carrier started filing in for breakfast. As the other pilots walked in and queued for food some would look over at the 215 who were always finishing as they were coming into the mess. Ten flyers all under sentence. The 215 Squadron was a penal squadron.

Finishing breakfast they cleared their table and walked out of the mess. Hawks could feel the ice looks on his back. He knew what they were thinking and he would in their situation think the same, why would two hot shots from the 58th squadrons be sent to an outfit like the 215. Hawks just prayed that they would never discover the true reason.

215 Squadron. The Black List

When Nathan and Cooper had touched down on earth they were immediately taken into Military custody. Their court martial took place in secret 10 days later and out of guilt they both pleaded guilty to the charges against them. They were immediately sentenced to fifteen years in prison. However they were given a choice on how they would serve it. That is how they had found themselves transferred to the 215, The Black List. The first penal squadron to fly since the Second World War.
Nathan before he left was given the opportunity to go and see his family before he was transferred to the 215. With a tear in his eye he said fair well to his parents and younger brother. He knew this would be his last time to see them for at least five years. He called on Kaleen to say goodbye, she promised to write but Nathan knew that they were now completely different people and had drifted apart. Hawks just went to see the graves of his old friend Paggs. Paying his respects he returned to the base with the military police and waited with West for their dispatch orders to come. They did not have to wait long. The other members of the 215 had all volunteered for the squadron like the two former members of the 58th. Their offences ranged from gross insubordination to endangering the lives of others and maybe manslaughter. Their crimes were kept secret from each other; they only knew each other's sentences.

Life in the 215 was hard. When a dirty operation would come up it was usually the 215 that would volunteer for or be assigned the mission. When dangerous missions were completed a pilot under sentence usually received a reduction in his sentence. If he was killed during the mission he usually got a pardon from the military.
The 215 were made up of all nationalities from around the world, but most were from the Americans, Russians and European forces. This squadron had the highest turn over of pilots in the UEF.

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